How to Grow Hardy Fuchsia Shrubs in the Home Garden

A close up horizontal image of a hardy fuchsia shrub with red flowers growing in the garden.

Think you can’t grow fuchsia in your area? These elegant bloomers are reputed to be delicate tropical annuals that are tossed out at season’s end, but hardy perennial fuchsias can actually survive in surprisingly cold climates. Read on for all the info you need to be able to enjoy your fuchsias year after year.

15 of the Best Native Wildflowers for the US and Canada

A close up horizontal image of native wildflowers growing in the garden.

Native wildflowers offer a low-maintenance and waterwise way to bring beauty into your garden or yard. Some of these plants are widespread and very adaptable, making them excellent landscaping options for many gardeners. Keep reading to discover a selection of 15 of the best native wildflowers for the US and Canada.

How to Plant Roses During the Fall

A close up horizontal image of a rose shrub with bright red flowers growing in the fall garden.

Fall is the perfect time to plant perennials like roses. The weather is milder than in the summer, the plants have a chance to get established so they can take off next season, and you can find some real bargains. This guide walks you through the process so your plants will have the best chance at a healthy start.

How and When to Transplant Hardy Fuchsia

A close up horizontal image of a hardy fuchsia plant with bright red flowers growing in a garden border.

Do you have a hardy fuchsia that’s in the wrong spot entirely? If you need to move your plant but aren’t sure how or when to do it, this guide has you covered. With some handy tips on how to transplant the right way, you can move your fuchsia without causing any harm so you can get back to enjoying those blossoms.

How to Grow and Care for Coneflowers, A Native American Favorite

A close up horizontal image of bright pink coneflowers (echinacea) growing in the garden with foliage in soft focus background.

Coneflowers are a triple threat. They’re easy to grow, undeniably pretty and they’re also useful in the medicine cabinet, as you probably know. You can even make use of echinacea in the kitchen, which may come as a surprise to you! Ready to add these North American native beauties to your garden? Read more now.

21 of the Best Calla Lilies for Sensational Summer Blooms

A close up horizontal image of pink, orange, and red brightly colored calla lilies.

Calla lilies are loved for their attractive, trumpet-like flowers and upright foliage. Classic white is the standard bearer, but today’s hybrids offer fantastic colors as well as a long flowering time – perfect in the garden or for floral arrangements. Learn about 21 of the best calla lilies for the garden right here.

A Pot of Gold: How to Grow Sunflowers In Containers

A close up horizontal image of bright yellow sunflowers growing in pots pictured on a soft focus background.

No garden space? No problem! You can grow dwarf and mid-size varieties of sunflowers in pots or planters. This guide includes the best container growing tips and techniques. Choose the top sunflowers, a full sun spot, and sow wisely, and soon you’ll have your own pot of golden flowers for seed or floral arrangements.

How to Grow Calla Lilies for Easy Sophistication

A close up horizontal image of colorful calla lilies growing in the garden.

Calla lilies are loved for their gorgeous colorful flowers and handsome upright foliage that looks good all season long. A knockout as a specimen plant, these easy-to-grow rhizomes also look terrific mixed in perennial beds and patio pots. Learn how to grow calla lilies for easy sophistication right here. Read more.

Is My Sunflower an Annual or a Perennial? Here’s How to Tell

A close up horizontal image of a small wild sunflower growing in the garden with trees and blue sky in the background

Among the best sunflower varieties to grow in the garden, some are perennial and others annual. Our guide explains how to tell the two apart using botanical names and other clues. Then, choose the type that will work best for your growing situation. Is your sunflower a perennial? With these tips, you’ll know for sure.

9 Reasons Why Bleeding Hearts Turn Yellow with Troubleshooting Tips

A close up horizontal image of the leaves of a bleeding hearts plant that have turned yellow.

If you’re growing bleeding hearts and you notice that the leaves are turning yellow before fall’s first frost, you might be worried. Is something wrong, or is this normal? What can you do to help solve the problem? Discover the top 7 reasons for yellowing bleeding hearts in our guide. The causes might surprise you!

How to Divide and Transplant Irises

A close up horizontal image of light purple iris flowers growing in the garden.

A garden favorite, irises add elegant beauty and fragrance wherever they’re planted. Upright and clump forming, they look terrific in beds, borders, and containers. But to keep plants vibrantly flowering, they benefit from regular division every three or four years. Learn how to divide and transplant irises now.

Tips for Growing Bulbous Iris in the Garden

A close up horizontal image of blue and yellow bicolored bulbous iris flowers growing in the garden.

To extend your iris flowering season, an easy solution is to add a selection of bulb varieties to your beds and containers. Blooming in late winter, spring, and late spring to midsummer, they’re a perfect way to continue the beauty for months. Read on and learn how to grow bulbous iris for the garden in this guide.

How to Deadhead Blooming Plants in the Garden

A close up horizontal image of a hand from the left of the frame holding a pair of secateurs snipping off a spent rose.

Are you familiar with the type of pruning known as deadheading? If you are a gardener, we invite you to join us as we define deadheading, and discuss how this technique varies with different plants. Learn the benefits of the practice, and ways to build it into your busy schedule with minimal effort. Read more now.

Here Comes the Sun: 15 Popular Sunflower Varieties

A close up horizontal image of a field of bright sunflowers pictured on a blue sky background.

Selecting the best sunflower cultivar to grow in your garden is a labor of love. This guide introduces many of the most popular, including mammoth seed-producers, sweet dwarfs for container gardening, and mid-size favorites in a range of colors. Discover 15 of the most popular sunflower varieties to choose from now.

How to Collect and Save Rose Seeds for Planting

A close up horizontal image of red roses growing in the garden covered in droplets of rain water, with pink flowers in soft focus in the background.

Would you like to expand your rose garden without spending tons of money on nursery plants? As luck would have it, you can easily collect and save your own rose seeds to propagate new plants on the cheap. To learn all about gathering and storing seeds from a rose bush, check out this step-by-step guide.

How to Transplant Rose Bushes

A close up horizontal image of a rose shrub growing in a garden border covered in orange flowers, with a garden scene in soft focus in the background.

Have a rose bush that;s growing in the wrong place? You don’t have to live with it. Instead, move your plant to a better spot in the garden. We’ll help you dig up and transplant your rose so it can thrive. From picking the right spot to getting it in the ground – without killing it in the process – our guide can help.

Cheer Up! Solutions for Sunflowers That Droop

A close up horizontal image of a drooping sunflower growing in the garden pictured in bright sunshine.

Why are your sunflowers drooping? Whether the flowers are facing the ground or your seedlings are slumped, you can use these tips to play detective and possibly revive them. Causes include pests, transplant shock, and seed heads forming. Learn ways to spot trouble and possible solutions with this handy guide.