A manicured green lawn with bordering flower beds.

Lawns and Turf Grass

Having a healthy lawn and turf grass doesn’t have to be hard! Whether you’re a new home gardener or have been tending to your garden for years, our guides give you the tips and tricks you need to know in order to maintain a lush landscape that’s the envy of all who pass by. Discover how easy it can be to bring out the best from your lawns with helpful advice on soil type, fertilizer selection, drainage management and more so that you can always enjoy beautiful green grass around your home.

7 Tips for a Luscious, Healthy Lawn

A horizontal image of a view over a perfectly manicured lawn with shrubs and hedges in the background.

A vibrant, green carpet of grass undoubtedly enhances your landscape. But how do you properly cultivate a healthy and visually aesthetic lawn? Our guide provides simple tips for growing a luscious lawn, from seeding and watering to fertilizing and mowing, so your grass will look its best. Read more now.

Why & How You Should Lime Your Lawn and Garden

Top down 1st person perspective of using a push spreader to apply lime on a lawn.

Should you lime your lawn this year? Find out how this natural conditioning agent may be beneficial. Understand the difference between calcitic and dolomitic varieties. Learn about factors that affect soil’s pH balance and discover the only reliable method for making an informed decision, right here on Gardener’s Path.

15 of the Best Flowering Ground Covers to Meet Landscaping Challenges

Purple creeping phlox and various grasses cover a rock garden.

Need an alternative to grass under a shady tree? Do you have a slope that’s hard to mow? Ground cover plants offer a low-maintenance alternative to the carpets of lawn to which we have become accustomed. Learn about 15 of the best flowering ground covers for your unique property in this guide. Read more now.

How to Grow an Aromatic Chamomile Lawn

A close up horizontal image of white and yellow daisy like flowers growing in the garden fading to soft focus in the background.

Are you sick and tired of always having to mow the lawn? Instead, save time, money, and water by converting your grass yard to low-growing chamomile. Chamomile lawns improve the soil and attract pollinators while greatly reducing maintenance. Continue on to learn how to grow chamomile as a lawn alternative.

11 Winter Lawn Care Essentials

A close up of a lawn with bright green grass blades poking up through snow and frost, with a soft focus background.

You take pride in your lawn, invest time and money in it, and tend it lovingly from spring through fall. Why not give the turf some love in the winter? With our 11 winter lawn care essentials, you can discover ways to keep it healthy and avoid headaches in the spring. Read more now to learn how.