Multiple honeybees on dandelion flowers.

Wildlife and Gardens

Are you ready to take your gardening skills to the next level? Get up close and personal with nature as you bring wildlife into your outdoor living areas. From birds and butterflies to hedgehogs and lizards, there’s a whole host of creatures waiting to explore your garden – or maybe even call it home! Learn how you can create a vibrant mini-ecosystem for wildlife that will thrive in harmony with your own plants.

19 Tips for Feeding Wild Birds in Winter

A horizontal shot of two tit birds in a winter snowy garden surrounding a bird feeder filled with nuts and seeds.

It takes more than just food to create a welcoming location for birds during the winter. As well as bird seed, our feathered visitors also need water, shelter, and clean, safe conditions. To learn more about creating a wildlife-friendly stopover, find 19 tips for feeding wild birds in winter in this guide. Read more now.

Gardening for Wildlife: 21 of the Best Trees and Shrubs with Winter Berries

A horizontal shot of a bluebird eating a red berry perched on the limb of a tree with many clusters of red berries hanging off the branch.

Want to grow a winter feast for wild birds? Pick shrubs and trees that fit your growing conditions and available space, but also select those with the most benefits for wildlife, providing cover and habitat as well as food. Learn about 21 of the best trees and shrubs with winter berries for wildlife in this guide.

How to Keep Rabbits Out of the Garden

A close up of a small rabbit with autumn foliage in the foreground, and grass in soft focus in the background.

Sure, they’re cute, but bunnies can wreak havoc on your flowers and vegetable harvest. To discourage garden damage by rabbits without making like Elmer Fudd, follow these tips. Savvy plant selection, fences, and yard maintenance can all help keep Peter Rabbit out of your space. Quit growing rabbit food, already!

How to Attract Purple Martins to Your Garden

A close up horizontal image of purple martins in flight pictured on a soft focus background.

Purple martins are one of America’s best-loved birds. Do they call your yard home? To learn how to give them the proper environment to bring their beautiful song and aerial acrobatics to your property, read more now on Gardener’s Path.

How to Install a Deer Fence to Keep Wildlife Out of the Garden

Black net deer fencing alone a stone retaining wall, with grass and trees on the other side.

If you’re sick of shaking your head when you look at the damage deer do to your hostas, roses, and fruit trees, you aren’t alone. Installing a deer fence is the best option to keep those voracious critters out of your garden and yard. Read more now on Gardener’s Path to learn how to install your own DIY fence.

Get Them Deer Out of Here with These Tips

Closeup of the head of a deer with large ears, caught eating plants in the garden, among small pink flowers with a white picket fence in the background.

Battling deer set on destroying our work in the garden doesn’t need to be as challenging as we might think. Approaching the situation with knowledge, the right game plan, and a good set of tools is the solution to preventing this frustrating pest. Read on to learn more about how to keep the deer away from your yard.

Ground & Wood Nesting Bees: Learn to Identify Common Species

Macro photo of a bumble bee on a red clover flower.

Do you ever watch your backyard bees? Busy collecting pollen and sipping nectar, these benign little creatures pollinate our crops and flowers as they peacefully fly about. But when they nest nearby, it’s a smart idea to know how they’ll behave around your home. Join us now to learn about some common native species.

Guide to Backyard Birds and How to Attract Them to the Garden

A black and white chickadee perched on a branch with small yellow flowers, on a tan background.

Backyard birds are a gardener’s buddies. We’ve put together an expert guide on what to expect in your area, complete with a list of favorite feathered friends throughout the US. Learn all about what they’re looking to eat to help encourage them to call your garden home. Read more now on Gardener’s Path.

Chickens in the Garden: What You Need to Know

Learn about whether you should fence your chickens in or let them roam in your garden | Gardener's Path

Have you been inspired to allow your chickens to help in the garden? While the results can be amazing, there are some common pitfalls to the practice. Get the truth about what it takes for your feathered friends to be truly cooperative this season – read more now on Gardener’s Path.

13 Flowering Plants Rabbits Will Leave Alone

A close up of a rabbit nibbling on a plant, pictured in light sunshine on a soft-focus background.

Want to close down the bunny salad bar in your garden? Grow flowering plants rabbits don’t like to eat! These annuals and perennials are beautiful, colorful, and rabbit-resistant. A few, like thyme and chives, are also delicious – to humans. Hop along, bunny, the flowering plants in this garden taste bad to rabbits.

Promoting Pollination by Design: How to Attract Pollinators

A close up of a path through a garden flanked on both sides by a dazzling array of flowering plants. In the background is a bench seat and a house in soft focus.

Do you want to garden with a purpose, one that goes beyond ornamental enjoyment? When you choose your next plant, make it a nectar-rich flowering variety that’s endemic to the US. Read on to discover a host of choices, and start attracting pollinators like bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects to your yard.

How to Protect Blueberries from Birds

A close up horizontal image of blueberries ready to harvest surrounded by vibrant green foliage pictured in bright sunshine.

You’ve waited all season, your blueberry plants are finally bursting with ripening berries, and your mouth is already watering. Don’t turn your back for too long, because birds love those ripe, sweet blueberries too. Read more now to learn all the different ways you can protect your blueberries from birds.

Contribute to Scientific Research with 5 Citizen Science Apps

A close up horizontal image of a bee feeding on purple flowers in the spring garden pictured in bright sunshine on a soft focus background.

Citizen science is an open invitation to record your observations of the natural world for the greater good. Organizations ranging from conservation societies to universities offer opportunities for lay people to submit data for analysis by scientists in a variety of fields. Read on to learn how you can contribute.

How to Protect Sunflowers from Birds and Squirrels

A close up horizontal image of a gray squirrel walking on a wooden fence holding a sunflower in its mouth, pictured in light sunshine on a soft focus background.

Are wildlife pests trying to make a meal from your sunflowers? Try these kind and effective tricks to protect sunflower blooms from squirrels and birds. Nets (for the flowers!) and scary Mylar are two of the best ways to preserve your flowers for yourself, and seeds for the songbird feeder. Read more now.

How to Keep Moose Out of Your Garden and Orchard

A large bull elk in the autumn landscape with large antlers and trees in soft focus in the background.

If you call wild moose your neighbors, you probably know how hard it is to keep them out of your garden and away from your trees. All your hard work can be torn to shreds in an instant by those huge, hungry mouths. In this article, we share top tips for keeping moose out of your garden and orchard. Read more now.

13 Bird Feeders Reviewed: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

A close up of five birds and a tree branch with a wooden feeder on a soft focus winter background.

Are you a bird lover looking for a feeder to attract your favorite species to your yard? Bird feeders are available in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. Join us now as we take an in-depth look at 13 of the best bird feeders and how they stack up against each other. Choose your favorite from our top picks.

Attract Crowds of Hummingbirds to Your Backyard With These Awesome Feeders!

A close up of a male hummingbird drinking nectar from a plastic feeder | Gardener's Path.

Have you ever seen hummingbirds in the wild? Tiny and fast, they’re hard to spot. Wouldn’t it be great to slow them down for a good look? You can, with a hummingbird feeder filled with the sweet nectar they crave. Read on to learn about 5 products that are perfect for attracting these tiny wonders to your yard.

A Box to Call Home: Build Your Own Bat House with our DIY Instructions

A gray and brown bat house in partial shadow, on a brown unfinished wood table and leaning against a beige stucco wall.

Building a bat box is an easy DIY activity, with a functional and beneficial outcome that provides a home for the nocturnal wildlife in your area. With just a drill – no other power tools required – you can produce a fully functional bat house. Keep reading to learn how to build your own now on Gardener’s Path!

Bats Beat Bugs: Welcoming Bats Into the Garden

Bats beat bugs in the garden. Learn how to welcome them to your backyard. |

Let’s put our hands together for the bats! These flying critters are vital in the backyard and offer their services as bug catchers of the highest caliber. By offering bats a place to roost in your garden, you can encourage them to make regular appearances, offering their mosquito-catching skills. To learn the benefits of bats, plus tips to build your very own bat box, read more now on Gardener’s Path.