How to Grow and Care for Redbud Trees

A close up horizontal image of the bright pink blooms of a Cercis redbud tree.

Spring is such a colorful time of year as winter fades away, and one of the most colorful contributors is the glorious redbud tree. These can put on a big, bright, flowery show with very little effort on your part. This guide shows you all you need to know about growing these sturdy, beautiful harbingers of spring.

How to Deal with Japanese Maple Winter Dieback

A horizontal image of a Japanese maple tree growing outside a residence covered in a light dusting of snow.

Japanese maples are fairly sturdy trees that can live a long time but they’re not immune to winter dieback. When temperatures rise and fall repeatedly, especially coupled with desiccating winds, it can seriously harm your precious plants. Learn all about dealing with and preventing winter damage in Japanese maples now.

How to Grow a Japanese Maple Bonsai

A close up horizontal image of a Japanese maple tree growing as a bonsai set on a wooden plinth outdoors with a green hedge in the background.

Japanese maple bonsai trees are striking with their unique foliage and dramatic forms. Plus, each season brings a change as they transition from spring into winter. This guide demystifies the process of planting and caring for one of your own. Don’t worry, while they aren’t the easiest species to grow, it isn’t hard.

17 of the Best Dwarf Japanese Maple Varieties

A close up horizontal image of a dwarf Japanese maple growing by the side of a street in a formal rock garden.

Want to create a massive impact in a minimum amount of space? Look no further than dwarf Japanese maples. This guide reveals 17 of the best options, from laceleaf weeping types to upright green leaf cultivars that make a dramatic statement in a tiny package. All of these top picks stay under about 10 feet tall.

11 of the Best Red Japanese Maples for Your Garden

A close up horizontal image of the foliage of a red Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) growing in the garden pictured on a soft focus background.

Red Japanese maples stand out against all the green in the garden with their bright coloring. Plus, the scarlet hue really brings out the unique shape of the lobes and serration of the leaves. Here are 11 of the toughest, brightest, and most gorgeous red Japanese maple options that we’ve found to bring to your garden.

How to Grow and Care for a Chinkapin Oak Tree

A close up horizontal image of the foliage of a chinkapin oak tree pictured in light filtered sunshine.

Suited to USDA Hardiness Zones 4 to 7, the mighty chinkapin oak tree is a white oak species. Its lance-shaped, toothed green leaves are yellow in the fall for a rich seasonal display. Long-lived, this striking landscape specimen grows in full sun and provides comfortable shade in outdoor living spaces for generations.

How to Grow and Care for Oak Trees

A horizontal image of two large oak trees with a bench underneath them pictured in evening sunshine.

You’ve got your shovel, you’ve got your acorns… now what? Oak trees are amazingly hardy once established, but they can use some help getting there as easily as possible. Read our expert guide to learn how to plant and provide care for your oak trees until they’re big and strong enough to do the job on their own.

Japanese Maple Lifespan: How Long Can These Trees Live?

A close up horizontal image of a large Japanese maple tree growing in a park with the sun behind it creating a pleasing silhouette.

Japanese maples are elegant trees well worth the investment. If you want a tree that makes an impact, you can’t go wrong here. But how long can you expect yours to thrive? How long will all your money and hard work last? This guide explains Japanese maple lifespans and what you can do to influence how long they live.

How to Identify and Treat Maple Bark Diseases and Afflictions

A close up horizontal image of a maple tree with dramatic fall foliage.

There are several common diseases and afflictions that may affect a maple tree and compromise the aesthetic beauty of its bark. In this guide to treating maple bark diseases, we’ll cover the main threats you should keep a sharp lookout for, along with how to treat them and how to prevent them in the first place.

How to Grow and Care for Coral Bark Japanese Maples

A close up horizontal image of the pink bark and green foliage of a coral bark Japanese maple growing in the garden.

With gorgeous spring, summer, and fall foliage, the coral bark Japanese maple is quite stunning. But even in winter when the branches are devoid of leaves, this tree is very alluring thanks to its juvenile branches that stand out, providing stark contrast in coral pink. Read our growing guide now to learn more!

How to Grow and Care for Sugar Maple Trees

A horizontal image of the canopy of a sugar maple (Acer saccharum) as seen from below.

Sugar maple trees are gorgeous and bountiful. With beautiful fall color, rock hard lumber, and deliciously sweet sap, sugar maples are well worth the cultivation effort. In our growing guide, we’ll cover propagation methods, growing techniques, and plant health care tips. You’ll be growing sugar maples in no time!

How to Grow Japanese Maple Trees in Containers

A close up horizontal image of a Japanese maple tree growing in a large, decorative pot set on drainage metal in a formal garden.

Japanese maple is one of the best trees out there for container growing. These have a compact, non-invasive root system and they grow slowly. But while they’re mild-mannered, they provide an exceptional display with bold, bright, and interestingly-shaped foliage, and varied, elegant growth habits. Read more now.

How and When to Prune Japanese Maples

A close up horizontal image of a gardener using a pair of long-handled secateurs to prune a Japanese maple tree.

Elegant Japanese maples don’t get that way all on their own. It takes careful pruning to keep the trees healthy and their shape looking graceful. All that’s required are some thoughtful winter cutbacks and spring shaping. Learn more about when and how to prune Japanese maples the right way to create a striking display.

How to Identify and Control Japanese Maple Pests

A close up horizontal image of the bright fall foliage of a Japanese maple tree pictured in light filtered sunshine on a soft focus background.

Japanese maples are attractive trees, with their richly colored, delicately feathered leaves – and bugs agree. There are a variety of pests that like to snack on the vibrant foliage and suck the sap. Learn everything you need to know about common Japanese maple pests and how to deal with them in this guide. Read more now.

13 of the Best Companion Plants for Japanese Maple Trees

A close up horizontal image of a Japanese maple growing in a garden border with carefully chosen companion plants.

A Japanese maple’s gorgeous foliage and attractive growing habit look all the more beautiful when complementary plantings are incorporated into the nearby landscape. In this guide to Acer palmatum companion plants, we’ll cover 13 of the best options to grow in a Japanese maple’s immediate vicinity. Read more now.

How to Grow and Care for Weeping Japanese Maples

A close up horizontal image of a purple and a green Japanese weeping maple growing side by side in the garden.

With an elegantly cascading growth habit and finely cut, feathery foliage, the Japanese weeping maple offers a beautiful twist on an old favorite. In this Acer palmatum var. dissectum guide, we provide all of the cultivation information you need to grow these trees in your own landscape. Read more now.

How to Propagate Japanese Maples from Seed

A close up horizontal image of a Japanese maple growing in the garden by a body of water.

For a simple, inexpensive, and reliable way of propagating Japanese maple trees, look to their seeds. Growing Acer palmatum from seed is an empowering and enjoyable way of acquiring this gorgeous specimen for yourself, and we’ll cover everything you need to know in this propagation guide. Read more now.

13 of the Best Trees and Shrubs for Orange Fall Color

A close up horizontal image of the bright orange foliage of a Japanese maple tree growing in the garden pictured in bright sunshine.

As summer gives way to autumn, the leaves of deciduous trees and shrubs provide a fabulous, colorful display of fall foliage. If your favorite color is orange, you’re in luck! In this guide, we take a look at 13 of the best landscape trees and shrubs that produce outstanding orange foliage in fall. Read more now.

How to Grow and Care for Norway Maple Trees

A horizontal image of a large, mature Noway maple (Acer platanoides) growing in a large field pictured on a blue sky background.

With stunning ornamental beauty, durability, and adaptability in the landscape, the Norway maple deserves a spot or two in your landscape. In this growing guide, we’ll cover the ins and outs of cultivating Acer platanoides in your landscape, with topics ranging from propagation and plant health care to general tips.

Why Leaves Change Color in the Fall

A horizontal image of the orange and red fall colors of deciduous trees.

When autumn leaves put on a spectacular display of browns, oranges, purples, reds, and yellows, do you wonder why they turn such vivid hues? You’re not alone. Ongoing scientific study points to reasons that may or may not tell the whole story. Read on to learn what we know to date about why autumn leaves change color.

How and When to Fertilize Japanese Maple Trees

A horizontal image of a Japanese maple tree growing outside a residence pictured in autumn sunshine.

A Japanese maple looks absolutely glorious – and even more so when you fertilize it properly! In our guide to feeding A. palmatum trees, we cover everything you need to know to provide your Japanese maple with the proper nutrition, including timing, techniques, and why you should bother fertilizing in the first place.

15 of the Best Types of Maple Trees to Grow at Home

A horizontal image of maple trees growing along the side of a road.

Maple trees are an amazing group of plants. With so many incredible species of Acer available, it can be hard to decide which one to bring home. That’s why we whipped up this roundup of the best maple trees. We provide a breakdown of what they bring to the table, and how they can best be utilized in the landscape.

How and When to Prune Maple Trees

A horizontal image of maple trees with fall foliage dropping to the ground.

Maple trees are beautiful plants, and they look even better when you trim them properly. Luckily, you can easily learn and put this skill into practice. In this guide, we’ll cover why you’d even prune a maple in the first place, what you’ll need, the ideal timing, and proper pruning techniques. Read more now.

How to Grow and Care for Red Maple Trees

A horizontal image of a red maple (Acer rubrum) tree growing in a park with a town in the distance on a blue sky background.

As one of the most popular shade tree specimens in the United States, the red maple is a truly stunning plant. It’s also pretty easy to grow, especially with a wee bit of know-how. In our growing guide, we’ll cover just how to cultivate these trees, along with propagation techniques, plant health care, and more.

How to Grow and Care for Maple Trees

A close up horizontal image of the dramatic fall foliage of a Japanese maple tree growing in a formal garden.

Maples are a diverse, adaptable, and beautiful group of trees. There are those that grow in frigid climates and some that grow in hot ones. Some love constant moisture and others deal well with drought. Need a tree that stays under 5 feet tall or one that grows 100 feet or more? The Acer genus has both – and more!

How to Grow Hackberry Trees

A close up horizontal image of the foliage and green berries of Celtis occidentalis (hackberry tree).

Versatile, leafy, and easygoin, hackberry trees can thrive in locations where most other trees can’t. Working well in cities or in your backyard, they grow rapidly to provide shade, produce colorful berries, attract birds, and display iconic bark. These large trees are easy to maintain, giving much and asking little.

Tips for Growing Outdoor Weeping Fig Trees

A close up horizontal image of the foliage of a weeping fig tree (Ficus benjamina) growing outdoors.

Fussy indoors, weeping figs are hardy outside. But keeping them – and yourself – happy requires planting them in the right spot. Near sidewalks, plumbing, or pools, they can spell disaster. You can have a beautiful evergreen that works equally well in the landscape as it does as a hedge or topiary. Read more.

21 of the Best Japanese Maple Varieties

A close up horizontal image of the deep red autumn foliage of a Japanese maple tree growing in the garden.

Do you want a Japanese maple but can’t decide which one to choose? Learn about our top picks to help narrow down the wide array of colors, shapes, and sizes available. Our roundup introduces 21 of the prettiest, hardiest, and most unique Japanese maples out there so you can make the right choice for your garden.

A Guide to the Different Types of Japanese Maple Trees

A close up horizontal image of different varieties of Japanese maple trees growing in the garden.

Japanese maples come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and leaf shapes. There are trees with coral bark and some with pink foliage. Some have deeply-lobed leaves, while others have distinct variegation. How do you make sense of all the different types? This guide explains the different categories of Japanese maples.

How to Grow Japanese Maple Trees

A horizontal image of a Japanese maple tree growing in a formal garden.

Do you need a focal point for your landscape? With a plethora of cultivars, you’re likely to find what you’re looking for in a Japanese maple. From weeping dwarf trees to tall ones covered in scarlet foliage, there’s a massive range to select from. In this guide, we’ll talk about how to select, plant, and grow one.

Growing Avocado Seeds: A Fun Project to Do with the Kids

A close up horizontal image of a small glass with an avocado seed held in the water with toothpicks, set on a wooden surface with a wooden wall in the background.

Store bought avocado seeds can be turned into a simple, fun project that you can do with children, at home or in the classroom. This educational activity extends learning opportunities through the summer. Demonstrate the plant life cycle and spark a love of gardening by growing a lovely tree to enjoy for years to come.

How to Grow and Care for Olive Trees

Green and purple olives grow on a branch with long, narrow green leaves.

Learn everything you need to know about how to grow the majestic olive tree, a large plant that makes a dramatic landscape statement while providing delicious fruit that’s suitable for preserving in brine, oil, or water, or for pressing to make a flavorful oil that’s beloved by cooks around the world. Read more now.

9 of the Best Cold-Hardy Avocado Trees

A close up of an avocado tree with fruit hanging from the branch, surrounded by leaves with snow and a mountain in the background in bright sunshine.

If you live in a colder climate but still want to grow avocados, you’ll need to choose a cold-hardy variety. Luckily, there are several cultivars available that can tolerate the cold, and still thrive. Discover the best cold tolerant avocado varieties that can withstand freezing temperatures and still produce fruit.

Your Fall Tree Planting Guide

A pair of human hands plants a tree sapling in early fall.

To get insider tips on why fall is the best time to plant trees in your landscape, discover what “fall” actually means, depending on what part of the country you live in, and get expert advice about all the steps involved in planting trees for the maximum chances of success, read more now.

How to Manage Root Rot in Fruit, Nut, and Landscape Trees and Shrubs

Tree roots infected with root rot.

Phytophthora and the fungi Armillaria, Phymatotrichum, and Xylaria can all cause devastating cases of root rot on fruit, nut, and landscape trees along with woody shrubs. Prevention is the best way to manage these diseases. Read on to learn the best ways to avoid these diseases and biocontrol agents and fungicides that may help with Phytophthora root rot.

What’s the Difference Between Tree Burr Knots (Burl) and Crown Galls?

Close up of an old tree limb with burrs or burl growth.

Do your shade, nut, or fruit tree limbs and trunks have unsightly growths on them? If so, they are probably burr knots or crown gall. One is due to roots growing on the stems, while the other is a bacterial infection. Prevention is the best bet for these disorders. Learn how to prevent and, in some cases, control them.

How to Grow and Care for Avocado Trees

Ripe avocados hanging from a tree.

Thinking of suspending an avocado pit over water in hopes of producing some of the buttery green fruit? Learn whether this is a good idea, and other tips and tricks for growing “alligator pears” in your own backyard.

Grow Your Own Gorgeous Mulberry Trees

A close up photo of mulberries hanging on tree branches along with green leaves | Gardener's Path

Mulberry trees have a short harvest season but produce ample fruits for all of your favorite pies, jellies, and wines. See what it takes to propagate this fast-growing tree and why it makes a beautiful addition to any yard or garden. Learn the basics for care in our growing guide on Gardener’s Path.

How to Grow and Care for Pecan Trees

Two tall and many shorter pecan trees growing in a green lawn, in the late afternoon.

Imagine placing a homemade pie on the Thanksgiving table, made from pecans from your own backyard tree. With a heavy dose of patience, some serious pruning, and lots of water, this dream can come true. Now on Gardener’s Path, learn how to grow these massive, stately, and fruitful trees in your landscape. Read more now.

15 Best Deer-Resistant Landscape Trees for Your Yard

Deer Munching Tree Cover |

Love ‘em or not, deer are going to be around for as long as we’ve got gardens. The best way to prevent damage is to avoid offering up trees and plants they find palatable, and to fill the landscape with resistant flora. Check out our list of the top deer-resistant trees for your growing zone now on Gardener’s Path.

How to Grow and Care for Chinese Fringe Flower Shrubs

A Chinese fringe flower is growing alongside a rough, wooden fence. The plant has bright pink and narrow petals reaching out in all directions.

Bring unique flair to your landscape with Chinese fringe flower, a vigorous grower with delicate, frilly pink or white blooms in the springtime. Whether it’s pruned to shrub size or allowed to flourish to tree proportions, this easy-care evergreen plant makes a wonderful addition to Southern gardens. Read more now.

What to Do When the Top of Your Tree Dies

Hire a Certified Arborist to Deal with Dead Branches |

It is frustrating and alarming when the top part of an otherwise healthy tree dies inexplicably. Want to learn why this happens, how you can treat this odd problem, and how to prevent it from happening to other trees in the future? Our expert tips can help. Read more now on Gardener’s Path.

12 Fast-Growing Shade Trees for Your Yard

The Best Shade Trees that Grow Quickly |

Shade trees are natural climate control for your home and yard. They offer protection from the light and heat of the sun and can serve as a buffer against strong, cold winds that whip heat away from the house. Gardener’s Path has compiled a selection of fast-growing shade trees, excellent selections for your home in every US Hardiness Zone. Read more.

Conifer Confusion: An Identification Guide for Pine, Spruce, and Fir Trees

Close up image of the needles of an evergreen tree.

What the heck is that conifer tree? Chalk it up to “Problems Only Gardeners Face,” but it’s a pain in the booty deducing whether a tree is a pine, spruce, or fir. Learning the differences between these trees can be a challenge, but it’s a rewarding one. Continue reading on Gardener’s Path now for our sure-thing identification guidelines.

Propagating a New Species: A Man, a Tree, and a Legacy

Developing a new tree species. |

Meet Bob Piaschyk, a smart and determined Texas nurseryman whose sharp eyes identified a beautiful and unusual tree. With luck, its propagation could lead to the financing of his grandkids’ educations. Learn about his quest now at Gardener’s Path.

Death by Black Walnut: The Facts on Juglone Toxicity

Is juglone toxicity from black walnuts a problem in your yard? |

Have you heard of juglone toxicity? This side effect of keeping black walnut trees may be killing your other plants. Learn what fruits and flowers can withstand living near the tree and how to properly treat sensitive plants with our owner’s guide on Gardener’s Path.

The Top 5 Reasons You Should Plant Mexican White Oak

Consider adding a Mexican White Oak tree to your landscape |

If a top university recommends this tree for its own campus, you know it’s gotta be good. We share five unbeatable reasons why you should plant a fast-growing and easy-care Monterrey oak tree in your landscape — learn more now at Gardener’s Path.

Leave the Butchery Behind: How to Properly Prune Crape Myrtle Trees

Pink crape myrtle blooms on properly pruned tree |

The crape myrtle is celebrated for its abundant groupings of colorful and delicate flowers in hues from white to deep red. If you know anything about these trees, you know that pruning them is a subject of great debate. To learn the proper way to trim crape myrtle trees, read more now on Gardener’s Path.

4 Best Flowering Cherry Trees to Grow in the South

Top Cherry Trees for the South

If would take the better portion of a day to name every variety of cherry tree. All of them lovely and all originating from China and Japan. Some grow small and compact, others grow tall and provide shade, some produce cherries while others are strictly ornamental. All varieties of this flowering tree will grow well …

Read more