How to Grow and Care for Aluminum Plants Indoors

A close up horizontal image of an aluminum plant growing in a pot set on a tiled surface.

Aluminum plants, aka watermelon pilea, are tropical perennials with abundant clumping green foliage that is richly textured and accented by streaks of silver. Ideal for growing indoors in bright, indirect light, this foliage plant requires moderate maintenance and is an elegant addition to the home or office. Read more.

Tips for Watering Norfolk Island Pine Trees

A close up horizontal image of a small Norfolk Island pine tree in a pot set on a wooden surface with a metal watering can.

Norfolk Island pines make festive houseplants, and they will brighten your home long after the holidays have passed. But it’s important to develop a good watering routine as soon as you bring your tree home. Learn about Norfolk Island pine water requirements and how to keep them healthy all year long. Read more now.

9 of the Best Pomegranate Varieties to Grow at Home

A close up horizontal image of ripe red pomegranates ready for harvest.

Most of us are accustomed to the red pomegranates seen in the grocery store, but a variety of colors and flavors are available to grow aside from the old standby. There are over 500 known cultivars in existence, so which one is right for your yard? Discover 9 of the best pomegranate varieties to grow at home. Read more.

How and When to Prune Your Fiddle-Leaf Fig

A close up horizontal image of a fiddle-leaf fig plant growing in a pot set on a wooden surface.

If you love your fiddle-leaf fig but also feel a little intimidated by it, you’re not alone. It’s a notoriously finicky plant, and when it comes to pruning, the task can feel impossible. But pruning your fiddle-leaf fig is an important part of its care, and it’s not difficult to do. Learn all about it now in our guide.

Tips for Growing Violets, Violas, and Pansies Indoors

A close up horizontal image of potted violet flowers growing indoors pictured on a soft focus background.

Flowers in the Viola genus – violets, violas, and pansies – are some of the easiest flowers to grow. So why not grow them indoors? Extend the growing season or simply add some cheer to your indoor window sills by planting and growing violets as houseplants. We’ll cover all you need to know in this guide. Read more now.

How to Grow Sorrel, A Lemony, Lively Perennial Herb

A close up horizontal image of the green leaves of sorrel growing in the garden.

When you grow lemony perennial sorrel in your garden, you’ll have a supply of baby greens and fresh herbs all year long. Garden, French, and red-veined sorrels are standouts for container gardeners and edible landscaping, too. Our guide covers planting from seed, preserving, and dividing this versatile herb. Read more.

How to Grow and Care for Lucky Bamboo Houseplants

A close up horizontal image of lucky bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) growing in a small glass pot with pebbles surrounded by candles on a wooden surface.

Lucky bamboo is not a true bamboo, but a type of dracaena in the asparagus family. From its native Africa, it made its way to ancient Asia, where it became a symbol of good fortune and a facilitator of the harmonious practice of feng shui. Read on to learn all about lucky bamboo and how you can grow your own indoors.

How to Grow Lilacs in Pots and Planters

A close up horizontal image of a bouquet of purple lilacs in a pot pictured on a soft focus background.

With generous panicles of beautiful, fragrant flowers, the allure of lilacs is powerful. If you don’t have the space for a mature, 30-foot specimen, a good option is to grow dwarf varieties in containers – a smart solution for decks, patios, and other small spaces. Learn how to grow lilacs in pots and planters here.

The Best Hellebore Planting Companions

A close up horizontal image of white hellebores growing in the garden pictured in light sunshine on a soft focus background.

The hellebore is a classic and classy addition to all but the sunniest gardens. But it’s at its best when it has the right planting companions nearby to help it to show off and shine. Learn all about the hellebore’s best annual, perennial, and tree and shrub planting companions in this guide. Read more now.

Why Is There a Red Sheath on My Ficus Elastica? Do Rubber Trees Flower?

A close up horizontal image of a rubber tree showing a red sheath on the top.

In spring and summer, your healthy, actively growing Ficus elastica, or rubber tree, may send up a red sheath that appears to be a bud. While the rubber tree can produce a type of inflorescence, this is rare for plants grown indoors. So, if it’s not a bud, what other purpose could that sheath possibly serve?

29 of the Most Fabulous Types of Hoya Plant

A close up horizontal image of a collection of different potted hoya plants set on a wooden bench.

Hoyas provide beautiful foliage in a dizzying array of shapes, colors, and textures. Whether you want just one plant or you’re ready to start or expand a collection, narrow your choices by learning about the many cultivars and species available. Discover 29 of the most fabulous types of hoyas for your home now.

How to Grow and Care for Hoya Houseplants

A close up horizontal image of the delicate pink and red flowers of a Hoya plant with foliage in the background.

Once hoyas start to catch your eye, these houseplants are hard to forget. With their long, trailing vines and fragrant, showy flowers, hoyas make gorgeous, easy-care indoor plants. Ready to fall down the hoya rabbit hole? Keep reading to find out all you need to know about growing these lovely, vining plants.

How to Overwinter Gardenia Shrubs Indoors

A close up horizontal image of the branches of a gardenia shrub covered in frost pictured on a soft focus background.

When you garden in an area where gardenia shrubs are not cold hardy, you can keep them alive and flowering year-round by overwintering them indoors. This guide explains how to protect gardenias from frost, when to move them inside ahead of freezing temperatures, and how to care for them indoors during the cold months.

Catnip vs. Catmint – What’s the Difference?

A close up horizontal image of light blue catmint flowers growing in the garden in light sunshine pictured on a soft focus background.

Are catnip and catmint different plants? Though these herbaceous perennials in the mint family have many similarities, Nepeta cataria is a distinct species that serves a different purpose in the garden than other types of Nepeta. Learn how to differentiate between these commonly mixed up herbs in this guide. Read more now.

Can You Regrow Parsnips from Kitchen Scraps?

A close up horizontal image of parsnips with the tops still attached set on a slate gray surface.

Is it really possible to regrow parsnips and other root vegetables from scraps, or is it just a bunch of internet hype? While you may be able to grow fresh foliage from leftover tops, don’t expect the plant to produce new roots. Continue reading to learn more about growing parsnips from kitchen scraps.

How to Grow and Care for Ponytail Palm Indoors

A close up horizontal image of a small potted ponytail palm growing indoors.

Affectionately known as the elephant-foot plant, evergreen ponytail palm has a fountain of backward curving, strap-like foliage. The trunk has a large base called a caudex that stores water. This showy specimen is an elegant, easy-care houseplant. Learn all you need to know to cultivate a ponytail palm in your home.