A Year Full of Pots, Container Flowers for All Seasons Book Review

A horizontal image of colorful container plantings consisting of narcissus and tulips in a cottage garden.

Container gardening makes it easy to vary floral displays throughout the growing season by changing the contents of the pots. Author Sarah Raven provides gardeners with a wealth of inspiration and instructions in her book, “A Year Full of Pots, Container Flowers for All Seasons.” Read on for our review of the book now.

Field Guide to Outside Style: A Book Review

A close up horizontal image of a collage of two pictures to the left of the frame and text to the right of the frame isolated on a white background.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned gardener in need of stylistic aid, Ryan McEnaney’s “Field Guide to Outside Style” will help you identify your outdoor style, find plants for your location, and get ideas for your own designs. Read our review to learn more about this guide to designing your perfect outdoor space.

7 of the Best Gardening Journals to Plan, Record, and Celebrate Your Garden

A top down picture of an open book with blank pages, and seed packets on top of it, to the left are some small planing pots, and to the bottom of the frame are gardening gloves, pruning shears, and a hand cultivator, set on a rustic wooden surface.

Are you forgetting one of the most important tools you can use to grow a productive and healthy garden? A gardening journal can help you record, design, plan, and improve your garden. To learn more about how journaling can help you all year, and discover 7 of the best gardening journals available today, keep reading.

A Review of Edible Flowers by Monica Nelson

A close up horizontal image of a cheesecake decorated with edible flowers.

Need some inspiration to add flowers to your menu? “Edible Blooms” by Monica Nelson presents the lore and botany of over 100 edible flower possibilities, along with recipes and a quick guide to harvesting them to eat. Read our review now to look inside this compendium of edible blooms from acacia to zinnias.

A Review of Plant Partners by Jessica Walliser

A close up horizontal image of part of the cover of the book "Plant Partners" by Jessica Walliser.

Who needs a companion planting chart when you have a book that explains the science behind successful plant partnerships? Jessica Walliser’s Plant Partners does just that. Packed with gorgeous photos of real life combinations, this book will guide you in growing a diverse and resilient garden. Read our review now.

11 of the Best Gardening-Themed Books for Children

A close up horizontal image of a father and son watering a plant in the garden with a green watering can.

Discover the wonders of the natural world in your own backyard or neighborhood with ideas from 11 of the best books for children. From germinating seeds to watching birds in flight, you’ll be inspired to enrich your family with the themes and activities presented in each. Read our roundup now and choose your favorites.

A Review of Home Hydroponics: Small-Space DIY Growing Systems By Tyler Barras

A close up horizontal image of part of the cover of the book "Home Hydroponics" by Tyler Baras.

Perhaps you’ve considered adding a soilless hydroponic growing system to your home but you don’t want the cold pipes-and-fittings look to intrude on your interior design. Read our review of “Home Hydroponics: Small-Space DIY Growing Systems” and learn how to build compact, attractive units that complement your decor.

Get to Know Your Trees with National Audubon Society Trees of North America

A close up horizontal image of Kousa Dogwood with bright red berries growing wild pictured in light filtered sunshine.

National Audubon Society Trees of North America contains over 540 species and is a valuable resource for landscapers, home gardeners, environmentalists, and botany students. With almost 2,500 color photos and descriptive text, it’s the Society’s most authoritative work on trees to date, and we review it for you here.

A Review of the National Audubon Society Birds of North America

A close up horizontal image of an American bald eagle flying over a body of water, pictured on a soft focus background.

National Audubon Society Birds of North America is an exciting new version of a classic field guide that hasn’t been updated since 1994. Read on for our review of this comprehensive new resource with more than 3,500 color photos of over 800 birds. You’ll want to keep it handy for identifying the species you observe.

A Review of Stephanie Rose’s Garden Alchemy

A close up of a terra cotta bird bath filled with soil and blue glass beads to attract butterflies, pictured in the garden in bright sunshine, with shrubs in soft focus in the background.

Wellness-through-gardening instructor and writer Stephanie Rose’s new book, Garden Alchemy, is a handy DIY manual of organic gardening solutions. Eighty step-by-step recipes provide natural alternatives to chemicals, and a sustainable approach to having a healthy garden. Read on for our in-depth review of this book.

Exploring Rodale’s Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening

A Collage of two photos including Rodale's Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening book cover and a little girl holding organically grown freshly harvested carrots in a garden setting.

Check out the updated version of Rodale’s Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening for the latest on plants, growing techniques, and natural pest control. Since its debut in 1959, the name Rodale has become synonymous with eco-friendly practices. Read on for a review of this essential guide, here on Gardener’s Path.

Celebrating 40 Years: A Review of The Encyclopedia of Country Living

A collage of photos showing the book cover of the Encyclopedia of Country Living and scenes of country living.

The Encyclopedia of Country Living, 40th Anniversary Edition has over 900 pages of instructions, recipes, and resources for self-sufficiency and simple living. Practical and fun topics include growing nut trees, raising goats, beekeeping, soapmaking and wood harvesting. Read our review of the book, on Gardener’s Path.

On Constructing Urban Gardens with Matt James

A rooftop deck with a table and chairs, and various plants growing around the border, with a brick chimney topped with red chimney pots, and a blue sky in the background.

Are you living in the city and wondering how to create a mini garden oasis with a just few square feet of ground, a balcony, or even a stairwell? It’s time to check out a comprehensive practical guide called The Urban Gardener, by popular UK garden design expert Matt James. Read our review now on Gardener’s Path.

Book Review: Cultivating Harmony with Nancy Lawson’s The Humane Gardener

Welcome pollinators and native plant life to your garden with this advice from naturalist Nancy Lawson. | Gardenerspath.com

Pursue a fresh approach to gardening with naturalist Nancy Lawson in her new book, The Humane Gardener. Dare to be different. Savor profiles of gardeners whose compassionate practices create thriving habitat. Read our review of this humanitarian approach to backyard wildlife here on Gardener’s Path.

Teaming with Microbes: A Fresh Review for Today’s Gardeners

Close up of a white beneficial fungus spreading across the soil.

Teaming With Microbes was a landmark guide for raising awareness of the soil food web in 2006 – and promoting more environmentally aware, chemical-free gardening techniques – fueling an organic food revolution. Does it still apply today? Read more on Gardener’s Path now, and find out why you should toss out those chemical pesticides and fertilizers!