Cultivated ornamental grasses and sedges growing next to flowers.

Grasses, Rushes, and Sedges

Are you ready to venture into the fascinating world of ornamental grasses, rushes, and sedges? These plants are an exciting way to bring texture, movement, and bold colors to your landscape. From billowing fountain grass waves caressing a garden path to stately evergreen sedge clumps lining a rock wall – ornamental grasses will give your outdoor space unparalleled beauty for months or even years on end! Read our guides down below to find tips from our experts on how best to grow these versatile plants.

How to Grow Bamboo in Containers

A close up horizontal image of bamboo plants growing in large wooden rectangular planters.

If you love lush, elegant bamboo but don’t want to risk it taking over the garden, why not grow your plants in pots and planters instead? Perfect as a patio accent or clustered into privacy screens, growing in pots is a smart way to manage their size and spread. Learn more about growing bamboo in containers in this guide.

7 Tips for a Luscious, Healthy Lawn

A horizontal image of a view over a perfectly manicured lawn with shrubs and hedges in the background.

A vibrant, green carpet of grass undoubtedly enhances your landscape. But how do you properly cultivate a healthy and visually aesthetic lawn? Our guide provides simple tips for growing a luscious lawn, from seeding and watering to fertilizing and mowing, so your grass will look its best. Read more now.

How to Grow Ornamental Maiden Grass (Japanese Silver Grass)

A close up horizontal image of a clump of Japanese silver grass, aka maiden grass (Miscanthus sinensis) growing in the garden.

Is something missing from your landscape design but you’re not exactly sure what it is? Ornamental maiden grass, aka Japanese silver grass, may be the answer. Tall, dense clumps of long, elegant leaves topped with attractive feathery plumes awaken all the senses and add depth, structure, and scale to the garden.

How, When, and Why to Cut Back Ornamental Grasses

Maiden grass growing in a natural landscape with small wooded mountains in the background.

You’ve filled your yard with fescue, miscanthus, and fakahatchee for multi-season interest that’s beloved by the residents of your home as well as the wildlife. Wondering how to prune your ornamental grasses? Get tips on the how, the when, and the why of cutting back these artistic and pretty landscape plants now.

How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Pampas Grass

A close up horizontal image of the plumes of pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana) moving in the wind pictured on a blue sky background.

The feather-like seed plumes of pampas grass are an ethereal addition to the garden and home. Rugged, maintenance-free, and immune to most pests and diseases, it’s an easy plant to grow and enjoy while making a big statement, and it looks far more delicate than it is. Learn about planting and growing pampas grass now.

How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Purple Fountain Grass

Purple and golden seeds of purple fountain grass in the fall.

For dramatic beauty in the landscape, consider purple fountain grass, a showy ornamental that dazzles with colorful leaves and long, droopy, and fluffy plume heads. It’s grown as an annual in most of the US, but overwinters in zones 9-11. Now on Gardener’s Path, learn more about this hybrid plant with African origins.

How to Divide and Transplant Bamboo

A close up horizontal image of mature culms and small new shoots in a bamboo clump growing in the garden.

Tall, dense, and fast growing, bamboo is the ideal plant to quickly create a hedge or living privacy screen. But left unchecked, it can spread into unwanted areas or become overgrown, and lags in vitality. If it’s time to rejuvenate your bamboo stand, here are all the steps to divide, move, and transplant bamboo.

How to Identify and Control Bamboo Spider Mites

A close up horizontal image of bamboo growing in the garden.

Sap-sucking spider mites damage foliage with their voracious feeding. Some species are attracted to bamboo and cause unsightly leaf damage as multiple generations hatch in one growing season. Read on and discover what causes vulnerability to bamboo spider mites, telltale signs of an infestation, and treatment methods.

Clumping vs. Running Bamboo: What’s the Difference?

A close up horizontal image of the stems and foliage of bamboo with light filtering through from above.

Clumping bamboo and running bamboo behave very differently from each other, and both have their pros and cons for use in the landscape. In our guide, you’ll learn about these unique characteristics. For necessary background info and fun facts, you’ll even get a primer on the entire Bambusoideae subfamily! Read more now.

How to Grow and Care for Bamboo Plants

A close up horizontal image of bamboo foliage pictured on a soft focus background.

Bamboo plants are incredibly fast-growing, gorgeous, and multifaceted perennials that can be used in many different ways throughout the landscape. In this guide, you’ll not only learn how to grow bamboo, you’ll also find out how to maintain, care for, and protect your plants from pests and disease. Read more now.

How to Grow and Care for Mondo Grass

A close up horizontal image of green mondo grass (Ophiopogon japonicas) growing in a rocky spot in the garden.

Darkly distinctive, mondo grass is a handsomely unique, sod-forming perennial with graceful, arching foliage. Commonly used in borders and containers, as ground cover, and for underplanting. Highly versatile and low maintenance, it’s useful in both sunny and shade gardens. Learn how to grow mondo grass in this guide.

Tips for Growing Ornamental Grass in Containers

A horizontal image of a container garden scene with a colorful variety of different flowers and ornamental grasses.

Growing showy grasses in pots and planters is an easy way to add unique color, motion, and texture to balconies, decks, patios, and small space gardens. Plus, they’re easy to grow and are wonderfully low maintenance. Learn all about how to grow and care for ornamental grass in containers in this guide. Read more now.

15 of the Best True Sedge Plant Varieties for the Home Garden

A horizontal image of Carex morrowii 'Ice Dance' sedge plants growing in the garden next to a rocky pathway.

Sedges are the workhorses of the plant world, offering up color and shape without asking for much in return. They add graceful interest to shady areas, wet soil, containers, and borders, and require little more than a haircut now and then. We’ve helped narrow down the dozens of excellent options to 15 of the best.

How to Grow Sedge Plants at Home

A close up horizontal image of variegated sedge growing in the garden pictured on a dark background.

Sedges are carefree, versatile plants that turn difficult-to-cultivate spots in the garden into something beautiful. Various species are tolerant of drought, boggy areas, hard freezes, and shade, and can even be used in rain gardens and drainage beds. Learn how to pick the right one and how to grow it in your garden.

Easy Landscaping with Ornamental Grasses: Simple Tips for Carefree Success

Potted ornamental grasses. |

Hardy, long lasting, and carefree to grow, ornamental grasses are a mainstay in professionally designed landscapes. With a superb diversity of textures, color, shapes, and sizes they can add drama and flair, or subtle softness. Their applications in the garden are many, and they’re one of the best plants to bring out your inner designer. Discover for yourself how readily these plants will work in your garden with our best tips and tricks.

How to Grow and Care for Fountain Grass

A close up horizontal image of ornamental Pennisetum grass growing in a garden with a lawn to the right of the frame and trees in soft focus in the background.

Ornamental fountain grass is hardy in Zones 4-10. A low-maintenance option with year-round appeal in some areas, Pennisetum plants have finely textured blades and an elegant, mounding form. Their tapering foliage and flower plumes add all-season interest, the perfect easy-care addition to your home landscape. Read more.