A large vegetable garden with a small greenhouse in the back.

Greenhouses and Cold Frames

Are you dreaming of growing plants even when it’s cold outside? With a greenhouse or cold frame, that dream can become a reality. Extend the gardening season and grow more varieties of your favorite fruits, vegetables, and flowers than ever before. Whether you are just getting started in gardening or have years of experience under your belt, our guides will give you the information and tips you need to know. Keep reading to learn all about these energy efficient structures including building considerations, climate control methods, common mistakes, and much more!

A Beginner’s Guide to Using Cold Frames

A close up horizontal image of melon plants spilling over the side of a brick cold frame.

A cold frame is a powerful addition to your gardening toolkit, allowing you to extend the growing season. Smaller and cheaper than a greenhouse, a cold frame has multiple uses including starting seeds, hardening off plants, and overwintering perennials. Learn how to use a cold frame in this guide. Read more now.

When and How to Start Seeds in a Greenhouse

A close up horizontal image of a greenhouse with a variety of plants growing inside it and in containers on the ground around it.

Starting seeds early in a greenhouse is the ideal way to get a jump on the growing season and up your propagation game. With their warmth, light, and humidity, greenhouses help to extend the growing season and so you can enjoy a productive summer. Learn how to use a greenhouse to start seeds in this guide. Read more now.

Greenhouse Gardening 101: How to Get Started

A close up horizontal image of a greenhouse in a formal garden.

Imagine being able to grow oranges in the winter. Or having a ready supply of greens and herbs no matter what time of year. Or maybe you want to start heaps of flowers in the winter for spring planting. If you dream of using a greenhouse to extend your gardening capabilities, this guide will help you get started.

What Are Underground Pit Greenhouses?

A horizontal image of the view into a large sunken greenhouse filled with a variety of different plants.

Pit greenhouses have some distinct advantages for growers over conventional types that make them worth the effort of constructing. They also have some noteworthy disadvantages that you need to be aware of. Learn more about the three types of sunken greenhouses: Chinese, pit, and walipini, in this guide. Read more now.

11 Essential Greenhouse Supplies to Get Started

A horizontal shot of a glass greenhouse surrounded by garden beds. The beds are surrounded by a round brick fence.

Installing your new greenhouse is just the first step in achieving your gardening goals. You’re going to need some tools and equipment for successful growing. This guide explains all the essential greenhouse supplies that you’ll need to start and nurture your plants, from lights and pots to flooring and tools. Read more.

35 of the Best Crops for Your Winter Greenhouse

A close up horizontal image of an outdoor greenhouse covered in snow in the depths of winter.

Winter doesn’t have to mean the end of the growing season and home-grown food. Don’t let Old Man Winter spell an end to the fun. There are dozens of edible species you can grow in a winter greenhouse, from leafy greens like watercress to root veggies like beets and turnips. This guide gives you 35 excellent options.

Tips for Growing Succulents in a Greenhouse

A close up horizontal image of a variety of different succulent plants growing in small pots set on a wooden surface indoors.

With suitable temperature, light, and spacing, many succulent varieties grow well in a home greenhouse. Growing in a greenhouse offers more room for an expanding succulent collection or a dedicated spot for winterizing outdoor specimens. Find tips for growing succulents in a greenhouse in this guide. Read more now.

How to Grow Fruit Trees in a Greenhouse

A horizontal image of the inside of a greenhouse with a variety of different fruit trees growing in pots.

Ever picked a delicious piece of fruit from a tree and wished you could grow it in your own backyard? With a greenhouse you can grow fruit trees right at home. This starter guide explains why you should grow fruit trees in a greenhouse, what to consider before starting, which varieties to choose, and greenhouse setup.

How to Avoid 11 Common Greenhouse Mistakes

A close up horizontal image of a small greenhouse in the backyard with a wooden fence in the background.

If you grow plants in a greenhouse rather than out in the garden, there’s a chance you’ll make some mistakes. Luckily, most greenhouse mistakes are entirely avoidable. In this guide, we cover some of the most common blunders you can make when growing plants in a greenhouse and how to avoid them. Read more now.

How to Use Cold Frames in Spring

A horizontal image of a cold frame with the lid closed, set outside a brick structure.

Can’t wait to start your garden in the spring? We get it, neither can we! A cold frame is a versatile tool that can extend the spring growing season significantly. Great for starting seeds, hardening off plants, or growing cold-tolerant plants, our comprehensive guide explains how to use cold frames in the spring.

How to Create a Hotbed Garden to Extend Your Growing Season

A close up horizontal image of a gardener constructing a raised hotbed garden from old timber and windows.

A hotbed extends the growing season for months so you can harvest fresh veggies in the middle of winter. These also enable you to start seedlings much earlier than you might otherwise. Our guide explains how to build, fill, and use hotbeds inside cold frames, greenhouses, or tunnels for year-round gardening. Read more.

How to Create a Mini Indoor Greenhouse Garden

A close up horizontal image of a variety of different glass indoor greenhouses or terrariums pictured on a soft focus background.

Attempting to grow tropical plants or start seeds inside a cold and drafty house can be a challenge. A mini indoor greenhouse offers a cheap and easy way to create the perfect environment for growing plants inside your home. Read more now for tips to create the perfect DIY mini greenhouse to fit your needs.

How to Identify and Manage Common Greenhouse Pests

A horizontal image of a greenhouse in the backyard with pots and cold frames outside it.

Greenhouses are great places to grow plants, whether they need extra heat and humidity or to keep them growing during the winter. Insects love the warm, humid, food-rich environment too, and they can do some real damage. Learn all about common greenhouse pests and how to deal with them in this guide. Read more now.

How to Heat Your Greenhouse

A horizontal image of a garden greenhouse filled with tomatoes and other vegetables pictured in light sunshine.

A greenhouse’s internal temperature has to be kept warm enough to keep the plants within alive. In our guide to heating up greenhouses, we’ll cover several different types of heating, along with the basics of keeping a greenhouse warm enough and factors to consider when choosing one or more types of heating.

How to Overwinter Plants in a Cold Frame

A close up horizontal image of cold frames set on gravel with pots and trays of plants inside and out.

Cold frames offer versatility and convenience, allowing gardeners to overwinter plants inexpensively. In this guide to overwintering plants in a cold frame we’ll provide all the necessary know-how for getting started, including info on how cold frames work and their benefits, along with placement and assembly tips.

How to Grow Plants Year-Round in an Unheated Greenhouse

A horizontal image of the inside of a greenhouse with rows of vegetables growing.

Greenhouses don’t need to be heated to help you extend the growing season. It’s possible to grow all kinds of plants year-round without supplemental heat. We’ll help you figure out how to use an unheated greenhouse to its fullest potential, including which crops work best. Read more now in this comprehensive guide.

How to Grow Herbs in a Greenhouse

A close up horizontal image of potted herbs growing in a greenhouse.

If you can’t imagine winter without heaps of fresh herbs to use in the kitchen, we get it. A sprig of fresh basil or chives makes all the difference, improving and adding flavor to homemade meals. Read more to learn about growing herbs in greenhouses so you don’t have to be without, even at the coldest time of year.

How to Use a Cold Frame for Fall Gardening

A close up horizontal image of a small wooden cold frame outside a brick residence surrounded by seedlings and potted plants.

You don’t have to stop gardening when summer ends. A simple cold frame will help you extend the harvest season for months. You can start seeds, protect tender veggies, and grow an autumn or winter harvest in a basic cold frame with minimal effort and financial output. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process.

Make These Easy DIY Raised Beds: The Perfect Solution for Veggie Gardening

A wooden garden planter box filled with brown soil, with a few green seedlings growing in the planter.

For vertical gardens, leafy greens, and especially root crops, or if you simply want improved soil and drainage, a raised bed is the best option. But buying these from the store can really make you question the frugality of gardening. Check out this simple plan to build a small, economical version. Read more now.

10 of the Best DIY Greenhouses and Cold Frames For Your Backyard

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