How to Plant and Grow Lilies

A close up of a cluster of pink lilies growing in the garden in bright sunshine with a blue sky in the background.

True lilies are splendid, showy flowers that add bright, bold colors and sweet perfume to beds, containers, cutting gardens, and naturalized areas. Easy to grow, these perennial bulbs multiply readily, making them cost-effective as well as highly ornate. Learn how to plant and grow true lilies right here. Read more now.

How to Transplant and Care for Easter Lilies After Blooming

A close up horizontal image of a white Easter lily flower pictured in light sunshine on a soft focus background.

With trumpet-like flowers of waxy white and a strong, heady fragrance, potted Easter lilies are a gorgeous accent in the home. And you can easily extend your enjoyment by moving them into the garden to flower for many more seasons to come. Learn how to transplant and care for Easter lilies after blooming in this guide.

27 of the Best Lily Varieties with a Guide to Divisions

White Madonna lilies in bloom.

With bold blooms, bright colors, and sweet perfume, lilies are valued by the gardener and florist alike. Stately and striking, the beauty of many species can be easily enjoyed at home. Learn about how the different types of lily are classified into nine Divisions, and discover 27 of our favorite varieties for the garden.

How to Overwinter Lilies

A close up horizontal image of pink and white oriental lilies growing in the summer garden pictured on a soft focus background.

Lilies are summer-flowering bulbs that are tough enough to endure harsh winters in the ground or in containers. They readily survive hard frosts and freezing temperatures, but can’t abide wet, soggy conditions. Bulbs can also be lifted and stored if needed. Learn how to overwinter lilies in this guide. Read more now.