How to Identify and Control 9 Marigold Diseases

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Marigolds have a reputation for being fabulously problem-free, and they usually are. But they’re not completely immune to pathogens. If your plants are starting to look a little less than perfect, it could be due to something like root rot or leaf spot. Read our guide to learn about marigold diseases and how to deal.

When and How to Plant Marigold Seeds

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Ready to plant marigolds from seed for bright summer blooms? Planting marigolds from seed is easy, but you’ll want to know when you should start these annual flower seeds indoors – and when you can sow the seeds right into your garden soil. Learn more about how and when to plant marigolds from seed. Read more now.

How to Grow and Care for Marigold Flowers

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The bold marigold has gracefully taken a step back as the market for new and exotic flowers expands at a wild rate. That’s a shame. This tough, colorful, and pest-resistant flower readily produces nonstop blooms, and it brings with it a host of benefits for your garden. Think twice before you pass up these darlings the next time you’re stocking up for the season. Our closer look at the marigold that will leave you ready and waiting to plant your own – read more now on Gardener’s Path.

7 Steps to Harvesting and Saving Marigold Seeds

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It’s not difficult to save seeds from faded marigolds. But for success with future plantings, be sure to follow a few simple steps to make sure the seeds are harvested and stored properly. Keep reading to learn more about collecting and saving marigold seeds so they’ll produce a new batch of beautiful blooms.

Why Aren’t My Marigolds Blooming? 9 Common Causes and Solutions

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Stumped as to why your marigolds aren’t performing as they should? There can be many different reasons that range from simple issues like not enough sunlight to more complex things like a serious pest problem. No matter what is troubling your Tagetes plants, this guide can help you diagnose the problem and fix it.

Tips for Growing African Marigolds

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The African marigold (Tagetes erecta) is a vigorous annual that produces massive four-inch flower heads. Blooms in shades of orange, red, gold, and lemon will tower over your garden in the best way, and these plants can work triple-duty as ornamentals, edibles, and organic pest control within your garden. Read more.

Are Marigold Flowers Edible?

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Are marigolds part of your culinary repertoire? They should be! These flowers make a nice addition to a variety of savory dishes, and desserts too. Use them in tomato or cucumber salad, egg or chicken dishes, or a sandwich. Amp up homemade biscotti or a trifle. Learn how to make the most of edible marigolds now.

How to Grow Marigolds in Containers

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If you’re looking for a big display that doesn’t take much work to fill up your porch or patio, marigolds fit the bill. These sturdy flowers are extremely forgiving but you don’t have to sacrifice color or big blossoms. Gardener’s Path shows you how to succeed with growing marvelous marigolds in containers. Read more.

How to Plant and Grow Signet Marigolds

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Signet marigolds (Tagetes tenuifolia) perform triple-duty in your garden as showy ornamentals, tasty edibles, and organic pest control. You can add color to your garden and use the lemony-citrus flavored flowers as a tasty garnish to your meals. Learn how to plant and grow signet marigolds in this guide. Read more now.

17 of the Best Marigold Companions

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Marigolds make superb companion plants – and can be paired in different ways depending on your garden needs and landscaping style. But you’ll want to make sure to choose plant partners that have similar growing requirements. Keep reading to discover a selection of 17 excellent marigold companions that fit the bill.

How to Use Marigolds for Pest Control

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You’ve probably been told that marigolds can help with pest control in the garden. Maybe your grandma always planted her cole crops with marigolds and now you do, too. But what does the science say? What kind of bugs can marigolds help to keep away? We explore the truth and find out what marigolds can and can’t do.

How to Grow and Care for French Marigolds

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Don’t be fooled by the haters, French marigolds are magical. They are sometimes dismissed as cheap and common, but they’re pretty fantastic. They deter pests and attract beneficial insects while adding color to the garden. You can also eat them or use them as a dye. Learn how to make the most of French marigolds now.

31 of the Best Types of Marigolds

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There are so many different marigolds to choose from for your veggie garden or flower beds. It can be hard to know which to pick when they are all so gorgeous, but learning about features such as bloom type, color, and size can help inform your choice. Keep reading to learn about 31 of the best types of marigolds.

Benefits of Companion Planting Marigolds with Tomatoes

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Companion planting with marigolds and tomatoes is a common gardening technique that’s been around for a long time. But is it really worth doing? Is there any evidence to back the practice up? We’ll take a look at whether marigolds and tomatoes grow better when planted together and what the science has to say about it.

Tips for Deadheading Marigolds

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The secret to the best-looking marigolds is deadheading. These flowers excel at being an easy-care option that’s perfect for beginners. You’d be hard pressed to find another annual that keeps looking great throughout the season to this degree, with minimal fuss. Learn more in our guide to deadheading marigolds.