Mass planting of red and purple china as flowers.

China Aster Flowers

If you are looking for a way to bring more color into your garden during the brown and crispy days in the late summer or the early fall, then China aster flowers may be just what you need! These hardy annual plants produce beautiful fancy double-petaled flowers in many different colors and hues. Follow our guides below and learn how to grow and care for China aster flowers, how to save seed for replanting, find pest and disease control information, and advice on choosing the best cultivars for your landscape. Happy gardening!

13 of the Best Tall China Asters for the Late Summer Garden

A close up of China asters growing in the sunshine in the late summer garden in a variety of colors.

China aster is a late summer flowering annual with colors ranging from vibrant, vivid tones to subtle pastels. Tall varieties make the perfect anchor for beds and borders. They brighten the landscape and make attractive and sturdy cut flowers. Discover 13 of our favorite varieties of China aster for your garden.

How to Grow China Aster for Color in the Late Summer Garden

A close up of the bright red blooms of the China aster, some of the flowers have bright yellow centers, and are surrounded by dark green foliage, pictured in bright sunshine against a rustic wooden fence.

China aster is a flowering annual for late summer to fall color. Many cultivars are available in vibrant, colorful tones. Sow seeds in spring and enjoy lush foliage all summer long. Then, just when other flowers are winding down, China aster bursts into bloom. Learn all you need to grow this beauty. Read more now.