Different species and colors of anemone flowers planted together.


Anemone is a genus of about 200 flowering plant species in the Ranunculaceae (buttercup) family, native throughout most of the world with the exception of Australia and Antarctica. Want to add some of these beautiful flowers to your landscaping? You can find detailed growing and care instructions here or you can peruse some of our other guides down below. Happy gardening!

How to Grow Fall-Blooming Japanese Anemone Flowers

A close up horizontal image of pink Japanese anemones growing in the garden.

Tall and elegant, Japanese anemones add enchanting, saucer-shaped flowers in shades of pink and white to the fall garden. Reliable and low maintenance, they’re terrific when mass-planted and add charm to cottage, cutting, and shade gardens. Learn how to grow and care for Japanese anemone flowers in this guide.

How to Grow Wood Anemone Flowers for Shady Areas

A horizontal image of a large swath of wood anemones growing in a woodland.

American and European wood anemones add beauty to the garden in early spring, fading away by midsummer to go dormant and then return as perennials the following year. These spring ephemerals are perfect for growing in wooded areas with dappled shade and moist soil. Read more now to learn how to grow your own.

How to Grow and Care for Candle Anemones

A close up horizontal image of a greenish white candle anemone aka long-fruited thimbleweed flower pictured on a soft focus background.

Candle anemone, aka long-fruited thimbleweed, is a perennial wildflower that blooms in bright shades of green and white. Anemone cylindrica is easy to grow and care for, and the pretty flowers attract a variety of pollinators to the garden. Learn how to plant and grow candle anemones in this guide. Read more now.

How to Plant and Grow Anemone Flowers

A close up horizontal image of colorful anemone flowers growing in a container in front of a metal fence.

Anemone is a genus of flowering perennials that lend reliable color and allure to gardens from spring to fall. Easy and versatile, they suit a wide range of locations and thrive in full or part sun, a valuable addition to shade and sun gardens alike. Learn all about how to plant and grow anemone flowers right here.

15 of the Best Anemone Varieties for Spring, Summer, and Fall

A close up horizontal image of different colored anemone flowers in a mass planting in a meadow, pictured in bright sunshine.

Anemones are easy to care for and produce long-lasting, bright flowers, some are daisy-like while others resemble poppies. Depending on the variety, they flower in spring, summer, and fall, can be planted in sun or light shade, and make wonderful cut flowers. Learn about 15 of the best anemone varieties now.

How to Plant and Grow Grecian Windflowers (Balkan Anemones)

A close up horizontal image of Balkan anemones growing en masse in a sunny garden.

If you like low-maintenance plants that deliver mats of bright color, you’ll love the cheery, daisy-like flowers of Grecian windflowers, Anemone blanda. These low-growing charmers reliably spread into blankets of blooms that appear very early in the season. Learn how to plant and grow Balkan anemones in this guide.