How and When to Fertilize Canna Lilies

A close up horizontal image of bright red canna lilies growing in the garden pictured on a soft focus background.

Canna lilies are easy-to-grow tropical to subtropical plants that can turn your garden into a colorful paradise. They aren’t picky about fertilizer, but they are heavy feeders and need some extra TLC in order to support those luscious leaves and their iconic blooms. Learn the ins and outs of canna lily fertilizing now.

How to Grow and Care for Canna Lilies

A close up horizontal image of a large stand of red and orange canna lilies flanking a country road.

Even though canna lilies prefer warm, humid climates, they can also be grown as annuals in zones where seasonal temperatures plummet. If you’re prepared to lift or cover the rhizomes, you can enjoy their beauty throughout the summer each year. Or, if you live in a tropical or subtropical region, enjoy them year-round!

Recognizing, Managing, and Preventing Rust on Canna Plants

A close up of a green leaf with orange spots caused by a fungal disease.

Canna, often called canna lily, is a rhizomatous perennial with spikes of bright blossoms, and ample, tropical-style foliage. Under less than ideal conditions, it may fall victim to a condition called rust. Learn what this is, how to treat an infection, and what preventative measures you may take to avoid an outbreak.