19 of the Best Companion Plants to Grow with Lavender

A close up horizontal image of lavender growing in the garden with a variety of companions.

Lavender is a fragrant, flowering perennial for Zones 4 to 11 that prefers full sun, lean soil, and low moisture. When shopping for companion plants, it is essential to consider cultural requirements before aesthetics. Discover 19 companion plants for lavender to enjoy a manageable and attractive garden scheme. Read more.

How to Grow Lavender from Cuttings

A close up of purple flowering Lavandula plants growing in a field in the sunshine with a bright blue sky in the background.

Lavender is a versatile and beautiful herb that’s used extensively in the garden, in the kitchen, and for its fragrant dried flowers. Beloved by gardeners, propagation by seed is slow and unreliable – but stem cuttings give great results. Here’s all the info you need on how to grow lavender from cuttings.

How to Plant and Grow Lavender

A close up horizontal image of pink lavender growing in the garden pictured in bright sunshine.

A robust woody subshrub, lavender is loved for its easy cultivation, beautiful purple flowers, and intense, sweet fragrance. English varieties are best for cold winters, French and Spanish types are good in high humidity, and lavandins grow pretty much anywhere. Learn how to grow lavender in any climate in this guide.

11 of the Best Lavender Varieties for Hot Climates

A close up horizontal image of a large clump of lavender growing in a hot location, thriving in the garden.

Are you looking to add lovely lavender into your hot climate (Zone 9 and above) garden? There are a number of varieties of this fragrant Mediterranean herb that can flourish in your region, whether it’s dry heat or steamy and humid. Discover 11 of the best lavender varieties for hot climates in this guide. Read more now.

What’s the Difference Between French and English Lavender?

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Do you know which lavender is best for your garden or landscape? With so many lavenders to choose from, it can be daunting to decide which one to select. Start with learning the key differences between English and French lavender. They’re both aromatic and easy to grow but have different growing habits and needs.

11 of the Best Cold-Hardy Lavender Varieties for Cooler Climates

A horizontal image of a border with purple and white lavender growing in a formal garden.

With pretty purple flowers and a soothing scent, lavender is an excellent addition to many garden settings. And though they’re from the warm Mediterranean, there are plenty of superb selections that can overwinter through freezing temperatures and snow. Discover 11 of the best cold-hardy lavenders for cooler climates.

When and How to Prune Lavender for Lush, Showy Plants

A close up horizontal image of lavender flowers growing en masse in the garden fading to soft focus in the background.

Lavender is at its fragrant best when plants have ample, dense foliage and plenty of flowers. To keep them that way, regular pruning is needed, otherwise they can become leggy, overgrown, or woody, and flower production dwindles. We’ve got all the details on how to prune lavender for lush, showy plants in this guide.