Close up of pastel colored sweet pea flowers.

Sweet Peas

If you’re looking for a beautiful, fragrant addition to your garden that blooms all summer long, look no further than sweet peas! These lovely flowers are easy to grow and care for, and they’ll add a touch of elegance to any landscape. Read our guides down below for tips on how to plant and care for sweet peas in your own backyard. Happy gardening!

When and How to Pinch Sweet Peas

A horizontal close up photo of a bunch of pink, everlasting sweet peas.

While they’re mostly maintenance-free, you can give sweet peas an extra flowering boost with some judicious pinching and deadheading. Sweet peas grow bushier, and bloom more abundantly and for a longer period if you pinch the growing tips. Learn all about why, when, and how to pinch sweet peas in this guide. Read more.

How to Harvest Sweet Pea Seeds

Close up of pink sweet pea blossoms.

If you love colorful, fragrant sweet pea vines so much you’d like to have more of them in more parts of your garden, or if you’d like to share with your neighbors, check out this guide to saving sweet pea seeds on Gardener’s Path. You’ll learn which plants to harvest from, when to harvest, and how to store seeds.

How to Grow and Care For Sweet Pea Flowers

Close up side profile photo of multicolored sweet pea flowers in the garden.

For vintage flair in a modern garden, consider vining sweet pea. With so many colors to choose from – including pink, lavender, violet, deep purple, red, yellow, white, and blue – you might have a hard time deciding which to plant! Learn why this fragrant flower should be growing in your garden now!