3 Common Reasons Why Bleeding Hearts Fail to Bloom

A close up horizontal image of bright pink bleeding heart flowers growing in the garden pictured on a soft focus background.

If you’re expecting your bleeding heart plant to bloom with bountiful flowers in the spring, you may feel utterly disappointed if the foliage thrives but flowers never appear, or only appear in small numbers. What went wrong? Is there hope? What should you do? Learn how to help your bleeding hearts bloom in this guide.

How to Prepare Bleeding Hearts for Winter

A close up horizontal image of a Lamprocapnos spectabilis plant with pink and white flowers growing in the garden.

Your bleeding hearts bloomed nicely during the spring and then the foliage turned yellow before dying back in the summer heat. Now it’s fall and you aren’t sure how to prepare them for the winter. Should you cut them back? Mulch them? What about water? Learn everything you need to know in our guide. Read more.

9 Reasons Why Bleeding Hearts Turn Yellow with Troubleshooting Tips

A close up horizontal image of the leaves of a bleeding hearts plant that have turned yellow.

If you’re growing bleeding hearts and you notice that the leaves are turning yellow before fall’s first frost, you might be worried. Is something wrong, or is this normal? What can you do to help solve the problem? Discover the top 7 reasons for yellowing bleeding hearts in our guide. The causes might surprise you!

How to Grow Bleeding Hearts

A close up of an arching branch of the L. spectabilis plant, adorned with pink flowers and the characteristic white and red 'tear' hanging from the bottom in bright sunshine on a green soft focus background.

Bleeding hearts maintain and enjoy their status as a unique and easy to care for perennial beloved by gardeners. With soothing green foliage and iconic heart-shaped flowers, it’s easy to see why this shade-loving plant is a mainstay in many gardens. Discover how to grow and care for your own bleeding hearts now.