Dahlia Flower Types: A Guide to Groups and Classification

A close up horizontal image of a number of different types of dahlia flowers.

Dahlias are bright, beautiful flowers that are much loved in the late season garden. And with such a marvelous selection of colors, forms, and sizes to choose from, deciding which type is best for your garden can be tough. Learn about the different types of dahlias and how they are classified in this guide. Read more now.

How to Grow Delightful Dahlias: A Late Summer Standard

A close up horizontal image of a garden filled with late summer blooming dahlias in a variety of different shapes and colors.

Looking for reliable, bold color for the late season garden? Delightful dahlias are a perfect fit. From dwarf cultivars to jumbo dinner plates, and in almost every imaginable color, these dazzling tubers flower consistently from summer until they’re felled by frost. Read all about how to plant and grow dahlias now.

How to Lift Dahlias for Winter Storage

A close up horizontal image of a variety of dahlia flowers in a garden border pictured in light sunshine on a soft focus background.

Dahlias are spectacular, long-lasting flowers that add reliable color to the late season garden. But these plants are frost tender and don’t like wet feet. They need to lifted for winter storage and benefit from having their tubers divided in spring. Learn how to lift and store your dahlias during winter in this guide.