Yellow, purple, and white flowers blooming in the early spring.

Crocus Flowers

Crocus flowers are some of the first to bloom in spring, and they’re a beautiful addition to any garden. If you want them for your own lawn or garden, use our guides down below to learn how to grow and care for these beautiful blooms. New to crocus flowers? Start here.

How to Lift and Store Crocus Bulbs

A close up horizontal image of yellow crocuses growing in a sunny spring garden with snow on the ground.

One of the earliest of the spring bulbs, crocus flowers brighten winter-weary gardens in glorious colors of mauve, purple, and orange. Hardy and durable, the corms prefer to stay snuggled into their soil beds year round – but they can be lifted and saved until fall planting if needed. Here’s how to store crocus bulbs.

How to Grow Crocuses Indoors

A close up horizontal image of purple crocus flowers growing in a pot set on a rustic wooden table near a window.

Growing crocuses inside isn’t as simple as cultivating them outdoors. But we’ve whipped up a guide on this topic so you can add a bright pop of floral color to your decor. We’ll cover the necessary “forcing” protocol for stimulating premature blooming, along with how to care for your plants throughout the process.

11 of the Best Crocus Varieties for Your Garden

A close up of purple C. crysanthus flowers with dark edges and lighter center, surrounded by green foliage, fading into soft focus in the background.

Nothing brightens the spirit better than a field of early-spring crocuses. Did you know that there are numerous varieties to choose from? Some are deer resistant, others are extra hardy, and with their colorful hues, all are gorgeous. Check out our roundup of 11 of our favorite crocus varieties for your garden now.

9 Reasons Your Crocus May Not Bloom

A close up of green crocus foliage on dark soil fading to soft focus.

Are your crocus corms failing to produce blooms, or maybe they’re not even pushing foliage through the ground? If you’re not seeing flowers by mid-spring, you know something’s up. But what could it be? This guide will introduce the nine most common reasons why your crocus might fail to bloom. Read more now.

Can Crocus Grow in the Cold and Snow?

A close up of yellow crocus blooms pushing through the snow in early spring with water droplets on their petals in filtered sunshine on a soft focus background.

Crocuses are known for dotting lawns and gardens with vibrant hues of purple, pink, and yellow just when winter seemed it would never end. They’re also famously hardy. But can they survive the most frigid winter temperatures? What if they bloom just before a cold snap or blizzard? Can they grow in snow? Find out now.

When to Plant Crocus Bulbs

A close up of purple crocus flowers growing in the garden through a light dusting of snow on a soft focus background.

Are you wondering when is the best time to plant crocus bulbs in the ground for a vibrant springtime reward? You won’t want to miss this guide. Discover exactly when to plant the three most popular crocus varieties for a late fall or early spring bounty of purple, pink, white, or yellow blooms. Read more now.