A flower bed with pink and yellow tuberous begonia flowers.


Begonia is a genus of flowering plants that are cultivated for their beautiful flowers or striking vegetation. They can be grown in flower beds, in containers, or even as a houseplant. Use our guides down below to learn how to grow and care for various types of begonias. Happy gardening!

How to Classify Begonias Using the Leaves and Stems

A close up horizontal image of colorful begonia foliage on plants growing in pots indoors.

Begonias may exhibit a variety of root types, growth habits, leaf shapes, and flower colors. If you’ve seen one you like and want to narrow down which type it is you’re looking at, our guide can help. Learn how to identify a begonia by the root, stem, or leaf in this comprehensive guide. Read more now.

How to Grow and Care for Angel-Wing Begonias

A close up horizontal image of the foliage of an angel-wing begonia with droplets of water on the surface of the leaves.

Angel-wing begonias feature attractive, wing-shaped foliage and bright flowers. They can grow outdoors in warm climates or you can keep them indoors as houseplants for year-round blooms. These cane-like begonias are appealing in hanging baskets, garden beds, window boxes, and oversized indoor planters. Read more now.

How to Grow Begonias as Houseplants

A close up horizontal image of the colorful foliage of a begonia plant growing indoors.

Begonias are beautiful in the garden, but some types also grow as colorful houseplants. Rex, wax, cane, and rhizomatous varieties will thrive indoors in an office, sunroom, or apartment with proper light, temperature, and humidity. We’ll share the best begonia types to grow indoors and ways to keep them healthy.

How to Overwinter Begonias

A close up horizontal image of bright red wax begonias growing in the garden.

Instead of tossing begonias at the season’s end, help them survive the winter and grow the same plants next spring. Our guide will help you prepare wax begonias for winter survival and save begonia tubers to plant again. Those in Zones 6-9 can find tips for preparing cold-resistant hardy begonias for wintry weather.

How to Grow and Care for Rex Begonias Indoors

A close up horizontal image of the variegated foliage of rex begonia plants.

With whorls of appealing colors and artistic patterns on its leaves, rex begonia is one of the prettiest houseplants. Our guide provides the basics of keeping this foliage-first begonia happy and healthy indoors. It’s a bit picky, but the beauty is worth the demands of providing the necessary humidity and bright light.

How to Grow and Care for Tuberous Begonias

A close up horizontal image of brightly colored tuberous begonias for sale at a garden nursery.

Interested in gorgeous flowers that bloom throughout the growing season? Then the tuberous begonia is for you! The tubers of these versatile plants can be lifted, stored, and replanted for years to come. In our guide, we’ll go over propagating, cultivating, and maintaining these plants, along with some health care tips.

How to Grow and Care for Wax Begonias

A close up horizontal image of pink, red, and white wax begonias growing en masse in the garden.

The wax begonia has it all: a delightful habit, an extended blooming period, striking flowers, and beautifully glossy leaves. Able to grow in a variety of light exposures, Begonia x semperflorens-cultorum is easy to cultivate. And it’ll be even easier after reading our guide, which covers everything you need to know!