How to Grow and Care for Tuberous Begonias

A close up horizontal image of brightly colored tuberous begonias for sale at a garden nursery.

Interested in gorgeous flowers that bloom throughout the growing season? Then the tuberous begonia is for you! The tubers of these versatile plants can be lifted, stored, and replanted for years to come. In our guide, we’ll go over propagating, cultivating, and maintaining these plants, along with some health care tips.

How to Grow and Care for Wax Begonias

A close up horizontal image of pink, red, and white wax begonias growing en masse in the garden.

The wax begonia has it all: a delightful habit, an extended blooming period, striking flowers, and beautifully glossy leaves. Able to grow in a variety of light exposures, Begonia x semperflorens-cultorum is easy to cultivate. And it’ll be even easier after reading our guide, which covers everything you need to know!