Close up of purple and white common heather flowers.


Are you looking for a beautiful, resilient flowering plant to add a vibrant touch of color and fragrance to your garden? Heather is the perfect choice! This traditional evergreen favorite is amazingly tolerant of nearly any environment or soil type, making it an incredibly easy-to-grow option that’s ideal for beginning gardeners. With its signature purple hue (other colors are available) and sweet floral scent, heather will bring classic beauty to your outdoor space. Use our guides to learn how you can successfully cultivate this delightful flower in your own home garden.

How to Propagate Heather Plants

A horizontal image of a colorful field of heather plants with a path running through.

Robust, durable evergreens, heaths and heathers provide outstanding flower and foliage colors, with cultivars delivering flowers in every season. These cold-hardy, spreading shrubs are deer, drought, and salt tolerant and thrive in temperate gardens. Easy (but slow) to multiply, here’s how to propagate heather plants.

How to Grow Heather Plants in Your Garden

A close up horizontal image of purple heather pictured in dramatic evening sunshine.

Heather is famous as a hardy, low-maintenance plant that offers up vibrant color even during the dreary winter months. But there are also species that bloom in the spring and summer, as well as some that create year-round interest with colorful foliage. If you need something trouble-free but showy, check out heather.