Pink, red, and white cosmos flowers in bloom.

Cosmos Flowers

Cosmos plants are a beautiful addition to any garden or flowerbed. They come in a variety of colors including red, orange, white, pink, and purple. Use our guides below to find the tips and tricks on how to select the perfect cultivar as well as planting and caring for your cosmos flowers!

When and How to Fertilize Cosmos Flowers

A close up horizontal image of bright pink cosmos flowers growing in the garden pictured in strong sunshine.

Cosmos plants thrive in lean soils and harsh environments and are the perfect flowering annuals for water-wise gardens and xeriscapes. They provide a steady show of colorful flowers with little work from the gardener. But do cosmos plants ever need fertilizing? Find out the answer in this guide. Read more now.

When and How to Deadhead Cosmos Flowers

A horizontal close up of purplish-pink cosmos growing in a garden.

Cosmos are gorgeous annual or perennial flowers that no garden should be without. When you grow these wispy summertime plants in your flower beds or among your vegetable crops, you might wonder if you should remove the faded blooms or not. Learn more about deadheading cosmos flowers in this guide. Read more now.

19 of the Best Flowering Companions for Cosmos

A close up horizontal image of cosmos flowers growing in a meadow.

Pink, purple, white, orange, red, and yellow cosmos have feathery foliage and slender stems that sway gently in summer breezes. They bring color, a dreamy quality, and movement to gardens from summer to frost. Read on for 19 companion plants that share cosmos’ preference for moist, well-draining soil and full sunshine.

How to Harvest and Save Cosmos Seed

A horizontal image of a meadow filled with pink and white cosmos flowers pictured on a blue sky background.

Cosmos are a favorite for flower beds, pollinators, and cut arrangements, so wanting more of them in the garden is a no-brainer. Why not collect the seeds from your own plants so you can expand your patch of airy color next year? Read more to learn everything you need to know to easily harvest and save cosmos seeds.

How to Grow Cosmos in Containers

A close up horizontal image of a terra cotta pot with pink and white cosmos flowers set by some brick steps next to a garden border.

Cosmos are an excellent choice for container growing for many reasons. You can have a pollinator-friendly display of blooms that needs little maintenance, grows quickly, and may return year after year from tubers or seeds. Prepare that pot and start reading to learn all about growing cosmos in containers.

How to Grow and Care for Cosmos Flowers

A close up horizontal image of pink, red, and white cosmos flowers growing by a stone wall pictured in light filtered sunshine.

Cosmos flowers are gorgeous ornamentals that add beauty to the landscape while also attracting pollinators. With colorful blooms and graceful foliage, these summer annuals brighten up both flower beds and veggie gardens, and will thrive in less than ideal conditions. Keep reading to learn more about growing cosmos.

25 of the Best Cosmos Flower Cultivars for Your Yard

A horizontal image of pink and white cosmos flowers growing in a wildflower meadow with blue sky in the background.

Cosmos come in a stunning array of different varieties, but we’ve narrowed the field to 25 of the most gorgeous, colorful cultivars, many of them award winners. Discover the best and most beautiful double, semi-double, bicolored, and patterned cosmos varieties and choose your favorite for your yard and garden.