5 Reasons Your Clematis May Fail to Bloom

A horizontal close up photo of a clematis with purple blooms.

The whole point of growing clematis vines is to enjoy those marvelous, prolific flowers, but what if your vine refuses to bloom? There could be many reasons, from the age of the plant to poor pruning practices. Learn the reasons why a clematis might fail to bloom and what to do about it in this guide. Read more now.

How Long Does Clematis Bloom?

A close up horizontal image of bright pink clematis flowers growing in the garden pictured on a soft focus background.

Clematis can be long-flowering, showy plants, so it’s no wonder that they have found a place in gardens across the globe. Some bloom longer than others, and different types flower at different times during the season. Learn about how long clematis bloom and how to extend the bloom time in this guide. Read more now.

19 of the Best Summer Blooming Clematis Plants for Your Garden

A close up of pink and white 'Pink Fantasy' flowers with contrasting dark pink center, growing in the garden, on a dark soft focus background.

If you need a perennial that gives long-lasting, reliable color during the hot months, summer flowering clematis is a great choice. Terrific for vertical interest, as a groundcover, or weaving through trees and shrubs, these hardy vines are easy to care for and maintain. Discover 19 of the best varieties for your garden.

When and How to Transplant Clematis

A close up horizontal image of pink clematis flowers growing in the garden pictured on a soft focus background.

Clematis has a reputation for being hard to transplant, but it helps to understand its growth habits. Clematis needs to establish healthy roots before flowering and disturbed roots need time to recover. A vine that is shocked after moving is working on its roots. Our transplant tips will help you succeed! Read more.

17 of the Best Fall-Blooming Clematis Varieties

A close up horizontal image of pink fall-blooming clematis flowers growing in the garden.

If you’re looking to add some dramatic fall color to your garden, look no further than clematis varieties that bloom in autumn. These plants stand out most when all the other summer-blooming species are reaching the end of their performance. Here are 17 of the most outstanding species and cultivars to look for.

How to Grow and Care for Clematis

A close up horizontal image of purple 'Princess Charlotte' clematis growing on the outside of a residence.

Clematis are beautiful climbing vines covered with masses of flowers in the spring, summer, or fall garden, depending on the type. Fast-growing, they’re also easy to care for but need annual pruning for gorgeous floral displays. Find all the cultivation details right here, in our complete clematis growing guide.

How to Prune Clematis Vines for Copious Flowers

A close up horizontal image of purple clematis vines growing up a brick wall.

Clematis are beautiful, showy vines with pretty flowers in bold colors. Easy to cultivate, they flower in spring, summer, or fall, depending on the type – and each type has specific pruning requirements for the most floriferous displays. Learn how to prune clematis for strong, healthy vines with copious flowers. Read more.

How to Train Clematis to Grow Vertically Up Poles or Trees

A close up horizontal image of a bright pink clematis vine covering the side of a residence.

Clematis vines are loved for their spectacular floral displays and give the most impressive show when trained to grow up pergolas, poles, or trees. But they can’t grow upright without a supportive trellis, and it needs to be the right size for the leaf stems to grasp onto. Learn how to train clematis to grow vertically.

9 Reasons for Yellow Clematis Leaves

A close up horizontal image of bright purple clematis flowers growing on the vine pictured in bright filtered sunshine.

Flowering clematis vines and shrubs are suited to cultivation in USDA Zones 4 to 9. An array of species and cultivars is available, with bloom times ranging from spring to fall. But sometimes the lush green foliage shades to yellow. Read on to discover 9 causes of clematis leaf yellowing and how to manage them.

How to Grow Clematis in Containers

A close up horizontal image of purple clematis flowers growing in a terracotta pot.

Dramatic, hardy, long-blooming, and low-maintenance – the flowering clematis vine is a popular choice for container planting, often selected to beautify a plain mailbox, hide an ugly fence, or attract butterflies and hummingbirds to the patio. Learn how easy it is to add a potted clematis to your yard. Read more now.

13 of the Best Spring-Flowering Clematis Varieties (Group 1)

A close up horizontal image of pink clematis spilling over a brick wall.

Reliable perennials with masses of pretty and sometimes fragrant flowers, Group 1 clematis are deciduous or evergreen and bloom from winter to mid-spring. Depending on the variety, these easy-care vines tower on trellises or scramble down slopes and require no pruning. Here are 13 of the best spring-flowering clematis.

Types of Clematis and How to Identify Your Vines

A close up horizontal image of clematis growing up a wooden fence.

Clematis are stunning vines in a huge variety of flower colors, sizes, bloom times, and growth habits in both evergreen and deciduous varieties. And when you know what group they belong to, they’re easily grown with an abundance of flowers. Learn the different types of clematis and how to identify your vines here.

27 of the Best Cold Hardy Clematis Varieties

A close up of a clematis vine with light and dark purple flowers with green leaves behind them, against a green metal fence. In the background are trees and vegetation in soft focus.

Looking for a tough, reliable vine to survive your cold winters? One that puts on a gorgeous display of flowers in spring and summer, and that can handle the rigors of sub-zero temperatures and drying, frigid winds? You’ll love our list of the best cold hardy clematis varieties for Zones 3 and 4. Read more now.