Pink colored astilbe flowers in bloom.


Sometimes called “false spirea” or “goat’s beard,” Astilbe is a genus of 25 different species of herbaceous flowering perennials with showy rich dark foliage and fluffy plumes of flowers. Colors range from white, to pink, to red, to purple. With careful species and cultivar selection and with some planning, you can have garden beds full of beautiful plumes for the entire summer. New to astilbe? Start with our comprehensive growing guide.

What to Do if Your Astilbe Fails to Bloom

A close up horizontal image of bright pink astilbe flowers growing in the garden.

Astilbe’s brightly colored, showy blooms are perfect for brightening up the shade garden. These low-maintenance perennials are generally easy to care for, but sometimes they may fail to bloom. If your astilbe isn’t flowering, learn about common cultivation mistakes and easy fixes for an abundance of pretty plumes.

How to Grow and Care for Astilbe Flowers

A close up horizontal image of swaths of pink and white astilbe flowers growing in the garden.

With lovely green foliage and stunningly vibrant flowers, astilbe plants are a wonderful addition to any shade garden. With many different varieties bursting with unique bloom colors, there’s an astilbe for everyone. Learn how to properly propagate, grow, and maintain these fantastic perennials in our guide.

How to Propagate Astilbe Flowers Through Division

Close up of hot pink Astilbe flowers.

Do you have a backyard garden that has a great shady spot but you’re not sure what to fill it with? Meet the astilbe. Take a single plant, and with a little patience, you can propagate that parent into a family of transplants that will transform your shaded location into a colorful perennial oasis. Read more now.

When and How to Fertilize Astilbe

A horizontal image of a colorful garden border featuring astilbe plants in a variety of different shades.

Astilbe is a shade-loving perennial that explodes in colorful blooms of frothy flowers. To keep your astilbe looking their best and healthiest, you’ll need to keep them fertilized with the best stuff for the task. We take the guesswork out of the job in our guide to fertilizing astilbe and include our favorite picks.

How to Grow Astilbe in Containers

A close up horizontal image of bright pink astilbe flowers growing outdoors in a wooden planter with a fence and other perennials in the background.

Astilbe is a genus of hardy, easy-to-grow perennials that thrive in shade. With colorful, frilly flower plumes and attractive fernlike foliage, they can be planted in containers to brighten up a dreary back porch or gloomy balcony. Continue reading to learn all about growing astilbe plants in pots.

Add Color to Your Shade Garden with 15 of the Best Astilbe Varieties

A horizontal image of a number of different varieties of astilbe growing in a perennial border with pink, red, and white flowers.

Astilbes provide a range of color options for the shade garden, and they look lovely when planted in tight groups. They offer a range of sizes and bloom times, appearing any time from late spring to late summer and provide reliable interest and appeal to your landscape. Discover 15 favorite astilbe varieties in our guide.

How to Winterize Astilbe Plants: 5 Easy Steps

A close up horizontal image of astilbe flower stalks after blooming covered in snow, pictured in bright sunshine.

If the feathery, spiked blossoms of astilbe plants adorn your gardens in late summer, you need to know how to prepare them for a good winter’s sleep. While they are cold-hardy, they benefit from a little TLC to ensure that they return each spring with vigor. Learn how to winterize your astilbe plants in this guide.