Pink flowers of a stork bill geranium plant.

Storksbill Geranium (Pelargonium)

Is there anything more cheerful than a brightly flowering geranium blooming in your garden? There’s a good reason why these plants are so popular – they’re easy to grow and care for, and come in a variety of colors and shapes. If you’re looking for a plant that will add some color to your garden, consider growing storksbill geranium (pelargonium spp.).

This genus within the Geraniaceae family is closely related to the true geranium and contain many common garden plants commonly called “geranium.” In the guides below, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about how to grow and care for these beautiful flowers, species and cultivar selection, and how to keep your plants healthy and happy.

Are Geraniums Annuals or Perennials? Learn About Geranium Lifespans

A close up horizontal image of pink geranium flowers growing in the garden.

Most of us grow geraniums as annuals, but they’re actually perennials and can have long lifespans if you let them. There are many options you can choose to extend the life of your pelargoniums. Our guide will help you decide what to do with your plants once they stop blooming, whether that’s overwintering or pruning.

9 Common Geranium Diseases and How to Address Them

A close up horizontal image of zonal geraniums growing in the garden showing symptoms of disease.

Geraniums are undeniably pretty with their striking, colorful blossoms. They’re also resistant to disease problems – but that doesn’t mean they’re immune. Now and then, they might be impacted by root rot, rust, blackleg, and more. Learn how to identify and deal with common geranium diseases now. Read more.

How to Prune Geraniums

A close up horizontal image of a hand from the left of the frame using a pair of pruners to deadhead geranium flowers pictured in light sunshine.

Pruning and deadheading geraniums can give you more blossoms and a tidier-looking plant. Whether you overwinter your plants or you’re looking to keep annuals blooming as bountifully as they can, the right pruning technique can make all the difference in your display. Learn how and when to prune geraniums in this guide.

15 of the Best Scented Geranium Varieties

A close up horizontal image of pink and white scented geraniums (Pelargonium) growing in the garden pictured on a soft focus background.

Scented geraniums are a feast for the eyes, nose, and taste buds with their fragrant, beautiful flowers and leaves. There is a seemingly endless variety of pelargoniums out there, including ones that smell like cedar, apple, roses, and peppermint. This guide will give you 15 excellent options to grow at home.

How to Plant and Grow Scented Geraniums

A close up horizontal image of a scented geranium flower pictured on a soft focus background.

Colorful, beautiful, sweet-smelling, and incredibly flavorful, scented geraniums are a delight for the senses. These multi-purpose plants don’t enjoy the same popularity as their garden cousins, but they’re more than worthy of a spot in the yard. With so many varieties to choose from, they’re sure to please. Read more.

How to Propagate Geraniums from Stem Cuttings

A close up horizontal image showing new growth forming on a geranium cutting planted in a small glass jar pictured in light filtered sunshine.

If you’re growing vibrant geraniums, like cranesbill, garden, and ivy, learn how to propagate new plants from stem cuttings. Whether you just need more plants or want to keep your favorite annuals from year to year, taking cuttings is an easy and cost-effective propagation method. Get started now with easy how-to instructions.

How to Overwinter Garden Geraniums

A close up horizontal image of a Pelargonium x hortorum plant covered in a light dusting of snow pictured on a soft focus background.

Garden, or zonal geraniums are popular herbaceous perennials in Zones 10 and 11 that grow as annuals in colder regions. Instead of letting them die at season’s end, you can overwinter your plants indoors for planting out the following spring. Learn all you need to know to winter over garden geraniums in this guide.

How to Grow and Care for Garden Geraniums

A close up horizontal image of a bright red garden geranium pictured on a green soft focus background.

Garden geraniums are easy to grow and come in an array of colors, bi-color combinations, and double-petal varieties. If you have a sunny spot, slightly alkaline, moderately rich soil that drains well, you can grow your own. Learn how to plant and grow this classic summer flower in your garden. Read more now.

How to Grow Ivy Geranium: the Queen of Hanging Baskets

A cluster of bright pink flowers are in full bloom and reaching out and away from the leaves of a Pelargonium peltatum plant. More of the blossoms can be seen in the background.

With their bright green foliage, juicy colors, and tumbling habit, ivy geraniums are an essential plant for any area that needs trailers – containers, hanging baskets, window boxes – and can even be used as ground cover. Join us for a detailed look at the best care and cultivation practices for this pretty pelargonium.