What Is Hellebore Black Death?

A horizontal image of a large swath of hellebore flowers blooming in the late winter garden.

If you’re growing hellebores and they are showing signs of disease, you’ll need to rule out hellebore black death. This incurable viral infection is characterized by black streaks on the leaves, stems, and flower bracts. Learn more about this devastating disease and how to identify it in this guide. Read more now.

Tips for Growing Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) in the Garden

A close up horizontal image of bright red Hippeastrum flowers growing in the garden pictured on a soft focus background.

Not just a holiday houseplant, tropical amaryllis (Hippeastrum) is easy to grow in the garden in Zones 9-11, with eye-catching blooms the size of your hand and colors ranging from pinks and reds to yellows and oranges. Learn how to cultivate amaryllis in your garden for a showy springtime display. Read more now.

3 Tips to Prevent Amaryllis Bulb Rot

A close up horizontal image of a bright red Hippeastrum flower pictured on a soft focus background.

Amaryllis bulbs can rot for a variety of reasons, like fungal infections or insect infestation, but some can be avoided. Are you doing everything you can to ensure beautiful blooms, and growing your decorative holiday plants in the best possible conditions? Read our top tips now to ensure healthy bulbs, indoors or out.

How to Spot Southern Blight Disease in Amaryllis Plants

A close up horizontal image of a Hippeastrum flower growing outdoors that is afflicted with a disease pictured on a soft focus background.

Whether grown in a pot or in your garden, amaryllis bulbs can be attacked by the pernicious disease known as southern blight. This fungus is extremely difficult to control, so preventing it is of the utmost importance. Read on to learn how to diagnose southern blight and prevent it from attacking your plants.

How to Plant and Grow Anemone Flowers

Anemone is a genus of flowering perennials that lend reliable color and allure to gardens from spring to fall. Easy and versatile, they suit a wide range of locations and thrive in full or part sun, a valuable addition to shade and sun gardens alike. Learn all about how to plant and grow anemone flowers right here.

15 of the Best Anemone Varieties for Spring, Summer, and Fall

A close up horizontal image of different colored anemone flowers in a mass planting in a meadow, pictured in bright sunshine.

Anemones are easy to care for and produce long-lasting, bright flowers, some are daisy-like while others resemble poppies. Depending on the variety, they flower in spring, summer, and fall, can be planted in sun or light shade, and make wonderful cut flowers. Learn about 15 of the best anemone varieties now.

How to Plant and Grow Grecian Windflowers (Balkan Anemones)

If you like low-maintenance plants that deliver mats of bright color, you’ll love the cheery, daisy-like flowers of Grecian windflowers, Anemone blanda. These low-growing charmers reliably spread into blankets of blooms that appear very early in the season. Learn how to plant and grow Balkan anemones in this guide.

How to Grow Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) from Seed

If you love amaryllis, did you know that you can grow these dramatic flowers from seed? The process requires a few years of patience but allows you to create your own hybrids for spectacular results. Learn how to pollinate, harvest, and sow amaryllis seeds for years of glorious blooms with this guide. Read more now.

How to Grow Fall-Blooming Japanese Anemone Flowers

Tall and elegant, Japanese anemones add enchanting, saucer-shaped flowers in shades of pink and white to the fall garden. Reliable and low maintenance, they’re terrific when mass-planted and add charm to cottage, cutting, and shade gardens. Learn how to grow and care for Japanese anemone flowers in this guide.

How to Propagate Amaryllis Bulbs

Amaryllis bulbs produce stunningly colorful flowers that are often grown indoors during the winter holiday season. Easily propagated from offsets and by divisions, just one mature bulb has the potential to produce several new plants. Learn how to propagate amaryllis from bulb offsets and sectioning. Read more now.

How to Care for Pansies in Winter

A close up horizontal image of bright purple and orange bicolored flowers growing in the snow pictured in light sunshine on a soft focus background.

Pansies love cool weather, but these fall-planted flowers still need winter care to bloom their best in spring. Learn how to help pansies form strong roots and survive the snow and frost with mulch, water, and TLC. Follow our tips for winterizing pansies for a carpet of colorful blooms. Read more now.

How to Grow and Care for Amaryllis Flowers

Amaryllis is a tropical bulb with enormous trumpet-shaped blooms in a range of colors, with variegated options as well. It can be forced to bloom indoors in all growing zones, and makes a bold addition to winter holiday decor. Read on to discover how easy it is to grow your own amaryllis indoors.

17 Awesome Amaryllis Varieties to Grow Indoors or Out

A close up horizontal image of a bright red Hippeastrum growing indoors on a soft focus background.

Bright red or striped amaryllis are ideal for holiday decor and giving as gifts. But did you know there are lots of other great types of amaryllis, too? From double-blossoms, to extra large blooms, to those that resemble orchids. Discover 17 of the best amaryllis varieties and choose your favorites. Read more now.

25 of the Best Agapanthus Varieties for Your Garden

A close up horizontal image of bright blue flowers growing in the garden pictured in light sunshine on a soft focus background.

If you want to grow tall, dazzling clusters of color why not plant agapanthus in your flower beds? These beauties are available in a diverse array of shades in blue, purple, and white. Some boast trumpet-shaped upright blossoms while others resemble pendulous bluebells. Discover 25 of the best agapanthus varieties now.

How to Winterize Roses

To have healthy, beautiful roses, you need to grow varieties suited to your growing zone. And if you live where the ground freezes during the coldest months of the year, you may have to provide winter protection to get those beauties safely through to spring. Learn how to winterize your roses in this guide.

How to Lift Dahlias for Winter Storage

A close up horizontal image of a variety of dahlia flowers in a garden border pictured in light sunshine on a soft focus background.

Dahlias are spectacular, long-lasting flowers that add reliable color to the late season garden. But these plants are frost tender and don’t like wet feet. They need to lifted for winter storage and benefit from having their tubers divided in spring. Learn how to lift and store your dahlias during winter in this guide.

How to Propagate Geraniums from Stem Cuttings

A close up horizontal image showing new growth forming on a geranium cutting planted in a small glass jar pictured in light filtered sunshine.

If you’re growing vibrant geraniums, like cranesbill, garden, and ivy, learn how to propagate new plants from stem cuttings. Whether you just need more plants or want to keep your favorite annuals from year to year, taking cuttings is an easy and cost-effective propagation method. Get started now with easy how-to instructions.

How to Overwinter Garden Geraniums

A close up horizontal image of a Pelargonium x hortorum plant covered in a light dusting of snow pictured on a soft focus background.

Garden, or zonal geraniums are popular herbaceous perennials in Zones 10 and 11 that grow as annuals in colder regions. Instead of letting them die at season’s end, you can overwinter your plants indoors for planting out the following spring. Learn all you need to know to winter over garden geraniums in this guide.