Growing Carnivorous Plants 101: How to Get Started

A close up horizontal image of potted carnivorous plants pictured on a soft focus background.

Carnivorous plants are fascinating bits of flora, with over 800 known species across multiple taxa. In this article, you’ll learn what carnivorous plants require to thrive, from lighting conditions to irrigation needs. We’ll also go over the basic techniques to cultivate and care for these cool plants. Read more now.

How to Plant and Grow Grow Sedum (Stonecrop)

A horizontal image of 'Autumn Joy' sedum plants (aka stonecrop) growing in a garden border pictured in bright sunshine.

Sedums are a group of durable, gorgeous plants with very low maintenance requirements. Coming in both low and upright forms, stonecrop is versatile in the landscape, whether as specimen plantings or a complementary ground cover. They’ll even attract friendly pollinators! Read on to learn how to grow them for yourself.

Types of Honeysuckle Plants: 13 of the Best Species for Your Garden

A close up horizontal image of Lonicera japonica honeysuckle flower growing in the garden pictured on a soft focus background.

Despite an invasive reputation, honeysuckle plants are beautiful specimens worth adding to the garden. They are hardy, vigorous growers that will provide beautiful blooms and attract pollinators to your landscape. From the alpine honeysuckle to the woodbine honeysuckle, we’ll cover primo varieties most worth planting.

How to Identify and Treat Common Nasturtium Diseases

A close up horizontal image of bright orange nasturtiums growing in the garden pictured on a soft focus background.

The nasturtium is a plant worth protecting, so learn about the diseases it’s prone to and how to defend against them. From bacterial leaf spot to impatiens necrotic spot virus, you will be armed with the knowledge to prevent, diagnose, and stop the spread of common diseases to keep your nasturtiums healthy. Read more.

How to Grow and Care for Firebush

A close up horizontal image of the flowers and foliage of a firebush (Hamelia patens) shrub growing in the garden.

Firebush (Hamelia patens) is a drought-tolerant, disease-resistant shrub with flame-colored flowers that attract a variety of pollinators. It’s a tropical beauty and very easy to care for. In this guide, you’ll learn the basics of firebush planting and cultivation, along with how to keep it healthy. Read more now.

How to Grow and Care for Heart Ferns

A close up horizontal image of the glossy foliage of a heart fern (Hemionitis arifolia) growing outdoors.

The heart fern is a gorgeous specimen to add to your houseplant collection. With glossy, cordate leaves and a compact growth habit, it’ll stand out wherever you choose to put it. It’s even been used to treat cancer and diabetes in Asia. With some TLC and these handy growing tips, you can grow your own heart fern!

How and When to Prune Boxwood Shrubs

A close up horizontal image of a boxwood shrub growing in a park pruned into a round shape.

Proper pruning is essential for a beautiful-looking boxwood shrub, and helps to keep it free of diseases. In our guide, you’ll learn about the necessary pruning tools along with the why, when, and how of pruning. By the end, you’ll be well-equipped with the necessary know-how and ready to prune a boxwood yourself.

How to Grow and Care for Heavenly Bamboo

A close up horizontal image of the bright red foliage of a heavenly bamboo (Nandina domestica) plant growing in the garden.

With a fascinating history of cultivation in China and Japan, heavenly bamboo is a tough-as-nails, yet gorgeous plant that can be grown for year-round visual interest. It’s adaptable to a wide range of exposure conditions and soil types, and possesses significant resistance to pests and pathogens. Read more.

Tips for Growing Apple Mint

A close up horizontal image of apple mint growing in the garden pictured in light sunshine on a soft focus background.

Apple mint is a beautiful, low-maintenance herb that’s simple to cultivate, and it rewards your efforts with savory leaves for use in many delicious dishes. It attracts pollinators, grows very aggressively, and it even comes in a variegated cultivar! Learn how to grow your own apple mint at home in this guide. Read more.

How to Grow and Care for Hickory Trees

A close up horizontal image of the fall foliage of a shagbark hickory tree (Carya ovata) growing in the backyard.

Hickory trees are amazing plants – they grow delicious nuts, they’re visually stunning, and the strong, flexible wood of hickories is used to make many products we use daily. Ever wanted one in your backyard? Well, look no further! With this guide, cultivating hickory trees of your very own will be easy as (pecan) pie.

How to Plant and Grow Pinto Beans

A close up horizontal image of a bag of pinto beans spilling out on to a wooden surface.

Growing your own pinto beans is a low-stress, nutritious means of becoming more self-sufficient as a gardener! Whether you aim to live off the grid, or you just want access to some on-the-house ingredients for making bean burritos, the pinto bean is the legume that’ll get you there. Learn how to grow them in this guide.

How to Grow and Care for Boston Ferns Indoors

A close up horizontal image of a Boston fern growing in a hanging basket under the eaves of a home.

With its arching fronds and gorgeous foliage, the Boston fern is a great choice for your home. This guide covers everything you need to grow Boston ferns indoors. Whether in a hanging planter or as a centerpiece for your coffee table, the Boston fern will make a delightful addition to your living space. Read more.