25 of the Best Hanging Planters

Hanging baskets are a great option to elevate plants, creating more niches where our cherished spider plants, pothos, or petunias can thrive – whether indoors or out.

But there are many different types of hanging planters beyond the humdrum plastic hanging basket, and these more decorative options can be used in a utilitarian way, simply to elevate your plants, or with a bit more panache, to make an ornamental statement.

A vertical image of a brass hanging planter with a houseplant attached to a piece of driftwood. To the top and bottom of the frame is green and white printed text.

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I’ve compiled this roundup of 25 of the best hanging planters out there – a list which will help you expand your options beyond that basic plastic hanging basket.

I’ve included a broad selection so everyone can find something that strikes their fancy and meets their needs.

You’ll find modern and minimalist options, selections that have a natural and organic feel, some that have a rustic or country home vibe, others that are simple and elegant, and a few that are whimsical and quirky.

To provide you with ideas on how you might put each of these options to good use, I’ll supply you with as much information as possible, including material, color, dimensions, and price range.

I’ll also try to give you an accurate idea about what size and type of plant each option can hold so you don’t find yourself stuck with the most gorgeous planter ever that’s simply too small for your favorite houseplant.

Finally, you’ll find out whether each of these selections is equipped with drainage holes or not, and in case you’re looking for a gift for a loved one or are still sussing out your own decorating approach, I’ll also include suggestions on what type of decor each model might work best with.

Here’s a peek at our selections:

1. Airyonna Ceramic

Our first selection is a ceramic planter that brings a sophisticated country flair, the Airyonna.

This planter features a pot that has a distressed effect on a cream background with a vine design in green or blue.

A square image of a ceramic pot suspended by rope with a small houseplant inside it.

Airyonna Ceramic Hanging Planter

Meant to receive a plant in its nursery pot, the Airyonna has no drainage holes and is intended for indoor use only.

The pot weighs 1.4 pounds and measures six and a half inches across and six and a half inches tall, with a two-foot-long rope hanger.

The Airyonna would be a charming vessel for a trailing plant such as satin pothos, an excellent houseplant selection for medium light.


  • Material: ceramic
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs.
  • Dimensions of pot: 6.5”H x 6.5”W 
  • Hanger length: 24”
  • Price: mid-range

Have these delicate vines wound their way around your decorating heart? You can purchase the Airyonna ceramic hanging planter from Rosalind Wheeler via Wayfair.

2. AquaSav Oxford Black Metal with Coconut Liner

You might recognize this snapshot of summer – a colorful assortment of annual plants spilling over the edges of coconut-lined baskets that sway over a front porch.

If you love the look of those coconut fiber-lined metal baskets but don’t like how quickly they sometimes dry out, here’s a water-saving option for you – the AquaSav.

The AquaSav Oxford hanging basket is made of black metal steel, and is lined with not the usual coconut fiber liner, but one that has a layer of plastic hidden within it in order to reduce moisture loss.

The liner is made from recycled plastic and sandwiched between two layers of coconut fiber, so you get the water-saving benefits of a plastic container with a more natural and attractive appearance.

In order to allow plants to drain and get good air circulation, the plastic only comes about a third of the way up the liner, allowing excess water to flow over the edge of the plastic.

This system allows the bottom of the soil to retain water while moisture wicks upwards through the growing medium, keeping plants watered longer.

A close up of a coconut fiber-lined black metal hanging basket with colorful petunias spilling over the side.

AquaSav Oxford Black Metal with Coconut Fiber Liner

The metal basket has a sturdy look with a wide weave, and is 19.5 inches wide and 9.5 inches deep, suspended by a 21-inch metal chain.

The AquaSav Oxford weighs 2.8 pounds when empty, holds 25 quarts of soil, and is designed for outdoor use only.

Because of its large size, this model is quite heavy when filled with soil, planted, and watered, so make sure your hardware setup is sufficient to support its weight. You may also need a second set of hands to help you heft it.

This model would be put to excellent use as a mixed planter filled with a variety of summer annuals.

If you’re looking for specific ideas, you might want to use it to grow spring pansies, summer nasturtiums, or cheery ivy geraniums. Or why not elevate your veggie garden and grow tomatoes or strawberries in one of these?


  • Material: steel, coconut fiber, plastic
  • Weight: 2.8 lbs.
  • Dimensions of pot: 9.5”H x 19.5”W 
  • Hanger length: 21”
  • Price: mid-range

Ready to add this water conserving planter to your growing setup? You can purchase the AquaSav Oxford Hanging Basket with Coconut Fiber Liner from Gardener’s Supply.

3. Arcadia Emerald Black Metal with Coconut Liner

If you like the look of metal baskets with coconut liners but want just a bit more sparkle, this next model is an excellent option to consider.

The Emerald basket from Arcadia Garden Products has a thick metal rim with thinner metal wire forming the basket in overlapping petal shapes. Between the petals and the rim are eye-catching, round insets of green glass.

With no solid bottom or plastic liner on this model, water drains through the coconut liner, providing excellent drainage.

This model is made from metal that is coated to resist rusting.

A square image of a decorative metal basket lined with coconut fiber, suspended from a wall with a bracket.

20” Arcadia Emerald Black Metal Basket with Coconut Liner

The 20-inch basket is eight inches tall and 20 inches wide, but it’s also available in smaller options that are 14 or 16 inches wide.

The 20-inch Arcadia Emerald holds 28 quarts of growing medium, is designed for outdoor use, comes with a coconut fiber liner, and is suspended by a 19.5-inch-long metal chain.

A big leafy plant like a Boston fern would look right at home in this planter.


  • Material: coated metal, coconut fiber
  • Weight: 4.3 lbs.
  • Dimensions of pot: 8”H x 20”W 
  • Hanger length: 19.5”
  • Price: mid-range

If you’d like to see one of these bobbing in the breeze on your front porch, you can purchase the Arcadia Emerald Black Metal Hanging Basket with Coconut Liner from Home Depot.

4. Benally Metal Set

If your home has Golden Age of Hollywood flair, these may be the perfect accoutrements to flaunt your houseplants!

Adding a touch of glam on a covered patio or in a corner of the home, the Benally Metal Hanging Planter Set offers wide, gleaming bowls suspended by matching chains.

Made of iron and featuring shiny, reflective surfaces, this set is available in a gold, black, or nickel finish. Rings at the top of the chains are used to suspend each bowl.

A close up of two metal pots suspended from the ceiling using chains, situated by a window with two houseplants growing in them.

Benally 2-Piece Metal Hanging Planters

This mid-range set comes with one larger bowl and one smaller one – the smaller one is five inches tall and eight inches wide, while the larger one is six inches tall and nine inches wide.

Each of these weighs just under one and a half pounds and the hangers suspending each bowl are 12 inches long.

The pots do not have drainage holes, so it would be best to place nursery pots within the bowls to remove when you’re watering  rather than planting directly into them.

These are rust-resistant and suitable for either indoor or outdoor use since they have been treated with a weather-resistant finish. When used outdoors, just remember to empty out the bowls after any heavy rains to reduce the risk of root rot.

Ferns would look stunning in these glossy bowls, as would any plants with trailing foliage such as goldfish plants.


  • Material: iron
  • Weight: 1.45 lbs. each
  • Dimensions of pots: 5”H x 8”W (small), 6”H x 9”W (large) 
  • Dimensions with hangers: 17”H x 8”W (small), 18”H x 9”W (large)
  • Price: mid-range

If this glamorous duo seems like just the thing for your boudoir, the Benally Two-Piece Metal Hanging Planter Set from Mistana is available for purchase via Wayfair.

5. Black Steel Birdcage Set

If you’re looking for something a little different, why not place your houseplants in a set of birdcages designed for the express purpose of showing off verdant vegetation?

Plants are placed inside the Black Steel Birdcage Set via small operable doors in the side of each cage. These birdcages can be hung via hooks at the top of each, but can also grace a tabletop.

These birdcages can blend into a whimsical, eclectic decorating style, or will bring depth to spaces with an antique, Victorian vibe.

A close up of two birdcage planters set on a wooden surface.

Black Steel Birdcage Hanging Planter Set

This high-end set comes with a larger model and a smaller one. The smaller is eight inches wide and 15.5 inches tall while the larger one is 10.5 inches wide and 20.5 inches tall.

The smaller model weighs 3.2 pounds and the larger one weighs four pounds.

These birdcages, made in the USA, can be used indoors or out. But they are not rust proof, so keep them indoors to extend the life of these products.

This set would be best used for petite, leafy plants such as a fern or one of the many different types of prayer plants. Or why not get really thematic and try a bird’s nest fern?


  • Material: painted steel
  • Weight: 3.2 lbs. (small), 4 lbs. (large)
  • Dimensions with hangers: 15.5”H x 8”W (small), 20.5”H x 10.4”W (large)
  • Price: high-end

Here’s your chance to own two beautiful birdcages, free from any chirping or squawking! You can purchase the Black Steel Birdcage Hanging Planter Set from Gardener’s Supply.

6. Burlywood Ceramic

Colored with bands of neutral tones, the Burlywood Ceramic Hanging Planter is made of unglazed ceramic and is suspended by cotton macrame ropes.

Decorated on the outside with terra cotta to beige colored striping, the design on this pot is reminiscent of desert rock striations.

And indeed, this selection does evoke a southwestern style but will easily blend easily into other decorating schemes as well.

Burlywood Ceramic Hanging Planter

The Burlywood Ceramic has a drainage hole in the bottom of the pot, so plants can be grown directly within it without worries of root rot.

The pot also comes with a removable plug for the drainage hole in case you don’t want to allow water to escape.

This is a beautiful budget option that measures 18 inches from the top of the hanger to the bottom of the pot. The pot is 3.25 inches tall and 4.62 inches wide.

Weighing 0.71 pounds, this small model is suitable for a four-inch nursery pot, and is suited for indoor use only.

When considering which of your favorite specimens to show off in this selection, keep in mind that it will work beautifully for trailing houseplants that don’t require large pots, such as string of pearls.


  • Material: ceramic, cotton
  • Weight: 0.71 lbs.
  • Dimensions of pot: 3.25”H x 4.62”W
  • Dimensions with hanger: 18”H x 4.62”W
  • Price: budget

For a touch of southwestern style without the hassle of tumbleweeds, you can purchase the Burlywood Ceramic Hanging Planter from Mkono via Amazon.

7. Farmington Minimalist Ceramic Teardrop

Have you adopted a contemporary or minimalist style for your living space? If so, this pared-down selection may appeal to your sense of aesthetics.

The Farmington Minimalist Ceramic Teardrop Hanging Planter is designed for small-rooted species such as succulents that don’t require much growing medium.

A close up of a ceramic teardrop-shaped planter with succulents growing inside, isolated on a soft focus background.

Farmington Minimalist Ceramic Teardrop Hanging Planter in White

Available in a selection of colors, including white, black, dark gray, light gray, or red, the Farmington is eight and a half inches tall and five and a quarter inches across at its widest.

It is suspended from a wire rope that is 14. 5 inches long. With its rope, its total height is 23 inches tall.

Although this minimalist selection will be eye-catching when floating in the air, it has a flat bottom so it can also be used on a table top.

This model weighs one pound and is weather resistant, holding up to both indoor and outdoor use.

And it has a drainage hole in the bottom, so plants can be grown directly in the planter.

When considering what type of plants you might use this for, keep in mind that the planting area is quite small, measuring only one and a half inches deep.

In addition to small succulents and cacti, this model can also be used for air plants.


  • Material: ceramic, wire
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Dimensions of pots: 8.5”H x 5.25”W
  • Dimensions with hanger: 23”H x 5.25”W
  • Price: budget

Consider this simple selection for your smaller specimens. The Farmington Minimalist Ceramic Teardrop Hanging Planter from Orren Ellis can be purchased in white, black, dark gray, light gray, or red via Wayfair.

8. Framed Pyramidal Terrarium

If your houseplants are on the petite side, why not show them off in a hanging glass terrarium reminiscent of a Victorian greenhouse?

For those adopting a minimalist style or who simply want to add a touch of elegance to their home, this option has allure in its geometric form and simple transparency.

Made from clear glass and held together by a black metal framework, the Framed Pyramidal Glass Terrarium will contain and protect plants while elevating them.

A close up square image of a metal and glass hanging terrarium for growing air plants and succulents.

Framed Pyramidal Glass Terrarium Hanging Planter

This selection is eight inches tall and six inches wide, with a ring at the top that can be suspended from a hook or chain.

The pyramid’s opening is three and three quarters of an inch tall and four and a half inches wide.

This mid-range selection is recommended for indoor use only, and does not have drainage holes.

It is also not watertight, making this option best suited for small specimens that don’t need a moist growing medium.

Air plants would make excellent specimens to display in this terrarium, or it could also be used to exhibit succulents kept in their small nursery pots, but nestled into a decorative layer of rocks.


  • Material: glass, copper
  • Dimensions: 8”H x 6”W
  • Price: mid-range

Do you have some vegetative treasures to stow in this petite pyramid? The Framed Pyramidal Glass Terrarium Hanging Planter is available to purchase from Terrain.

9. Gerold Rattan

If natural materials and colors are what you prefer to surround yourself with, the Gerold Rattan Hanging Basket will meld seamlessly into your home to show off one of your favorite houseplants.

With a basket made of rattan suspended by jute ropes, this buff-colored planter is large and sturdy, but lightweight.

It would fit nicely into a decorating style with a modern farmhouse or Scandinavian flair.

A close up of a rattan hanging basket isolated on a white background.

Gerold Rattan Hanging Basket

The rattan basket has no drainage holes and is 10 inches wide and five inches tall. With its ropes, it measures 27 inches tall.

This option weighs 2.2 pounds, and should be used indoors only.

With a fairly wide but shallow bowl, this selection could be used to display a group of small plants in three-inch pots, or one plant in a pot up to nine inches wide and four and a half inches tall.

Trailing houseplants will create a beautiful cascade of foliage in this rattan basket – some excellent choices for this option include pothos, heart leaf philodendrons, or asparagus fern.


  • Material: rattan, jute
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs.
  • Dimensions of pot: 5”H x 10”W
  • Dimensions with hanger: 27”H x 10”W
  • Price: high-end

If you’re ready to give the term “hanging basket” a more attractive embodiment, you can purchase the Gerold Rattan Hanging Basket from Bayou Breeze via Wayfair.

10. Hittle Aluminum Flying Pig

The impossible has happened: pigs can fly!

At least – they can when they are embodied in these petite aluminum planters.

The Hittle Aluminum Flying Pig planter, made from galvanized aluminum and silvery gray in color, brings a touch of whimsy to any decor.

It would look particularly at home in living spaces with a shabby chic or cottage style.

A close up square image of a pig-shaped hanging basket pictured on a soft focus background.

Hittle Aluminum Flying Pig Hanging Planter

This model, also available as a set of two swine with wings, is equipped with drainage holes and a short metal chain. It weighs 13.6 ounces.

The planting area measures four and a half inches wide and four inches deep, making it the right size for a four-inch pot or something smaller.

As for external measurements, the Hittle is 14 inches long from snout to tail, eight and a half inches tall, and nine inches deep.

It is recommended for both indoor and outdoor use.

A small pot of English ivy would look charming growing in this selection as would any small, trailing succulents such as calico kitten or hens and chicks.


  • Material: galvanized aluminum
  • Weight: 0.85 lbs. (13.6 ounces)
  • Dimensions with chain: 8.5”H x 14”W x 9”D
  • Price: mid-range 

Add a touch of visual humor to your home – you can purchase the Hittle Aluminum Flying Pig Planter, singly or as a set of two, from Gracie Oaks via Wayfair.

11. Kalalou Ceramic Koi Fish

Not everyone has the means of keeping a pond on the premises – but the enchanting ease and grace of water life can join you indoors with this ceramic koi fish option from Kalalou.

This white and orange ceramic selection is shaped like a koi fish – and its mouth creates an opening for your favorite small plant.

For those practicing feng shui, this option can serve as a water element in your home. And it will also be a beautiful feature in spaces with animal, aquatic, or Asian themes.

Kalalou Ceramic Koi Fish Hanging Planter

Weighing 2.12 pounds, the Kalalou Ceramic Koi Fish Hanging Planter is 13 inches tall, six inches wide, and five inches deep, and will have the longest lifespan when used indoors due to its rope hanger.

This selection does not have drainage holes, so consider placing a nursery pot inside the planter rather than transplanting specimens directly into the ceramic koi fish’s mouth.

Be aware, though, that the opening of the fish’s mouth is small, at only two and a quarter inches wide, so a specimen in a two-inch pot would be a good fit for this option, particularly those whose root balls remain small, such as donkey’s tail.


  • Material: ceramic, rope
  • Weight: 2.12 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 13”H x 6”W x 5”D
  • Price: mid-range

Bring the tranquility of a fish pond indoors – you can purchase the Kalalou Ceramic Koi Fish Hanging Planter from Kalalou via Amazon.

12. Lianna Black and Gold Cement

Tired of all the straight lines and symmetry in the modern world? With the Lianna, gold designs on a black cement pot have a folksy, handmade feel that will offer a welcome change.

The pot is suspended by jute rope, completing the rustic look of this selection which would accentuate an earthy decorating vibe.

A close up square image of cement hanging planter on a patio.

Lianna Black and Gold Cement Hanging Planter

The pot is 3.75 inches high and 4.75 inches wide, and does not feature drainage holes. Its inner dimensions are three and a half inches high by four and a half inches wide.

This model is held by an 18-inch-long rope, weighs three pounds, and can hold an additional two pounds of weight.

Because the jute rope will biodegrade if it is exposed to the elements, this selection would be best reserved for indoor use.

This is a small planter that can fit a three- or three-and-a-half-inch nursery pot. Artillery plants or smaller peperomia specimens, for instance, would work well housed in this selection.


  • Material: cement, jute
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Dimensions of pot: 3.75”H x 4.75”W
  • Dimensions with hanger: 21.75”H x 4.75”W
  • Price: budget

You can purchase the Lianna Black and Gold Cement Hanging Planter from Foundry Select via Wayfair.

13. Mexican Hand Thrown Ceramic Talavera

While some planters provide a neutral backdrop to highlight foliage or flowers, others provide as much sensation as the plants themselves – case in point, this colorful Mexican Talavera option.

With a hand thrown ceramic pot and ornamental metal hangers, this festive Talavera pot features bright colors that would add to a tropical or eclectic decorating scheme.

A close up square image of colorful Mexican Talavera hanging baskets outside a residence.

Mexican Hand Thrown Ceramic Talavera Hanging Planter

This colorful pot is hand painted with bold patterns on a black, red, or yellow background.

Equipped with a drainage hole in the bottom, the pot itself is seven and a half inches tall, but with the hanger it is 18 inches tall.

Its width is 11 inches, making it an appropriate size to accommodate a 10-inch nursery pot, or a group of smaller pots.

The Mexican Hand Thrown Ceramic Talavera weighs two pounds and can be used outdoors, but will last longer if stored indoors for the winter.

This artisanal selection is handmade in Mexico and would look sensational filled with a foliage plant with bright flowers, such as lipstick plant.


  • Material: ceramic, metal
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Dimensions of pot: 7.5”H x 11”W
  • Dimensions with hanger: 18”H x 11”W
  • Price: high-end 

This selection is the perfect option to contrast with dark furnishings, and will add a welcome dose of festivity to your indoor or outdoor view.

If that sounds like just what you need, you can purchase the Mexican Hand Thrown Ceramic Talavera Hanging Planter from Plow and Hearth.

14. Mkono Cotton Macrame

When choosing a plant hanger, you may want to elevate a favorite pot you already have, or just keep things simple – in which case a macrame hanger can give the plant a lift.

Macrame plant hangers may conjure up a Victorian aesthetic for some of us or bring up some fond 1970s nostalgia for others, while still others may enjoy this look for its bohemian vibe.

The Mkono Cotton Macrame hanger is composed of knotted cord made from 100 percent pure cotton, and decorated with wood beads.

Mkono Cotton Macrame Plant Hanger

This macrame plant hanger is available individually or in sets of two, and comes in ivory, black, gray, or brown.

One of the advantages of using this type of plant hanger is that it can be used for a range of different pot sizes – it is 35 inches long and can hold pots up to nine inches wide.

Many macrame hangers have a tassel on the bottom – but this one doesn’t! So it is a great choice for those who prefer the cleaner look of no tassel, or who don’t want their mischievous cats to think it’s a toy.

This macrame hanger weighs just over six ounces, but has good tensile strength. Nevertheless, its weight capacity will depend on its anchoring hook, not included with purchase.

This option is best reserved for indoor use.

Macrame plant hangers are extremely versatile, able to showcase a number of different types of houseplants.

However, these hangers are particularly accommodating to trailing, vining plants, such as mini monsteras, or different types of spiderworts.


  • Material: cotton, wood
  • Weight: 0.4 lbs. (6.4 oz.)
  • Hanger length: 35”H
  • Price: budget

Ready to try this highly affordable option for elevating your plants?

You can purchase the Mkono Cotton Macrame plant hanger as a single or a set of two, available in ivory, black, brown, or gray from the Mkono Store via Amazon.

15. Punchout Coconut Shell Set

If you’re going for an indoor jungle vibe, this selection will probably be right up your rainforest alley.

This selection fashions reclaimed coconut shells into pots, which are suspended with jute ropes.

The brown coconut shells are carved with line art and decorated with punched out holes, creating a natural, organic style that is undoubtedly earthy chic.

Do they contain drainage holes? Boy do they ever. In fact, the punchout holes in these pots make them an excellent choice for species whose roots need a lot of air circulation, such as orchids or other epiphytes.

A close up of four carved coconut hanging baskets isolated on a white background.

Set of 2 or 4 Rainforest Bowls Punchout Coconut Shell Hanging Planters

On the other hand, for plants that require a soil-based growing medium, nursery pots can be inserted directly into the coconut shells. These will hold three-inch pots nicely.

The coconut shells have a waterproof finish, to prevent them from getting damaged by direct contact with soil and water. However, they will last longer if you don’t plant directly into the shell.

Because coconut shells are natural products, there is some variation in their size – expect them to be four to five inches wide and between three and three and a half inches deep, while their jute rope hangers are 15.7 inches long.

The opening of each coconut shell measures approximately four inches across.

These planters are not weather resistant and would be best reserved for indoor use.

Lightweight, each planter weighs just one pound, and is handcrafted by artisans in Vietnam.


  • Material: coconut shells, jute rope
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Dimensions of pots: 3-3.5”H x 4-5”W
  • Dimensions with hangers: 18.7-19.2”H x 4-5”W
  • Price: mid-range to high-end

Fully commit to your indoor plant jungle intentions! Purchase this set of two or four decorative coconut shell hanging planters from Rainforest Bowls via Wayfair.

16. Ranburne Ceramic

Are you the type of soul who loves the look of antiques but doesn’t really care to pick through the unpredictable jumble of goods available in thrift shops?

The Ranburne planter has an elegant, antique charm, but is available brand new.

Made of ceramic, the Ranburne is white with a scrolling vegetation pattern that is dark blue to violet, and is reminiscent of Delft pottery.

A close up square image of a ceramic planter with ivy spilling over the side.

Ranburne Ceramic Hanging Planter

The pot has a gray rim, and an aged appearance due to the crackle in the ceramic surface.

Embodying a cottage or French country aesthetic, this selection is suspended with white metal chains and comes equipped with drainage holes.

The bowl is 4.6 inches tall and 10 inches wide, while the chains are 12 inches long.

The Ranburne is ready to weather both indoor and outdoor use and weighs 4.31 pounds.

Why not echo the scrolling vegetation decorating this selection and fill it with a lovely pot of grape ivy or Swedish ivy?


  • Material: ceramic, metal
  • Weight: 4.31 lbs.
  • Dimensions of pot: 4.6”H x 10”W
  • Dimensions with hanger: 16.6”H x 10”W
  • Price: mid-range

This may be the perfect planter to gaze at while enjoying a crusty baguette and your favorite well-aged French cheese, n’est-ce pas?

You can purchase the Ranburne Ceramic Hanging Planter from Charlton Home via Wayfair.

17. Reclaimed Teak Root and Leather

So far, our selections have given us options primarily made of ceramic, glass, and metal. But those aren’t the only materials one can use to make a planter, are they?

Well, of course not! And our next selection offers two different materials employed to create a planter with a totally different feel.

The pot is made of reclaimed teak, a tropical hardwood tree species, and is cradled within straps made of leather. At the top of the straps, a metal ring is used to suspend this model.

Showing off beautiful materials, the black pot with a faintly visible wood grain and fawn colored leather straps work together to create a modern bohemian style.

A square image of a reclaimed teak root pot with leather hanging straps.

Reclaimed Teak Root and Leather Hanging Planter

The teak root pot is seven inches across and seven inches deep, making it great for a six-and-a-half-inch nursery pot or something smaller.

The wooden pot doesn’t have drainage holes, so it’s best to nest a nursery pot within this planter, which weighs in at two pounds.

The Reclaimed Teak Root Pot with Leather Straps is recommended for indoor use only.

Any number of different types of hoya species and cultivars would be absolutely stunning in this planter, with their long trailing vines and thick, waxy leaves.


  • Material: wood (reclaimed teak root), leather
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Dimensions of pot: 7”H x 7”W
  • Price: high-end 

If you’re ready to indulge your houseplant (and yourself) with a unique option, you can purchase the Reclaimed Teak Root and Leather Hanging Planter from Terrain.

18. Reeside Copper and Steel

Our next selection, the Reeside Copper and Steel Hanging Planter, is a high-end option that would look at home among antiques, in a modern farmhouse decor, or mingled into a Mediterranean style.

This planter, available in rust, copper, or burnt copper colors, consists of an asymmetrical, swirled metal form holding a wide, shallow metal bowl.

A close up image of a bronze hanging planter on a gray background.

Reeside Copper and Steel Hanging Planter

The bowl, equipped with a single drainage hole, is made out of copper and the swirled frame is made from mild steel, also known as low carbon steel.

The Reeside weighs 6.4 pounds, and with its supporting structure and rack, is 17 inches wide and 34 inches tall. The bowl is 16 inches wide and four inches tall.

This weather-resistant option can hold 15 pounds when hanging, and comes with a 10-inch hook.

With a large capacity the Reeside can display big, trailing or vining plants, such as orchid cacti (epiphyllums), or large Christmas cacti.


  • Material: copper and steel
  • Weight: 6.4 pounds
  • Dimensions of pot: 4”H x 16”W
  • Dimensions with hanger: 34”H x 17” W
  • Price: high-end

Love the elegant appeal of this asymmetrical planter? You’ll find the Reeside Hanging Planter available for purchase from Williston Forge via Wayfair.

19. Riseon Circular Metal

Are you embracing simplicity? Here’s a planter that embodies that intention.

The Riseon Circular Metal Plant Hanger balances a simple pot in the center of a metal circle, creating a modern, minimalist effect with a delicate profile.

Riseon Circular Metal Plant Hanger

Available in black, gold, or gray, rather than hanging from a chain, the metal framework hangs from a matching rod which has hooks at both ends.

The bowl, which does not have drainage holes, is five and a half inches wide and deep, the circular framework has a diameter of 13.39 inches, and the hanging rod is just under a foot long.

This lightweight planter weighs 1.1 pounds and can be used indoors or outdoors.

The pot included in this option is not removable, so for ease of plant care, you may want to nest a nursery pot into this model instead of planting directly – it will hold nursery pots up to five inches wide.

If you need a suggestion for what type of plant to match with this planter, inchplant or string of hearts would both look stunning.


  • Material: metal
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Dimensions of pot: 5.5”H x 5.5”W
  • Dimensions with hanger: 25.2”H x 13.39”W 
  • Price: budget

Let your favorite plant stand out from this simple circle – you can purchase the Riseon Circular Metal hanging planter in black, gold, or gray via Amazon.

20. Silver Iron and Gold

Made from galvanized iron with gold-colored welding, this wide metal planter has plenty of room for plants – and for stylistic interpretation!

Galvanized metal can certainly scream “rustic” at the top of its decorating lungs, but take a look at this planter and you may also see it fitting perfectly into a home interior vision that has an industrial or steampunk edge.

A square image of a silver metal hanging planter in a residence.

Silver Iron and Gold Hanging Planter

With a broad, shallow bowl that is 6.1 inches deep and 12.2 inches wide, this selection weighs four pounds and has no drainage holes. With its iron ropes, it is 28 inches tall.

This planter is recommended for indoor use only and can hold up to two and a half pounds.

A staghorn fern would be staggeringly beautiful in this selection, as would a maranta prayer plant.


  • Material: galvanized iron, iron wire
  • Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Dimensions of pot: 6.1”H x 12.2”W
  • Dimensions with hanger: 28”H x 12.2”W
  • Price: mid-range 

Whatever your stylistic interpretation of this galvanized pick, you’ll find the Silver Iron and Gold Hanging Planter from 3R Studios via the Home Depot.

21. Sloth in Ceramic

After our last industrial and minimalist options, it’s about time for a refresher. How about a heavy dose of cuteness to lighten the atmosphere?

This painted ceramic sloth planter brings a full dose of sweetness that would make anyone smile.

Great for small succulents, this small sloth could fit into a living space where an animal or jungle theme is at the forefront, or where there is a strong appreciation for cuteness or quirkiness.

Sloth Ceramic Hanging Planter in Gray

This sloth-shaped ceramic option weighs 15 ounces and is not equipped with drainage holes, so be prepared to set small nursery pots inside of it rather than planting directly.

Available in gray, yellow, or blue, this option is 6.7 inches wide, 3.5 inches deep, and 4.7 inches tall. With its rope hanger, its height is 12.6 inches.

The ceramic sloth should be used indoors only, and will hold tiny plants in two-inch nursery pots, such as string of turtles, haworthia, or gasteria.


  • Material: ceramic, rope
  • Weight: 0.94 lbs. (15 oz.)
  • Dimensions of pot: 4.7”H x 6.7”W x 3.5”D
  • Dimensions with hanger: 12.6”H x 6.7”W x 3.5”D
  • Price: budget

Bring a bit of cheer to your plant collection with this adorable rainforest friend. You can purchase the Sloth Ceramic Hanging Planter from the Aipagooin Store via Amazon.

22. Southern Patio Magic Pot

One of the most common materials used to make hanging baskets is plastic – but not all plastic options are plain looking!

Case in point – the Magic Pot by Southern Patio has a basket weave pattern, as well as a self-watering feature that keeps plants watered for up to 30 days.

This round planter is made of high-density resin, and is lightweight, frost proof, and UV protected.

The Southern Patio Magic Pot is available in three colors – gray, chestnut brown, or rustic brown.

A close up square image of a rattan hanging basket isolated on a white background.

Southern Patio Magic Pot Hanging Basket in Chestnut Brown

The self-watering feature consists of a reservoir hidden in the walls and bottom of the pot – this reservoir holds up to one gallon of water.

The reservoir is filled via a slot in the rim of the planter. An indicator tells you when it’s time to add more water to the reservoir.

Speaking of filling the reservoir, since the filling slot is rather narrow, it will be easiest to do so with a watering can fitted with a long, narrow spout.

This planter does have a drainage hole with a plug, but if you remove the plug, the reservoir will not hold water.

The Magic Pot is 13 inches wide and just over seven inches tall, and is equipped with a 26-inch-long metal hanger.

This model weighs 2.21 pounds when empty, and can hold up to 20 pounds or 10 quarts of plants and soil.

This water-retentive option can be used either indoors or outdoors and is great for thirsty summer annuals like petunias, or tender fuchsia.


  • Material: high-density resin
  • Weight: 2.21 lbs.
  • Dimensions of pot: 7.06”H x 13”W 
  • Hanger length: 26”
  • Price: mid-range

Reduce your water loss and save time irrigating your plants with this option – you can buy the Magic Pot self-watering hanging basket from Southern Patio at Home Depot.

23. Three-Tier Galvanized Tin

Are you interested in maximizing your vertical growing space? If so, you may want to consider an option with multiple levels.

This three-tiered selection made of galvanized tin consists of three cylinders connected with 12 inches of black metal chain between each tier.

This model is perfect for spaces with rustic or garden-themed decor.

A square image of a three-tier galvanized hanging planter attached to the side of a residence.

Three-Tier Galvanized Tin Hanging Planter

Each cylinder has a drainage hole, but plugs for these holes are also provided for those who prefer to keep the cylinders watertight.

The overall structure of this selection is 36.5 inches tall, with cylinders that are 16.25 inches long, and 5.25 inches wide.

The openings in the cylinders are 13 inches long and three inches wide.

This option weighs three pounds and can hold up to 30 pounds of soil and plants. Each cylinder can hold three and a half quarts of growing medium.

While this three-tiered model is intended for use either indoors or outdoors, the galvanization will eventually wear off, so expect some rust if placed directly in the elements or if transplanting directly into the cylinders.

Outdoors, this selection would make a brilliant living herb rack near a kitchen door, but it can serve as a lovely display for small houseplants as well.

For plants with dangling foliage, such as baby’s tears, piggyback plant, or purple waffle plant, trailing vegetation can cover the cylinders, creating a fascinating appearance of floating greenery.

This planter also provides a fabulous way to show off succulents.


  • Material: galvanized tin, metal chain
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 36.5”H x 16.25”L x 5.25”W
  • Price: mid-range

Ready to hang your herb garden close at hand? You can purchase the Three-Tier Galvanized Tin Hanging Planter from Gardener’s Supply.

24. Viva Self-Watering Plastic

If what you’re looking for is something that will keep your plants watered, and that will be just as bright as the flowers growing within, consider this next option.

Made of polypropylene and ABS plastic, this planter has a built-in one-gallon reservoir, with a refill port that is situated on the side of the planter.

This model has a glossy finish and is available in four different colors: blue, red, turquoise, or white.

A close up of a blue hanging planter with flowers spilling over the edge.

Viva Self-Watering Hanging Basket in Blue

This self-watering model is not equipped with a drainage hole, but it does have an overflow feature on the side of the planter.

The pot is 13.75 inches wide and seven and a half inches tall, and is suspended on 17-inch metal chains.

It weighs two and a half pounds, holds 10 quarts of growing medium, and can be used either indoors or out.

A smaller option measuring 11 inches in diameter is also available.

If you don’t already have ideas of your own, I’d suggest filling these pots with flowers that will spill over the brim, such as impatiens or lobelia.


  • Material: polypropylene plastic, ABS plastic, metal
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs.
  • Dimensions of pot: 7.5”H x 13.75”W 
  • Hanger length: 17”
  • Price: mid-range

Be bold, be bright, be a water saver. You can find the Viva Self-Watering Plastic Hanging Basket available for purchase exclusively from Gardener’s Supply.

25. Woodland Stump in Resin

If in your mind there is no such thing as too much cuteness, then you’ll want to see our final selection.

This whimsical woodland stump, held aloft by jute ropes, is decorated with toadstools and features a little window where a cartoon-like deer peers out.

Made from natural resin and held aloft by rattan string, this extra-small option will not only give you a healthy dose of adorableness, but it will also fit in with your quirky or vintage style home decor!

Woodland Stump Resin Hanging Planter with Deer

In addition to the deer model, three other models are available featuring a squirrel, cat, or corgi dog.

The Woodland Stump Resin Hanging Planter weighs 9.6 ounces, and should be used indoors only.

This planter is 3.93 inches tall and 4.13 inches wide, and comes equipped with a drainage hole.

The inside dimensions are 2.75 inches deep by 3.75 inches wide, making this model the right size for a specimen in a two- or two-and-a-half-inch nursery pot.

Small trailing cacti or succulents such as certain crassulas would look adorable in this selection, as would houseplants like miniature African violets or small aloe vera specimens.


  • Material: natural resin, jute
  • Weight: 0.6 lbs. (9.6 oz.)
  • Dimensions of pot: 3.93”H x 4.13”W x 3.74”D
  • Price: budget

You can purchase the Woodland Stump Resin Hanging Planter featuring a deer, squirrel, cat, or corgi from Boxian via Amazon.

Functional, Fashionable, Fabulous, or Fun

Whether you were looking for a utilitarian planter that will simply do the job of getting your plants off the ground or something trendy, quirky, or stunningly attractive, I’m hoping you found your match!

A close up horizontal image of a gardener adjusting hanging planters with a variety of different houseplants in them.

Which of these planters is your favorite? And which direction are you taking your plants? Minimalist? Earthy chic? Boho? A mix and match or all of the above? Let me know in the comments section below.

And while we’re on the subject of growing in containers, here are a few more articles that will help you choose the best outerwear for your indoor and outdoor plants:

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