13 Common Beet Pests: Identification, Control Tips, and Prevention

Image of a beet plant growing in the garden with leaves wilting in the sun and damage to the roots by soil-borne nematodes.

Beet pests can completely derail your harvest. From maggots that chew up the roots to miners that tunnel through leaves, there are plenty of bugs to watch out for that can quickly destroy a healthy plant. This article will arm you with the knowledge you need to identify and eradicate the most common beet foes.

Health Benefits of Beets

A close up horizontal image of deep red beetroots freshly harvested and cleaned and set on a wooden surface.

Hunting for a root vegetable teeming with health benefits? Look no further than the beet. This earthy vegetable contains several key nutrients that are vital to our health. With a plethora of cultivars to choose from, you’ll be eager to add them to your garden. Read on to learn about what this veggie has to offer.

How and When to Harvest Beets

A wooden box containing harvested beets, the soil cleaned off them and the stems cut about two inches above the root. The roots are a deep purple, contrasting with a little of the green foliage still attached and the bright purple stems.

Juicy, vibrant, and packed with nutrients, beets are one crop that’s worth growing in abundance in your garden. Luckily, harvesting this delicious root is easy and options for preservation are almost endless. Read more now for tips and tricks on how to harvest and store beets, plus some fun recipe ideas to try.

Troubleshooting Deformed Beets and Reasons Why Beets Are Too Small

A close up horizontal image of beets growing in the garden with the roots too close together potentially causing them to be deformed.

There’s nothing worse than nurturing your beets all season long, only to discover at harvest time that they’re too small or totally deformed. This article will help you understand why your beets aren’t picture-perfect, and what to do about it to avoid this devastating problem next time you try growing beets.

How to Harvest Beet Greens

A close up top down picture of beet greens growing in the garden with bright green leaves and dark red stems and veins.

Are you curious about harvesting the leaves from your beet plants to use in the kitchen? Cooking up tasty plant-based dishes with this often overlooked source of fresh greens is a great way to reduce food waste and add another healthy vegetable to your diet. To learn how and when to harvest beet greens, read more now.

How to Grow Beets in Containers

A close up of beet roots in a container ready for harvest, with the tops of the roots poking through the rich earthy soil, and dark purple stems with bright green foliage in soft focus surrounding them.

Growing beets in containers both indoors and out can be a fun, delicious project for you and the kids to do year-round. Planting beets in pots allows you to provide exactly the right growing conditions this tasty root needs for a healthy, hearty harvest. You don’t want to miss our step-by-step guide! Read more now.

Tips for Growing the Sweetest Beets

A horizontal image of a submerged and a partially submerged beet growing in soil outdoors.

Beet flavors run the gamut from mild and earthy to bright and sugary sweet. If you prefer the latter, there are many things you can do to nurture a sweeter root in the garden. This guide explains the mechanism behind what creates sugar in beets and how you can grow sweeter beets to please the sweet tooths in your life.

15 of the Best Companion Plants for Beets

A close up horizontal image of beets growing in the garden ready for harvest.

It’s a party in the garden with our “beet buddies” guide. We’ve compiled our favorite choices for the best planting companions for beets, from broccoli and brussels sprouts to onions and radishes. You’ll also find a quick overview of the ideal conditions for growing beets and the best time to start planting. Read more.

How to Plant and Grow Beets

Growing Beets | GardenersPath.com

If you’re planting for spring or fall, don’t forget to put beets on your list! From ruby-red to gold and even white varieties – and even sweeter, less beety tasting types – learn how to grow, harvest, cook, and even get healthy with these colorful roots right here at Gardener’s Path.

Tips to Address Beet Cercospora Leaf Spot Disease

A close up horizontal image of freshly harvested beets set on the ground in the vegetable garden.

If you don’t know how to manage an outbreak of Cercospora leaf spot, it can ruin not only this year’s beet crop, but those for years to come. It renders beet greens inedible and can affect neighboring vegetables in the garden, like chard and spinach. Read on to learn how to deal with this destructive fungal condition.

How to Grow Sugar Beets for Food and Fodder

A close up horizontal image of a freshly harvested sugar beet root set on the ground in the garden.

Looking for a crop that can feed your animals, makes a tasty sweetener, and can be used in salads and side dishes for dinner? Meet sugar beets. This close relative of the familiar table beet has so much to offer the home gardener that it deserves a chance in the spotlight. Learn how to grow your own in this guide.

How to Identify, Prevent, and Treat Common Beet Diseases

A close up horizontal image of a beet plant growing in the garden suffering from an unidentified disease on the foliage, pictured in bright sunshine.

Dealing with beet diseases is frustrating, and some of them can destroy your harvest. From bacteria to viruses, there are lots of potential pathogens you may face. With the right knowledge, you can tackle most problems before they get out of hand. Read more now to learn how to identify and tackle your garden woes.

Top 17 Beet Varieties to Plant This Season

A horizontal image of red, golden, and white beetroots freshly harvested and set on a wooden surface.

Do you want to plant some new beet varieties in your garden? Delicious and nutritious, there are many different cultivars available in different shapes and colors from the popular ruby-red roots to golden, striped, and white types. Check out our roundup of 17 top picks and choose your favorite. Read more now.