21 of the Best Japanese Eggplant Varieties

Japanese eggplants are known for their long, slender fruit, with thin skins and few seeds.

The mild, delicately flavored flesh is less bitter than some of the varieties you would typically find in the grocery store.

Some like to distinguish “Japanese eggplant” as a separate category of “Asian eggplant,” but quite often the two terms are used interchangeably to refer to the long, slender, thin-skinned varieties of this vegetable.

A vertical picture of three long, thin, purple eggplant fruits set on a wicker plate on a purple fabric in the background. To the center and bottom of the frame is green and white text.

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Many growers refer simply to “Asian type” eggplants when describing these – and I’m going to follow their example throughout this article.

Eggplants are members of the nightshade family, which includes tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes.

Along with their distinctive shape and flavor, many of these varieties are early-maturing, bearing fruit just two months after transplanting.

And in general, these plants tend to be vigorous, growing up to four feet tall, and high-yielding – making them very attractive for the home gardener.

A close up, soft focus picture of small purple eggplants growing in the garden.

In this article I’ll be looking at 21 different Asian eggplant varieties – some of which are Japanese, some of which are Chinese, some Indian, and some bred in the US.

Before we get started on our world tour, here’s an overview of what I’ll cover:

Dark Purple and Black Varieties

Asian eggplant with dark purple to black skin colors tend to originate primarily in Japan.

Here are 7 of my favorite dark skinned cultivars:

1. Black Egg

This Japanese heirloom variety produces round, egg-shaped fruits that are dark purple, almost black in color, with a black calyx.

A close up of a 'Black Egg' variety of eggplant growing on the plant with the characteristic black calyx, surrounded by green foliage on a soft focus background.

‘Black Egg’

Tender, 4- to 5-inch-long fruit with a mild, sweet flavor grow on compact, vigorous plants that mature to just 3 feet tall.

Ideal for container growing, ‘Black Egg’ matures in 60-65 days.

You can find seeds for ‘Black Egg’ in a variety of packet sizes at Eden Brothers.

2. Finger Fruit

‘Finger Fruit,’ also known as ‘Little Fingers,’ is an heirloom cultivar that produces petite, dark purple eggplants that grow on green stems.

A close up of a sack with numerous 'Kurume Long' fruits with dark glossy skins at a market.

The glossy purple fruits of this open-pollinated variety grow in clusters and have blunt ends.

They can be harvested when they are just 3-6 inches long – starting 60 days after transplanting.

A close up of a small bowl containing the dark purple, long thin fruits of the 'Little Fingers' variety of eggplant, set on a dark gray surface.

‘Finger Fruit’

These tiny, slim eggplants are tender, with thin skin and few seeds. The flesh has a mildly sweet flavor.

‘Finger Fruit’ seeds are available in packets of various sizes from Eden Brothers.

3. Ichiban

‘Ichiban’ is a Japanese hybrid that loves hot weather, but will also thrive in cooler climates – and it bears fruit all the way through to the first autumn frost.

Its name means “best” in Japanese, and many gardeners agree that this is at the top of their Asian eggplant list!

A close up of a small purple flower on a green stem surrounded by foliage on a soft focus green background.

‘Ichiban’ produces slim, purplish-black, 10-inch-long fruits on purple stems.

The fruits have thin skins with a delicate, sweet, and mild flavor, and a succulent texture.

Plants grow in an upright form, reaching 3-4 feet tall, and 2-3 feet wide at maturity.

A top down picture of the 'Ichiban' eggplant variety with long purple fruits set on a wooden surface with two purple flowers scattered to the left and right of the frame.


They perform well in containers, and they are prolific and very early, bearing fruit just 50-60 days after transplanting – with 12 fruits per plant, on average.

You can find ‘Ichiban’ plants in 4-inch pots from Bonnie Plants via Home Depot.

4. Kurume Long

Hailing from the city of Kurume in Japan’s Fukuoka Prefecture, ‘Kurume Long’ is an open-pollinated cultivar that bears shiny, 9- to 10-inch-long black fruit on black stems.

A close up of two tiny, dark purple, glossy eggplant fruits hanging from the branch of a plant growing in the garden, on a soft focus background.

The mild, delicate fruits of ‘Kurume Long’ are excellent for making tempura or for pickling.

This cultivar is vigorous and matures very early – just 60 days from transplanting.

‘Kurume Long’ seeds are available in packets of 0.5 grams from Kitazawa Seed Company via Amazon.

5. Millionaire

A popular Japanese cultivar, ‘Millionaire’ is an early-maturing hybrid that produces shiny black fruits. These are 8-12 inches long and 2 inches wide, with dark purple calyxes.

A close up of metal skewers cooking kebabs on an open charcoal grill with grass in soft focus in the background.

‘Millionaire’ has virtually no seeds in its tender, mild flesh, and is delicious roasted or grilled in shish kebabs.

A close up of a ripe fruit of the 'Millionaire' eggplant hanging from the branch, surrounded by foliage on a soft focus background.


Highly productive plants are upright and thrive in hot weather, bearing ripe fruit just 50-60 days from transplanting.

‘Millionaire’ is available in packs of 100 or 1000 seeds from Mountain Valley Seed Company via True Leaf Market.

6. Orient Express

‘Orient Express’ is a high-yielding hybrid cultivar that will set fruit in both cool and hot weather.

Its glossy black fruits grow to 8-10 inches long and have a delicate flavor, thin skins, and tender flesh.

A close up top down picture of a collection of purple eggplants set on a blue checked cloth, with herbs in the background.

‘Orient Express’ seeds are slow to germinate, but the plant is fast-growing once it gets started.

This early maturing cultivar produces an abundant harvest just 58 days from transplanting.

Plants will reach 24-30 inches tall and wide, making this variety a great option for container growing.

7. Shikou

A hybrid variety that holds up well to the heat, ‘Shikou’ bears dark purple, glossy, thin-skinned fruit that grows on purple stems.

With a name that means “supreme” in Japanese, this cultivar produces 6- to 8-inch-long, elegant fruits that have very few seeds.

A close up top down picture of an eggplant dish stir fried with scattered onions on the top, on a blue and white plate, set on a blue striped tablecloth. To the left is a bowl of rice.

Tender, meaty, and with a rich, nutty flavor, ‘Shikou’ is ideal for adding to stir fries.

Fruits should be harvested when the skins are still shiny, starting at around 70-80 days after transplanting.

A square image of freshly harvested 'Shikou' eggplants in a wicker basket on a wooden surface.


The semi-spineless plants mature to a modest 18-24 inches tall, making this variety ideal for growing in containers.

‘Shikou’ seeds are available in packets of various sizes from High Mowing Organic Seeds.

8. Shoya Long

‘Shoya Long’ is a hybrid cultivar that is very popular in its native Japan. It bears exceptionally long 14 to 16-inch dark purple fruit on purple stems.

A close up vertical picture of an eggplant growing in the garden with ripe, dark purple fruit hanging from the branches, surrounded by light green foliage.

These long veggies are of fine quality, great for frying and for tempura.

Plants grow upright, producing high yields.

A square image of 'Shoya Long' eggplants set on a wooden surface.

‘Shoya Long’

Ripe eggplants from this very early-maturing cultivar can be harvested just 60 days after transplanting.

You can find ‘Shoya Long’ seeds available from True Leaf Market.

Bright Purple Varieties

Typically from China, the bright purple Asian eggplant varieties are just as tender and tasty as the dark purple ones.

Here’s a selection of 5 of the best bright purple cultivars:

9. Fengyuan Purple

An heirloom open-pollinated variety from Taiwan, ‘Fengyuan Purple’ is a rare cultivar.

A close up vertical picture of an eggplant growing in the garden with long, thin purple fruit hanging down. At the base of the plant is plastic landscaping fabric.

The long, slender, cylindrical fruits can grow up to 12 inches long, and are bright purple with a purple calyx.

The flesh of these is creamy white, free from bitter compounds, and the skin is thin and delicate.

An early maturing variety, ‘Fengyuan Purple’ can be harvested after just 65 days.

10. Japanese Pickling

The longest Asian eggplant among my selection, the fruits of ‘Japanese Pickling’ can reach an astonishing 22-26 inches in length!

A vertical close up picture of long light purple eggplant fruits at a market.

Bright to dark purple in color, these are long, thin, and slightly curved – measuring just 2 inches in diameter.

‘Japanese Pickling’ eggplant are sweet and mellow tasting with creamy, meaty flesh – and as their name suggests, they lend themselves perfectly to pickling.

A close up of 'Japanese Pickling' eggplants in a wicker basket.

‘Japanese Pickling’

A mid-season cultivar, ‘Japanese Pickling’ has a good germination rate, and comes to maturity 75-85 days from transplanting.

You can find packets of seeds for this variety available from True Leaf Market.

11. Ping Tung Long

Very popular in Taiwan, ‘Ping Tung Long’ is an open-pollinated cultivar that bears fruit with bright purple skins and a green calyx.

A close up vertical picture of a small purple eggplant fruit hanging from the branch surrounded by light green foliage and a purple flower to the top right of the frame.

Also known as ‘Ping Tung Elephant,’ this variety bears fruit that grow up to 18 inches long and 2 inches in diameter.

A close up square image of a pile of 'Ping Tung Long' eggplants in a wicker basket set on a wooden surface with a knife to the right of the frame.

‘Ping Tung Long’

The long fruits of this cultivar are sweet and tender with no hint of bitterness, and they will be ready to harvest in 65-70 days.

‘Ping Tung Long’ seeds are available in a variety of package sizes from High Mowing Organic Seeds.

12. Purple Comet

An Asian-type hybrid, ‘Purple Comet’ has neon-violet skin and stems that are green to purple.

A close up of small, freshly harvested and washed purple eggplants set on a wicker tray on a gray background, pictured in filtered sunshine.

‘Purple Comet’ produces fruits that are approximately 10 inches long and 2 inches wide. These are sweet and mild, with succulent, tender white flesh.

They have few seeds, thin skins, and can be picked young without sacrificing any of their flavor.

‘Purple Comet’

Sturdy ‘Purple Comet’ plants have large foliage and large blooms, and they come to maturity in 70 days after transplanting.

‘Purple Comet’ is available in packets of 25 seeds from Park Seed via Amazon.

13. Purple Shine

‘Purple Shine’ is a productive Chinese hybrid with shiny, purple skin – and is often white at the top, just below its purple calyx.

This variety bears long, slender fruits measuring 9-11 inches long and 1 1/2-2 inches wide.

A close up of an eggplant cooked with cheese and sauce on a white ceramic plate set on a patterned tablecloth, with a fork to the left of the frame.

Firm and seedless, these mild eggplants are great for veggie lasagna, or stir fried and served as a side dish.

A close up of two 'Purple Shine' eggplants isolated on a white background.

‘Purple Shine’

Growing on tall, upright, spreading plants, this prolific cultivar will come to maturity in 65-70 days.

‘Purple Shine’ seeds are available from True Leaf Market.

Pink and Lavender Varieties

These pastel cultivars of Asian-type eggplants are worth trying – if for nothing other than their enchanting colors.

Here are four of my favorite pink and lavender cultivars:

14. Long Asian

With long purple fruits that have a sweet, succulent taste with no hint of bitterness, ‘Long Asian’ is an open-pollinated variety.

A close up of thin purple Japanese eggplants, cut in half and being seared on a grill, fading to soft focus in the background.

‘Long Asian’ bears tender and delicious fruit that grow to 8-10 inches long.

A close up of light purple Asian eggplants set on a wooden plate with large green leaves surrounding them.

‘Long Asian’

‘Long Asian’ fruits will be ready to harvest – and throw on the grill – about 60 days after transplanting.

You can find seeds in a variety of packet sizes available from Eden Brothers.

15. Machiaw

‘Machiaw’ is a hybrid variety that bears pale purple to deep pink fruit.

A close up of a large number of small purple eggplant fruits in light sunshine.

‘Machiaw’ was one of the winners for best Asian type eggplant in Purdue University’s 2008 Eggplant Variety Trial in central Missouri.

This variety bears beautiful fruit that are tender and tasty, growing 10-12 inches long and 1-1 1/2 inches wide.


This early-maturing cultivar is ready to harvest just 60-70 days after transplanting.

‘Machiaw’ is available in packets of 25 seeds via Amazon.

16. Orient Charm

‘Orient Charm’ is a high-yielding hybrid that produces fruit in a range of shades, from pale lavender to bright fluorescent pink.

A close up of a collection of small, light-purple colored Japanese eggplants.

Along with ‘Machiaw,’ this variety was another one of the winners for best Asian type eggplant in Purdue University’s 2008 Eggplant Variety Trial in central Missouri.

Growing on green stems, the fruits of ‘Orient Charm’ grow to about 9 inches long and 2 inches in diameter, and are similar in shape to ‘Orient Express.’

These delicately flavored fruits have very few seeds, and they grow on strong, productive plants.

‘Orient Charm’

With this early-maturing variety, you’ll have veggies ready to harvest just 65 days from transplanting.

‘Orient Charm’ is available in packets of 25 seeds from via Amazon.

Green Varieties

Green eggplants are popular throughout Asia, where they seem to be just as widespread as purple varieties.

Here are five of the best green Asian type cultivars:

17. Bangladeshi Long

‘Bangladeshi Long’ is a prolific heirloom that is native to Bangladesh.

Its 8-inch-long, slightly curved fruits are striking – they have a grayish green color with purple streaks.

A close up of a metal bowl with a fresh eggplant curry garnished with slices of red chilies and cilantro, with rice to the side and a fork and spoon, with a wooden surface in the background.
Photo by Felicia Lim.

These thin-skinned veggies are never bitter and have a delicious, mild flavor.

They are perfect for use in Indian-inspired cuisine, such as this spicy eggplant curry recipe that you can find on our sister site, Foodal.

The large, sturdy plants of ‘Bangladeshi Long’ reach 48 inches tall, and bear fruit 75-80 days after transplanting.

18. Choryoku

‘Choryoku’ is a Japanese hybrid. Its 12-inch-long fruit have bright green skins and a green calyx.

A close up of freshly harvested thin green eggplant fruits in a metal bowl with water droplets on the surface.

The fruits of this cultivar grow long and straight with a firm texture, and they are sweet and tasty – perfect for broiling or grilling.

A close up of three green 'Choryoku' eggplants pictured on a white background.


Growing on vigorous, prolific plants, ‘Choryoku’ will come to maturity in 80 days.

‘Choryoku’ seeds are available from True Leaf Market.

19. Green Knight

A hybrid variety, ‘Green Knight’ bears green-skinned fruit that reach 7-10 inches long. They are mild in flavor, with few seeds and a meaty texture.

A close up of small green eggplant fruits growing on the plant with a breeze block wall in the background.

An early-maturing variety, you’ll be harvesting the succulent fruit from these 34- to 36-inch plants in just 55-60 days.

A close up of the long green fruit of the 'Green Knight' variety of eggplant, growing on the branch surrounded by foliage.

‘Green Knight’

You can find packets of 30 seeds, or 3 ‘Green Knight’ plants, available at Burpee.

20. Hari

An Indian hybrid, ‘Hari’ has waxy green, thin skin and grows from green stems.

A close up of three small green eggplant fruits, harvested and placed on a dark rocky surface.

Fruits reach 7-10 inches long, and have tender flesh with a mild flavor and no hint of bitterness.

An ultra-early maturing variety, ‘Hari’ will be ready to harvest in just 50 days.

21. Thai Long Green

Also known as ‘Green Elephant Tusk,’ and sometimes just ‘Thai Green,’ the fruits of this heirloom variety from Thailand have lovely, light lime green colored skin and green stems.

A close up of an eggplant with small green fruits hanging down, surrounded by foliage, on a soft focus background.

Fruits are 10-12 inches long, and have a mild, sweet flavor with very tender flesh.

The plants of this open-pollinated variety grow 2-3 feet tall and are drought resistant.

‘Thai Long Green’

This long-season cultivar will be ready to harvest in 85 days.

‘Thai Long Green’ is available in packets of 200 seeds via Amazon.

An Eggcellent Selection

Whether the Asian eggplant of your dreams is petite or serpentine, whether it’s a super productive hybrid or an heirloom with a history, whether it’s dark black, bright purple, pale pink, or lime green, with all these choices, you’ll be sure to find one to give a special place to in your backyard garden.

A close up of a wicker tray containing small purple eggplants and tomatoes.

Which of these cultivars is tempting your taste buds? Have any other favorite Asian eggplant varieties? Let us know in the comments.

And for more information about growing eggplant in your garden, check out these guides next:

Photo by Felicia Lim © Ask the Experts, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. See our TOS for more details. Product photos via Burpee,  David’s Garden Seeds, Eden Brothers, Eggplant Seeds, Hazzard’s Seeds, High Mowing Organic Seeds, Kitazawa Seed Company, Park Seed, Seeds of India, and True Leaf Market. Uncredited photos: Shutterstock.

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Kristina Hicks-Hamblin lives on a dryland permaculture homestead in the high desert of Utah. She is a Certified Permaculture Designer, holds a Certificate in Native Plant Studies from the University of North Carolina Botanical Gardens, a Landscape for Life certificate through the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and the United States Botanic Garden, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in liberal studies from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Kristina strives towards creating gardens where there are as many birds and bees as there are edibles.

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Linda (@guest_11296)
3 years ago

I just picked up seeds for Green Knight, and both Millionaire and Ping Tung have been on my wishlist for a while. Thank you for this post, as I was completely unfamiliar with green eggplants at all! I really hope they do well in my container garden this year.

randy irvine
randy irvine (@guest_11546)
3 years ago

Hi, I am growing Mediterranean eggplant. Do you have any info on these. Thanks. Randy.