The 10 Most Essential Tools that Should Be in Every Gardener’s Shed

Whether it is a home garden or a community garden you cannot do without proper garden tools. Garden tools are essential for carrying out many jobs in the garden smoothly, jobs such as cutting grass, trim trees and shrubs, plant flowers, remove trees, dig the soil, water plants etc.

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There are certain tools necessary to have a healthy and well looked after garden. Although there are many tools available in gardening stores we will consider the 10 essential garden tools that every garden needs.


The first essential item on your list should be a trowel that is well made. Whether it is container garden or a large bed a trowel is necessary to get your seedlings and plants into the soil easily.


A hoe with a long handle helps a gardener handle difficult tasks easily. It is used to keep out weeds from your garden. This is accomplished by using the hoe to remove weeds when they start to grow.

Careful use of the hoe will help in removing weeds without damaging the roots of your plants. Hoe heads come in many shapes and sizes and you can make your choice.

Hand fork or cultivator

Hand forks are ideal for loosening the soil and cleaning up the beds. It helps to cultivate the soil, work amendment into your soil, and chop up any clumps.

These are absolutely essential in beds that are closely planted. It cuts the compacted hard soil smoothly and is also very useful for aerating, cleaning the moss and thatching.

Flower beds and vegetable plots can be easily prepared by using a hand fork or cultivator. Find the perfect model with our buying guide.

Hand pruners or pruning shears

It is wise to invest in a pair of good quality pruning shears or secateurs, as they are also known. These come in various types and sizes depending on the type of job. They are useful for pruning branches of small diameters.

These are very useful for trimming bushes and shrubs. Trimming regularly will make your shrubs bushy and in the desired shape and size. They are very useful for rose plants that require regular pruning.

Also fruit and other trees in your garden will need pruning.

Watering can and nozzles

A watering can with a nozzle that creates a fine spray of water is essential for gently watering seedlings and sprouting seeds, over a large area, without washing them away. Choose one with long nozzles.

A spading fork

A spading fork or gardening fork, is a wonderful garden tool necessary for transplanting and aerating. You can also use it to split ornamental grasses and perennials. In fact, you cannot divide and dig perennials without using a heavy duty spading fork. It can also be beneficially used as a mulch

ork, manure fork, and for sorting hay.

Shovels and spades

Shovels and spades come in many different sizes and shapes. The hand hold also comes in shapes like a “T” or a “D”. These are necessary for planting trees, shrubs, moving the soil, breaking the soil and many other jobs.

Spades are very useful for turning the soil and a shovel will help in picking up dug out soil and disposable items from your garden. Their blades should be sharp in order to accomplish the jobs easily.

Wheelbarrow or Garden Cart

Again wheelbarrows also come in different sizes and shapes and you have a wide variety to choose from. You cannot do without one especially if your garden is of decent size. With it you can carry almost anything and everything.

Whether it is for hauling soil, transporting dirt and cement or for transporting common gardening items like compost, plants, mulch, tools or hoses, you will find the wheelbarrow extremely handy.

Without a wheelbarrow you will have to make frequent trips back and forth around the garden which is really exhausting.

Gloved hands move soil around the flowerbeds with a spade.

Gardening gloves

Even if you like the feel of soil it is imprudent to work in the garden without proper gloves. Gardening gloves also come in a lot of varieties and materials.

The type you choose will depend on the type of work involved. Leather gloves are good but you cannot use them when handling water or liquid chemicals.

Thus you may need more than one type of glove. Make sure that the pair fits you snugly or you may have to deal with blisters. Also make sure they are prick proof when you are handling rose bushes or other thorny plants.

The simple fact is that you must choose wisely.

Garden hose

You can’t do gardening without water. You will need a good quality garden hose if you don’t want to get exhausted transporting a lot of water. In fact it is the easiest way to transport lots of water quickly and effortlessly.

The best hoses for this purpose are those having 3 or 4 ply thickness and come with brass fittings. Coiled type of hoses need less storage space. They may be a bit more expensive but they are easier to store and transport.

You can also use drip irrigation or soaker hoses if you don’t have the time to water the plants yourself.

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  1. My grandma always had a phenomenal garden. I can’t wait till I can buy a house and put in my own garden. Since grandma isn’t around anymore, this list is a nice guide of basic supplies I’ll want to pick up when the time comes. I hadn’t even thought about getting a gardening cart!

  2. What I like about all of these is that they are either inexpensive or easy to rent or borrow! I have a neighbor who has every gardening tool you could think of! He told me once that he used to rent his equipment, and that now he wanted to make sure everyone had the tool they need in case they wanted to garden!

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