7 of the Best Garden Hoses for 2024

I can hear you thinking: “A whole article on hoses? It’s just a hose, for heaven’s sake!”

So, let me tell about all those times when I bought a cheap one off the shelf at my local big box garden center.

When, about the third time I turned it on, it split and soaked me, or started to leak like a sieve when I was in the middle of a big project, so I had to take my muddy, wet, dirty self back to the garden center to buy a new one.

A human hand holds a water hose and has the thumb placed over the nozzle to create a spray. In a lush backyard setting.

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Hoses matter, they really do. And I never realized it more than when I bit the bullet, spent the bucks, and bought a really good one.

It’s the first one I’ve ever had that has both lasted for years, and is super easy to use. It makes me as happy to have it around as the flowers it waters.

The fact is that not all hoses are created equal, which is why this guide is a must-read if you want the best one for your needs.

And a decent model doesn’t have to cost a lot. There are well-made products at every price point, and for every size or type of garden.

New materials and technology have even made it possible to create hoses that are virtually kink-free, while they’re still lighter and easier to maneuver than those old, heavy rubber versions of old.

Of course, those do still exist. And they have their place too, in situations where you might need something that tough.

We recommend one made from the traditional rubber, in fact, as well as the best in class for other situations.

Before you go shopping, we’ll also touch on a few more general points to keep in mind and other things you might want to know about garden hoses:

Let’s take a look at our seven favorite products!

1. Flexilla: Best For Most People

Many people who have used a Flexilla garden hose swear it’s the greatest ever made. It also does well in expert testing, where it lives up to its kink-free claims.

Of course, as we must point out so no one thinks we’re guaranteeing this: no model is totally kink-free. But garden experts and homeowners say the Flexilla comes pretty darn close.

It’s made of a proprietary, flexible hybrid polymer that is engineered to eliminate kinks when filled with water.

Flexzilla Garden Hose, 5/8 inches x 50 feet

Unlike many others, it does not try to retain its shape, which means it lies flat where you need it, rather than trying to roll itself back up into a coil when it’s filled with water, flipping your sprinkler in the process.

Flexzilla Pro Water Hose 5/8 inches x 100 feet, via Amazon

The manufacturer says the material is lead-free and drinking water safe, although it’s not tested or certified by any of the agencies that verify those claims. They also say it can withstand temperatures from -40 to 150°F.

This model is a standard 5/8-inch diameter, and it comes in three-, five-, 10-, 25-, 50-, 75-, and 100-foot lengths.

The 50-, 75-, and 100-foot sizes also come in a larger, 3/4-inch diameter, if you need more water power.

The Flexilla is available in only one color, a bright, chartreuse green. The manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty.

Check prices and read customer reviews on Amazon now.

2. Craftsman Premium Rubber: Best Heavy-Duty Choice

Need a tough garden hose for washing your car, for powering a pressure washer, or that can live outside during the worst winters?

Then the Craftsman Premium offering should be at the top of your list.

This is a popular pick for landscape professionals and those who need something that can stand up to light commercial applications, such as mixing cement.

Craftsman 5/8 in. x 50 ft. L Premium Grade Black and Red Hose

It’s made from a black and red rubber vinyl compound that can withstand temperatures from -25 to 160°F. The coupling material is anodized aluminum. However, it is not safe for drinking from.

This product is as durable as they come, and Craftsman includes a three year limited warranty and that covers everything – including damage caused by running over it with a car or mower.

The diameter of the Craftsman Premium is the standard 5/8 inch and it comes in 50- and 100-foot lengths.

Check prices and read customer reviews at Amazon.

3. Water Right 400 Series: Best for Small Spaces

Light and flexible, the Water Right 400 Series is a top choice for the smaller yard or garden.

It’s lightweight enough to lug around at only three pounds per 50 feet, yet resists kinking. Owners report that when it does kink (again, none are completely kink-free), it’s easy to shake out without a lot of hassle.

Water Right 400 Series Polyurethane Hose

Even gardeners with mobility issues say it’s very easy to wrangle in the yard, even around planters and containers.

At 7/16 of an inch, the Water Right is smaller in diameter than the standard 5/8 of an inch, which is why it is so lightweight.

It’s made of NSF and FDA-certified drinking water safe polyurethane, so it won’t harm anyone who wants to dash by for a quick drink during a game of tag, or to hydrate while doing yard work – assuming that your outdoor hookup is not gray water.

Water Right offers a choice of two fittings for this product: lead free, chrome-plated brass, or stainless steel.

It comes in two colors – eggplant and olive green – so you can match it up with your garden decor. It’s also available in 25, 50, 75, and 100-foot lengths.

Water Right also makes larger diameter models of the same material, but they’ll be correspondingly heavier as well: the 500 Series is 1/2 inch in diameter, and the 600 Series is 5/8 of an inch.

The product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re dissatisfied for any reason, and a limited five-year warranty. It’s made in the USA in Oregon.

Check prices and read customer reviews on Amazon now.

4. Ultra Lightweight Coil: Best Value for Small Spaces

If you’re looking for something that’s easy to wrangle in a small garden, we recommend the Ultra Lightweight Coil Hose.

It’s a lightweight 3/8-inch, made from UV-resistant polyurethane. The material is FDA approved to be drinking water safe. The couplings are nickel plated. It only comes in brown.

A close up of a gardener using a purple coil hose to irrigate potted plants on a wooden deck.

Ultra Lightweight Coil

The coiled construction makes it easy to store, but it can be hard to pull to its full 50-foot length. This makes it a better choice for smaller gardens without a lot of storage space.

Check prices and read customers reviews on Gardener’s Supply Co. now.

The Hoselink Retractable with Reel bills itself as “the complete watering system,” and owners say it lives up to that claim.

This setup includes the reel, a 9/16-inch diameter, 82-foot hose with an eight function nozzle, a 6.5-foot leader hose, a mounting bracket, and all required fixings.

The Hoselink is intended to be wall-mounted and, when mounted, the reel can swivel 180 degrees. You will need a drill for the installation, so keep that in mind.

Its “stop anywhere” technology locks it in place when you stop, so you don’t have to continue pulling.

Hoselink Automatic Retractable Garden Hose Reel

Users say the reel is easy to install and use, and the hose retracts very easily with the automatic rewind. The whole setup weighs 30 pounds.

The hose and reel are made from PVC and polypropylene with brass couplers, and stainless steel and plastic fittings. It is not food grade, so it’s probably best to avoid filling the dog’s bowl with this one.

The hose in integral to the reel and cannot be replaced. One nice feature is that the reel keeps the hose protected even in extreme weather conditions.

It comes with a two-year warranty. It is available in beige or charcoal.

Check prices and read customer reviews on Amazon now.

6. Melnor Flat: Best Soaker

While watering a lawn usually involves spraying, many plants don’t like to be sprayed too often. Damp foliage can help promote and spread disease.

Instead, a deep watering at the base of the plant is best, and the Melnor Flat Soaker Garden Hose is just the tool to do that with.

It’s a flat, flexible model that is easy to weave around plants and through planters. It’s a very popular product among gardeners with straw bale gardens. This type of construction also makes it easy to fold and store.

The fitting size is a standard 3/4 inches. It comes in 25-, 50-, and 75-foot lengths, and you can remove the cap to connect multiple hoses.

A close up horizontal image of the Melnor Flat Soaker Garden Hose on a white isolated background.

Melnor Flat Soaker Garden Hose

You can bury it under a light layer of mulch for semi-permanent installation in the garden, but a covering that is too heavy will affect its performance.

It’s not as sturdy as a traditional model, and if it is left out continually year-round it can deteriorate and leak.

This product is made from PVC, ABS plastic, and polyester. It comes with a two-year limited warranty.

Check prices and read customers reviews at Walmart now.

7. Gilmour Vinyl: Best Sprinkler Hose

Ideal for watering delicate new grasses or long, narrow areas like the side of a house, the Gilmour Vinyl Sprinkler Hose is a very versatile choice that can also function as a soaker.

Just position it with the white side up for sprinkling, and the white side down for soaking.

Made from recycled plastic, this model is very sturdy and durable, although it’s stiffer to handle than the more flexible Melnor.

A close up of a Gilmour Sprinkler-Soaker two-in-one rolled up and isolated on a white background.

Gilmour 2-in-1 Sprinkler-Soaker Hose

At full power, it sprays about four to five feet on either side of the center in sprinkler mode.

The fittings are nickel plated. It measures the standard 5/8 inch in diameter. It only comes in a 50-foot length, but you can attach up to three hoses. Gilmour offers a lifetime warranty.

Check prices and customer reviews on Walmart now.

Garden Hose Features

Water hoses form the basis of irrigation for the home yard and garden. But did you know there are various styles that can make your life easier?


There are three basic types that include: spray, soaker, and sprinkler.

Spray (Garden)

These are the most common, and this type is just a hose that attaches to a faucet.

A close up horizontal image of a man's hand holding a standard "spray" type garden hose and using his thumb to create more water pressure.

Water streams out in a single flow – you generally use a nozzle with these, or attach them to a sprinkler.


These are ideal for using in planters, or vegetable gardens where things are planted in rows.

A close up horizontal image of a soaker hose laid in a trench next to a flower bed of roses.

They’re also a good choice for plants that prefer deep watering to sprinkling.

Roses are a good example of this, as spraying and getting the leaves wet leaves them susceptible to various diseases. They prefer a deep watering instead.

A close up horizontal image of an American Goldfinch perched on an operating soaker hose.

If you only have one or two rose bushes, a spray hose set on a low flow at the root of the plants is fine, but if you have a whole row, a dedicated soaker is practically a must.


These are less common, but can be very useful in certain situations. They operate like a sprinkler, but are longer, allowing for more coverage at one time.

A close up horizontal image of a sprinkler hose with water shooting out of it, being used to irrigate a green lawn.

These typically have a double row of small holes down the center, and when you attach the coupling to the faucet and turn it on, the water gently arches out to each side.

Sprinklers are a good choice for newly planted grass, and for narrow, lengthy garden spaces.


Hoses are made from a variety of materials, from inexpensive vinyl to tough rubber, to proprietary blends developed for specific purposes, such as resistance to kinks, lower weight, or durability.

Some are made from recycled or partly recycled materials.

Materials can include:

  • Rubber
  • Stainless Steel (wrapped over another material)
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (aka PVC or vinyl)
  • Extruded Synthetic Rubber

The material you choose will in large part determine how long it will last. A cheap vinyl or rubber product will be lightweight, but it won’t hold up to heavy usage or the elements as well as a more expensive, heavier rubber model.


One important consideration if you, other family members, or pets will be drinking from the hose:

It’s important to purchase NSF and FDA certified food grade products. These are guaranteed to be lead, BPA, and phthalate free.

Food grade means the flavor of the water won’t be affected either, so it will taste as clear as if it came straight from a tap.

Remember never to drink water that has been sitting in the hose in the hot sun (flush it out first) and only drink outdoor water if it comes from a safe, filtered tap. If gray water is available for use outdoors in your area, do not drink it!

A garden hose should be drained after use and allowed to be ran a bit prior to using for potable water, especially if you are going to be using it with a spray nozzle.

Allowing the water to stagnate between uses can provide the habitat where both Legioneolla bacteria (responsible for Legionnaires’ disease or Pontiac fever) and free-living amoebae (FLA) love to develop.

When the spray nozzle is used, aerosols may be produced with droplets smaller than 10 μm and which can be inhaled by people or animals. If this water is stagnate and contains either Legioneolla or FLA, this can possibly cause disease transmission.


The couplings (also called fittings) are just that – the metal threads at the end of the hose that attach them to a water spigot, sprinkler or nozzle, or another hose.

These are almost always comprised of some type of metal, and only the cheapest examples have plastic couplings.

A close up vertical image of a Labrador dog drinking water straight from a garden hose in the garden.

The most common metal used for couplings is brass, either true brass or chrome-plated. But aluminum, stainless, and other types of metal can be used as well, depending upon the hose’s intended use. Heavy duty models usually feature stainless couplings.

The best couplings are octagon-shaped, making them easier to grip and tighten. If the coupling gets stuck, an octagonal rather than round shape is also easier to grip with a pair of pliers. Smooth, round couplings are definitely harder to get a grip on.

And, again, be sure the couplings are certified lead free if you’ll be drinking from the hose. Or better yet, carry a water bottle with you when you’re working in the garden, or dash inside for a quick drink before you head back out.


The standard diameter for a residential garden model is 5/8 inch, but 1/2- and 3/4-inch sizes are also widely available.

There are even a few smaller, 7/16-inch choices out there. These are intended for use in the smaller garden, as they are very light and easy to maneuver.

Larger sizes, such as 3/4 inch, are generally used for commercial applications.

While a larger model will technically deliver more water faster, this doesn’t matter if it’s more (or less) flow than you need. If you have a small garden, or strength or mobility issues, buy a smaller, lighter model– you can still find well-made, long lasting products in those sizes.

If your needs are standard, buy a 5/8-inch size. And if you need to power wash your barn, you might want to move up to the 3/4-inch size.


There is no end to the vast variety of lengths available on the market, from tiny, three-foot-long leader hoses to 100-foot options that can reach around a good-sized garden.

The most popular standard length is 50 feet, which is a happy medium for most people.

Since water pressure decreases with a longer model, the best length is one that will reach all around your yard without a lot of extra length.

Now matter how you irrigate your lawn or garden, having a quality equipment makes your chores easier and less frustrating.

No More Water Worries

Taking some time to think about what type of hose you want and need, rather than just running to the local garden center and grabbing something cheap off the shelf, will pay off in the long run. I know from personal experience.

A product that kinks, is hard to attach and detach, or that disintegrates in the sun midway through a hot summer, is a frustration you don’t need.

After all, gardening is supposed to be fun and relaxing! So buy the right hose for your outdoor space, and save your sweat for planting more flowers.

As a kink-proof option that’s available in a variety of sizes, lengths, and colors, the Flexilla, available via Amazon, is our favorite option. Which one will you choose?

Are you a fan of a top product that we missed? Do you have a watering story to share? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.

And for more information about how to irrigate your landscape, check out these guides next:

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Eric M Saidel
Eric M Saidel (@guest_5080)
4 years ago

This was an EXCELLENT article, with really great information. I am looking for a truly drinking water safe garden hose that is 5/8″ in diameter and at least 75′ long. I was very glad to see the information about the Water Right hoses (especially the 600 series), and appreciated the link to Amazon. My only issue with that particular hose is the cost. In my research, I also came across the 5/8″ Polyurethane Garden Hose from Eley Hose Reels which seems comparable, but comes in at a lower price point than the Water Right hose. I would love to know… Read more »

Allison Sidhu
Allison Sidhu(@allison-sidhu)
Reply to  Eric M Saidel
4 years ago

Thanks for your message, Eric. It sounds like you’re definitely putting in the time to do the research before you purchase a quality gardening product, and we’re certainly fans of that. I am not personally familiar with the hoses from Eley, but this is generally a well-rated brand, and a 10-year warranty is tough to beat. Products from both companies are kink-resistant, and made in the USA. In comparison, the Water Right offers a choice of fittings and colors, and it comes with a 5-year warranty. Some users of the Eley hose have reported leaking at the coupling, and some… Read more »

Eric M Saidel
Eric M Saidel (@guest_5082)
Reply to  Allison Sidhu
4 years ago

Thanks, Allison!

Allison Sidhu
Allison Sidhu(@allison-sidhu)
Reply to  Eric M Saidel
4 years ago

You’re welcome! 🙂

John Mattson
John Mattson (@guest_10653)
3 years ago

Hose coupling metal MUST match your faucet metal. Never buy aluminum couplings if you have a brass faucet.

Sherwood Botsford
Sherwood Botsford (@guest_13106)
2 years ago

One of the bigger factors for me is colour. In the last 10 years I have destroyed 4 hoses with the riding mower. I will never buy another hose that is dark green or black. Light green, skyblue, red, yellow, international orange….

Allison Sidhu
Allison Sidhu(@allison-sidhu)
Reply to  Sherwood Botsford
2 years ago

An important factor, Sherwood, and thank you for noting it! I agree that the green hoses (and extension cords as well) are the least useful in the garden, since they tend to blend in with the surrounding grass and other plants so easily. Just yesterday I heard a sports announcer on a local radio station arguing against orange extension cords, saying he never buys them. But bright contrasting colors make them so much easier to see!

T.m (@guest_17410)
1 year ago

Just follow up when s***’s out of stock then link another source

Allison Sidhu
Allison Sidhu(@allison-sidhu)
Reply to  T.m
1 year ago

Thanks for the feedback – we do our best, and update links regularly! Is there a certain hose in particular that we can help you to find, or a particular style that you’re looking for? Online commerce has been a bit tricky these days, with ongoing shipping issues for some vendors and a huge demand for gardening gear. All of the links provided here appear to be working currently, though certain size and color options for the Flexzilla and Water Right hoses are currently unavailable. Unfortunately no alternative affiliate options are currently available for the Gatorhyde and Craftsman hoses, which… Read more »