How to Plant and Grow Persian Star Garlic

A close up of a dried and cured 'Persian Star' garlic bulb set on a wooden surface.

‘Persian Star’ garlic (also known as ‘Samarkand’) is a stand-out hardneck type from Uzbekistan with medium-hot, sweet, complex cloves snuggled up in a purple and white striped wrapper. Brought to the US in the ‘80s, it has become an extremely popular cultivar for good reason. Curious to find out why? This guide can help.

How to Propagate Garlic from Bulbils

A close up horizontal image of garlic bulbils on the top of a flower stalk pictured in bright sunshine on a soft focus background.

Garlic bulbils are small aerial cloves produced on the scapes. They’re free of soil diseases and each bloom can produce up to 100 of these tiny future garlic plants. Read more now to learn everything you need to know to collect, store, and plant garlic bulbils, and harvest and replant the resulting roundels.

Tips for Growing German White Garlic

A close up horizontal image of 'German White' garlic bulbs freshly harvested and cured.

Flavorful, nutritious, and easily grown, German White garlic belongs to the Porcelain group of hardneck varieties. With good storage life, this popular choice is a fall-planted variety that requires cold vernalization for big, tasty bulbs that are harvested in early summer. Learn how to grow German White garlic now.

How to Use Garlic As Pest Control in the Garden

A close up horizontal image of a pile of garlic cloves in a wicker basket pictured on a soft focus background.

It’s time to put the stinking rose to work against pests in your garden. Garlic, when used as a spray or as a companion plant, has been proven to deter lots of annoying pests like aphids, root-knot nematodes, and spider mites. In this guide, we look at scientifically-backed methods for controlling pests with garlic.

10 Garlic Families to Know About for the Garden

A close up horizontal image of garlic growing in the garden with a wooden fence in the background.

Garlic is a must-have for the kitchen with flavors that vary from sweetly nutty to pungently spicy, and heat levels from mild to wasabi-like. And it’s easily grown, with varieties suitable for both cold and mild winter locations. To best match your needs, check out the 10 garlic families to know about for the garden.

When and How to Harvest Garlic

A close up horizontal image of garlic harvested from the garden set on a wooden surface in the sunshine.

Knowing when to lift garlic for large, flavorful bulbs that also store well is a critical skill that’s well worth learning. Pull them too soon and you’ll have skimpy little cloves. But pull them too late and they can burst their tunics, dry out, or spoil. Learn all about the best time to harvest garlic bulbs now.

How to Cure and Store Garlic from the Garden

A close up horizontal image of freshly harvested softneck garlic from the garden with roots and tops still attached set on a tiled surface.

Garlic is a kitchen must-have. And you can enjoy the rich flavor of your own harvest year-round with one, or all, of our storage methods. Use a traditional braid to hang bulbs from the rafters, or try them dehydrated, frozen, or even pickled. Find out how to cure and store garlic from the garden now. Read more.

How to Identify and Control Garlic Pests

A close up of freshly harvested garlic bulbs with the roots and foliage still attached set on soil.

Garlic’s pungent smell repels many pests, but there are a few bugs out there that love to prey on garlic. If you want to know what they are and how to fight them, this article will reveal the top five bugs that plague garlic. Plus, you’ll learn what you need to know to keep your garlic healthy. Read more now.

9 of the Best Companion Plants to Grow with Garlic

A close up of freshly harvested Allium sativum with roots still attached on a soft focus background.

Garlic boasts a deliciously pungent smell and makes an excellent repellent of pests and even fungi. While there’s a short list of plants not to grow alongside garlic, the list of plants that thrive next to garlic is longer. We narrow down the nine best options for you to companion plant with garlic. Read more now.

The Three Ways to Propagate Garlic

A close up of Allium sativum shoots growing in the garden in rows, with bright green foliage contrasting with the dark, rich soil, pictured in light sunshine.

If you love garlic and want to grow your own, you’ll need to know how to propagate it. Learn about the three different methods of propagating garlic – from cloves, bulbils, or from seed. Discover the pros and cons of each method and you’ll be on your way to an aromatic garlic garden in no time. Read more now.

Tips for Growing Garlic in Containers

A close up of Allium sativum softneck variety, recently harvested, with the roots removed and the scapes braided to be hung up to cure.

If you love the aromatic flavor of garlic in your cooking, why not try growing it at home in containers? Planting in pots saves space in your garden and gives you a head start on the long growing season. With our tips, you’ll be enjoying your own homegrown harvest of deliciousness. Learn how to grow garlic in containers now.

How to Plant and Grow Garlic in Your Veggie Patch

A close up picture of a bunch of purple and white garlic, hanging from the light green scapes, with some roots still attached against a background of garden plants in soft focus.

Garlic is one of the best loved and most often used kitchen ingredients. Widely appreciated for its many health benefits, it’s a workhorse in the garden too, acting as a natural pesticide and keeping other plants healthy. Keep reading for all the information you need to plant and grow garlic in your garden.