Top 33 Cucumber Varieties to Grow at Home

Need more info about cucumber (Cucumis sativus) varieties that will do well in your area? Want easily accessible sources for seeds, whether for eating straight up or for pickling?

Close up of cucumbers and yellow blooms on the vine.

You know we’re here for you! First we’ll tell you about some varieties that do well pretty much anywhere, then we’ll get a bit more zone specific.

Just so you know: In our listings below, we’ve indicated the All-America Selections winners. The AAS is an independent organization that judges flower and edible plant varieties for garden superiority.

Varieties for All Zones

These green beauties do well in almost any part of the country.


Dasher II

Very dark green hybrid with good disease resistance. Vigorously produces white-spined fruit in 55 days, great-tasting cucumbers that are about 8.5 inches long.

Dasher II, 15 Seeds

Best grown on a fence or trellis for easy harvest, seeds for this variety are available from Amazon.

Sweet Success

Burpless hybrid that produces 12- to 14-inch seedless, thin-skinned fruit. Mild, sweet taste. Fifty-four days to maturity.

Sweet Success, 15 Seeds

Should be staked or grown on trellis. AAS winner. Get these seeds now on Amazon.

Salad Bush

Bush-type, compact plant bred for containers. Dark green, 8-inch cucumbers. Disease resistant, and ready in 57 days.

Salad Bush Cucumber, 25 Seeds

AAS winner. Seeds for Salad Bush are available from Amazon.

Straight Eight

Straight, 8-inch fruits with fine-grained flesh and great taste. High yield in home gardens. 65 days to maturity.

Organic Straight Eight, 30 Seeds

An heirloom with long trailing vines that appreciate support. AAS winner in 1935.

Straight Eight seeds are available from Amazon.

Spacemaster 80

Short, 3-foot vines produce 7- to 8-inch cukes in 60 days.

Learn which cukes are best for your growing zone, like these Spacemasters. |

Spacemaster 80 Seeds

Good for containers. Crisp, non-bitter fruit.

Get these seeds from Mountain Valley Seed Co.

Burpless #26 Hybrid

Grows up to 12 inches long, but best if picked at 8 or 10 inches.

Burpless #26 Cukes and more of our favorite cultivars. |

Burpless #26 Hybrid Seeds

Mature in 50 days. High yield over long season.

This variety is available from Mountain Valley Seed Co.



Developed in North Carolina, but does well broadly. One-by-three-inch blocky fruit.

Calypso F1 Hybrid Pickling

Dark green with minimal white spine. Matures in 52 days.

Available on Amazon from Stonysoil Seed Company.

Little Leaf H-19

Medium length fruit, 3 inches to 5 inches in length.

H-19 Little Leaf, 50 Organic Seeds

Smaller than normal leaves improve visibility for harvesting.

Organic seeds are available on Amazon from David’s Garden Seeds.

National Pickling

Produces large yields of 6-inch crispy and tender-skinned cucumbers.

National Pickling, 50 Seeds

Good for dill pickles. Vines are vigorous and medium-length.

Seed and Plant sells National Pickling seeds that are available on Amazon.

Selections for Zones 1-4

Our northernmost friends will likely have the best luck with these types.


Marketmore 76

Popular strain in northern regions for its productivity and resistance to disease.

Grow Marketmore 76 cukes, or the best type for your region. |

Marketmore 76 Seeds

Slender, straight, 8- to 9-inches. Matures in 67 days.

Buy these seeds today from Mountain Valley Seed Co.


Semi-glossy, thin-skinned, and 6 to 8 inches long.

What's the best cuke for your growing region? Check out our list! |

Diva Seeds

Matures in 58 days, and is resistant to many common cucumber diseases. Sweet taste. AAS winner.

Mountain Valley Seed Co. carries Diva seeds.


Slim, 8- to 9-inch, uniform fruits. Excellent texture and flavor and resistant to disease.

Grow your own cucumbers at home, and learn the best types for your region. |

Fanfare Seeds

Short, 2- to 2 1/2-foot vines produce high yield. Uniform green with no yellow bellies, this hybrid matures in about 63 days. AAS winner.

Get Fanfare seeds from Mountain Valley Seed Co.

Orient Express II

These are the type you’ll often find wrapped in plastic wrap at the grocery store.

Orient Express II Seeds

Ten to 14 inches, slim, and burpless, this hybrid takes about 64 days to harvest. Five-foot vines require trellising.

Find these seeds now on Amazon.

Sweet Slice

Ten- to 12-inch fruits are burpless, crisp, and sweet.

Sweet Slice, 25 Seeds

Ready for harvest in 55-62 days, this hybrid variety produces over a long season. Thin, tender, and dark green skins.

Seeds for this variety are available on Amazon.


Wisconsin SMR58

This crisp, sweet pickler is a heavy producer that matures in 55 days.

30+ Organic Wisconsin SMR-58 Seeds

A dual-duty variety, it can also be eaten right off the vine.

Organic Wisconsin SMR58 seeds are available on Amazon.


Bush pickler with small seed cavity and good resistance to disease.

Eureka, 15 Seeds

Works well as a slicer, too, if picked at 7 inches. 57 days to harvest.

Eureka seeds are available on Amazon.

Homemade Pickles

Vigorous 5-foot vines offer excellent disease resistance.

Homemade Pickles, 50 Organic Seeds

Harvest when small for baby sweet pickles, or 5-6 inches long for dills. 55-60 days to full maturity.

Get organic seeds to grow this type now, available on Amazon.

Northern Pickling

Developed in Maine. Short vines produce many black-spined fruits in 48 days. Highly resistant to scab.

Northern Pickling, 50 Organic Seeds

Organic seeds are available on Amazon.

Selections for Zones 5-7

Breadbasket folks, check out these varieties.


Bush Champion

Prolific producer of 8- to 11-inch fruit.

Bush Champion Seeds

Straight, crisp, and bright green cukes in 60 days from short, compact plants.

You can get these seeds in packages of 60 or 150 directly from Burpee, or they are also available on Amazon.


Two- to 3-foot vines produce 7½-inch cucumbers. Resistant to Cucumber mosaic virus and scab.

Spacemaster, 50 Organic Seeds

Organic Spacemaster seeds are available on Amazon.


Cool Breeze

Early yields, at 45 days. Burpless fruit best harvested at four to five inches long. Strong, vigorous plants are disease resistant.

Cool Breeze, 250 seeds

Cool Breeze seeds are available on Amazon.


White-spined 4½-inch fruit have that classic pickle look: green with pale stripes.

Picklebush Seeds

Highly productive. Two- to 4-foot vines. Mature at 52 days.

Get these seeds now on Amazon.


Uniform, blocky fruit shape. Tender skin. Medium green cukes ready to harvest in 53-54 days.

Fancipak, 250 Seeds

This variety is available on Amazon.

Varieties for Zones 8-10

Southern gardeners will likely have good luck with these recommendations.


General Lee

Bred specifically for the south, though it also does well elsewhere.

General Lee, 50 Seeds

Straight, 8- to 8.5-inch long dark green fruits. Matures in 66 days.

Seeds are available online, via Amazon.


Popular hybrid matures in 67 days. Nine-inch dark green fruit with small seed cavity. Good heat resistance.

Turbo, 15 Seeds

Seeds are available on Amazon.


Burpless hybrid with tender skin. Seven inches long. Ready to pick in 55 days.

Thunder, 25 Seeds

Purchase this type online, via Amazon.


Moderately vigorous vines bear high yields in 54 days. Eight-inch, uniform fruit. Hybrid.

Speedway, 15 Seeds

Seeds are available on Amazon.

Poinsett 76

Heirloom. Seven to 8 inches long with good resistance to downy and powdery mildew. Dark green with white spines.

Poinsett 76, 50 Organic Seeds

Organic seeds are available on Amazon.


Dark green, almost spineless, with a slight taper.

Intimidator, 250 Seeds

Disease resistant. Matures in 53 days. Doesn’t do well up north. High yield.

These are available online, via Amazon.



Matures in a quick 51 days. Low percentage of nubs and crooks. Harvest at 3 inches long for excellent pickles.

Carolina, 100 Organic Seeds

Get this cuke variety now – organic seeds are available on Amazon.

County Fair

Two-foot, vigorous vines produce copious 3-inch fruits in 52 days.

County Fair, 250 Seeds

Burpless variety for making spears, chips, and whole pickles. Seedless if kept away from other cucumbers. Hybrid.

You’ll find County Fair seeds online, available from Amazon.

Jackson Supreme

Dark, blocky, white-spine fruit on short vines.

Jackson Supreme, 50 Seeds

Resistant to a wide number of diseases. Hybrid that produces cukes in 52 days.

Get this variety now, on Amazon.

Which Variety Is Right For You?

Though there are thousands to choose from, with luck, we’ve narrowed down your choices while providing plenty of options for sussing out the perfect cucumber variety for your particular area and growing environment. Pick one or two and you’ll be enjoying these green fruits in no time!

Learn which cucumber varieties will do well in your garden |

Where do you live and which cucumbers do well in your garden? Do you prefer slicers or picklers? Share your intel with other gardeners in the comments section below!

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Collage of photos showing cucumbers growing on the vine.

Product photos courtesy of Stupid Girl, Jays Seeds, Trueleaf Market, Stonysoil Seed Company, David’s Garden Seeds, Seed and Plant, My Seedy Needs,, Everwilde Farms, JDR Seeds, Burpee, Harley Seeds, Hazzard’s Seeds, Seed Kingdom, Isla’s Garden Seeds. Uncredited photos: Shutterstock.

About Gretchen Heber

A former garden editor for a daily newspaper in Austin, Texas, Gretchen Heber goes through entirely too many pruners and garden gloves in a year’s time. She’s never met a succulent she didn’t like and gets really irritated every 3-4 years when Austin actually has a freeze cold enough to kill them. To Gretchen, nothing is more rewarding than a quick dash to the garden to pluck herbs to season the evening meal. And it’s definitely time for a happy dance when she’s able to beat the squirrels to the peaches, figs, or loquats.

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Jay Tracy
Jay Tracy (@guest_5489)
5 months ago

Dear Gretchen,

I have an incredible cucumber variety called the Striped Carosello Leccese. It is much better of a slicing cucumber than anything else I have ever tried. It is tender, yet crisp and juicy. It is bitter-free and does not cause indigestion. This variety is an ancient heirloom from southern Italy and loves the heat. Could I send you some seeds to grow out?


Christi Roberts
Christi Roberts (@guest_6001)
Reply to  Jay Tracy
2 months ago

JAY – you can send me some!

Oscar (@guest_5747)
3 months ago

Does anybody know what type of cucumber this is? I tried them risking to poison myself but it started growing on my backyard, I guess because of bird droppings so I though if?it’s goog for them?might be good for me! Their like hardly 1 inch long and are pale green then turn black purpurish.