Harvested bok choy plants lined up on a wooden table.

Bok Choy

Most gardens are winding down in the fall. The days grow shorter and colder, and warm season veggies begin to die. However, there is a solution. Plant bok choy!

Bok choy (or bok choi) is an Asian vegetable that’s is a member of the Brassicaceae family and like most cruciferous vegetables, it is frost hardy.  It continues to grow even in cold weather and when insect pests become less of a problem. It can be harvested throughout the winter months for delicious stir fry dishes or steamed with other vegetables. It also grows well during the cool spring season when other plants have yet to emerge from their winter dormancy.

Learn what you need to know to plant, grow, and harvest your own bok choy with our guides down below. Happy gardening!

How to Plant and Grow Bok Choy

A close up of bok choy plants in the garden, their dark green leaves contrasting with the lighter veins and stems, in bright sunshine.

Why not add this easy to grow, delicious vegetable to your cool-weather garden this season? Popular in stir-fries, with delicate leaves and crisp white stems, bok choy is a versatile ingredient in the kitchen – and packs quite the nutritional punch. Learn how to plant and grow bok choy in your garden. Read more now.

How to Identify and Control Bok Choy Diseases

A close up top down image of bok choy growing in the garden pictured in light sunshine.

Disease can strike bok choy quickly and without warning, severely reducing its ability to produce delicious leafy goodness. But for the gardener with the proper know-how, the most common ailments don’t stand a chance. In our guide to bok choy diseases, we’ll cover how to detect, prevent, and manage the key offenders.

How to Identify and Manage Common Bok Choy Pests

A close up horizontal image of freshly harvested bok choy in a pile at a market.

Many different types of pests can wreak havoc on a patch of bok choy in the garden. Need help? This guide covers how to identify, deter, and control several of the most frequent offenders. Once you’ve read and applied the tips and techniques in this guide, these pests won’t stand a chance at harming your pak choi.

When to Plant Bok Choy in the Garden

A close up horizontal image of bok choy growing in the garden.

Are you wondering when it’s the right time to plant bok choy? These cool-weather crops will bolt easily if temperatures become too hot, and a heavy freeze may kill the plants. Learn the optimal time to sow bok choy seeds or set out transplants for spring and fall harvests in your climate. Read more now.

Tips for Growing Bok Choy in Containers

A close up horizontal image of bok choy growing in plastic containers.

If you love bok choy but don’t have space in the garden, try growing it in containers instead. These tasty Asian greens are easy to grow in pots on the patio or even an apartment balcony. Learn everything you need to succeed with container-grown bok choy, from sowing to harvest, in this guide. Read more now.

Bok Choy vs. Baby Bok Choy: What’s the Difference?

A close up horizontal image of bok choy in a wicker basket.

If you’re wondering if there’s any difference between bok choy and baby bok choy, we can assure you that there is, indeed, a difference. But it’s not as major as you might think. In this guide, find out what sets baby bok choy apart from its full-size counterpart and explore our favorite baby varieties. Read more now.

How to Prevent Bok Choy from Bolting

A close up horizontal image of the yellow flowers of a bok choy plant that has bolted.

Have you ever grown bok choy only to see it bolt in cold or hot weather, or for reasons you didn’t understand? In this guide, we’ll dig into the top reasons why bok choy goes to seed, and we’ll give you tips for how to prevent it. Plus, if it does happen, we’ll show you what to do with bolted bok choy. Read more now.

When and How to Harvest Bok Choy

A close up horizontal image of two hands holding a wicker basket filled with freshly harvested pak choi pictured on a soft focus background.

If you’re growing bok choy in your garden, you might be feeling a bit confused about when you should pick the tasty green leaves with their succulent white or green stems. How big should they be? Can you harvest bok choy early? Discover when and how to harvest bok choy for the best results in our guide. Read more now.

Bok Choy Spacing: How Far Apart to Plant Your Crop

A close up horizontal image of bok choy plants growing in rich soil in the garden.

Bok choy, or pak choi, is a Chinese cabbage with green or white stalks and green leaves that is a staple of Asian-style cooking. Choose from dwarf and full-size varieties, and harvest young for tender microgreens. Read on to learn how far apart to space seeds and nursery seedlings, and bring in your best harvest yet.

How to Regrow Bok Choy from Scraps

A close up horizontal image of bok choy scraps in water to regrow set on a windowsill.

Did you know that you can regrow bok choy from kitchen scraps? With just a bowl full of water, a leftover stalk, and a few days to spare, you can easily regrow this plant from leavings that you might have thrown away otherwise. Read more to learn a quick and easy technique for growing bok choy from a stalk.