9 Reasons Why Your Peony Fails to Bloom

A close up horizontal image of deep red peony flowers growing in the garden pictured in bright sunshine on a soft focus background.

Peonies are the shooting stars of the flower world, their ravishing blooms briefly lighting up the garden with pure elegance. But sometimes, you may see all your promising buds shrivel into nothing. Here are 9 reasons why your peonies bud but don’t bloom, with simple steps that may help them to shine next spring.

How to Grow and Care for Gerbera Daisies

A close up horizontal image of brightly colored gerbera daisies growing in the garden pictured in light sunshine.

The sweet, bright blooms of Gerbera jamesonii make it one of the world’s favorite cut flowers and it’s also easy to grow. Enjoy beds and borders with flowers in delicate creams and whites, hot to pastel pinks, or bold oranges and reds. Find out how to grow and care for your own gerbera daisies in this guide. Read more.