Freshly harvested parsnips roots still covered in garden soil.


Parsnips are a tasty, nutrient rich root vegetable that has been around for centuries and can be grown easily in most climates. They also grow best when planted in the fall and have a long growing season – making them the perfect cool-weather veggie. Learn how to grow and harvest your own with our guides down below.

How to Plant and Grow Parsnips

Four dirt-covered parsnips arranged in a row on brown soil in bright sunshine.

Hardy parsnips, a root crop similar to carrots, can be harvested throughout fall and winter. Slightly sweet and rich in flavor, they’ll liven up soups, stews, and casseroles. To find out everything you need to know to grow this delicious but underutilized vegetable in your garden, read more now on Gardener’s Path.

Can You Regrow Parsnips from Kitchen Scraps?

A close up horizontal image of freshly dug parsnips on a dark gray surface.

Is it really possible to regrow parsnips and other root vegetables from scraps, or is it just a bunch of internet hype? While you may be able to grow fresh foliage from leftover tops, don’t expect the plant to produce new roots. Continue reading to learn more about growing parsnips from kitchen scraps.

How to Grow and Harvest a Winter Parsnip Crop

A close up horizontal image of freshly harvested parsnips set on the ground.

There aren’t many veggies you can harvest fresh from the soil in the dead of winter. For the most part, the growing season is long gone. But parsnips can survive even the bitter cold and they taste better for it. In this guide, we’ll help you figure out when to plant and how to harvest this underappreciated root crop.

How to Grow Parsnips From Seed

A close up horizontal image of freshly harvested parsnips set on the ground.

Parsnip seeds have a reputation for being hard to germinate. Lots of gardeners complain that they’re a challenge to tease out of the ground. The truth is, you just need to know the right steps for making it happen and you can find reliable success. Fresh seeds, a good soak, and some patience will have you on your way.

Tips for Growing Parsnips in Containers

A close up horizontal image of freshly harvested parsnips set on the surface of the soil.

Parsnips are earthy, tasty, often overlooked root vegetables that shine in a variety of dishes. If you want to grow this cousin to carrots and parsley, you might wonder if you have space in the garden. But you don’t need it! You can grow parsnips in containers instead. Learn everything you need to know in our guide.

9 of the Best Companion Plants for Parsnips

A close up horizontal image of a gardener pulling a parsnip out of the ground.

Parsnips are frost-hardy white root vegetables that resemble carrots. They grow with full sun in moist, sandy loam. The seeds are slow to germinate and the growing season is long. Read on to discover 9 companion plants that share similar cultural requirements with parsnips, and aid the vegetables by being near them.

How to Harvest Parsnips

A close up horizontal image of freshly harvested parsnips.

If you have ever grown parsnips, you know how disappointing it can be to wait all season only to discover that your crop is tasteless, stringy, and tough. It’s time to try again. Read on for all you need to know to harvest this nutritious root vegetable at the peak of flavor, for a sweet and tender harvest every time.

Health Benefits of Parsnips

A close up horizontal image of freshly harvested Pastinaca sativa set on a wooden surface in the kitchen.

Root vegetables bring a touch of earthy sweetness to meals, and the parsnip is no exception. Plus, this nutritious veggie offers several potential health benefits! If you’re looking for a sign to plant more root veggies in your garden, this is it. Learn more about the nutrition that parsnips have to offer.