19 of the Best Gardening Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to honor a mom who gardens.

After all, she’s brought so many gifts to the world, whether by growing vegetables or flowers, improving the soil, beautifying the landscape – or maybe weeding.

Now’s your chance to give back.

Show her you appreciate her and her gardening efforts, even if the hobby can get a bit involved! Give her a garden-themed gift, and feel the love.

A close up horizontal image of a woman with a green plastic watering can adding moisture to a pot of flowering azaleas on a wooden deck with a house in the background.

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You know mom, though. If she can see the potential in that withered houseplant or 10 square feet of compacted earth she calls “the garden,” she’ll love any gift you come up with.

But how about going for something extra special this year, to show her you care?

To take all the stress out of the equation, we have selected 19 of the best Mother’s Day gifts for gardeners.

There’s something here for rookies and veterans alike, fancy gadget lovers, and dirt grubbers who only own one trowel.

And our picks cover all categories, from whimsical to practical, sweet to downright dashing. An indoor composter or heavy-duty gloves might thrill some, while others will light up at the sight of a hanging basket spilling over with begonias, or an elegant bonsai.

Cold frame? Pergola? Botanical notecards? They’re all here, along with many other top Mother’s Day gifts, with something for every budget.

Get a look at these great gift options:

Flowery and Fanciful

Most any mom would appreciate blooms on Mother’s Day, but gardeners have a special affinity for them.

A horizontal image of a woman and child potting up flowers in the garden pictured in bright sunshine.

And you don’t have to limit yourself to the standard bouquet! These ingenious floral-themed or evergreen gifts will suit her fancy with something a little different.

1. Baby Jade Three-Bonsai Tree Group

Is learning the art of bonsai on the family gardener’s bucket list? Or is she someone who loves greenery but is hard to buy for?

In either scenario, this group of bonsai baby jade trees could set just the right tone. It’s novel and intriguing, yet recommended for the bonsai beginner.

A close up square image of baby jade, three bonsai trees growing in one container pictured on a soft focus background.

Baby Jade Bonsai

The jade, or Portulacaria afra, is also known as elephant bush.

You can find baby jade three-bonsai tree group available at Bonsai Boy.

2. Golden Balcony Begonia

This cascade of tropical color will live throughout the warm months and into the fall, a welcome sight on the patio or in the sunroom.

These double-bloom Begonia tuberhybrida plants will thrive and flower in containers or fertile, well-drained soil in a raised bed or border.

Another huge advantage: Deer and rabbits leave them alone.

A close up square image of a hanging basket filled with colorful begonias pictured on a soft focus background.

‘Golden Balcony’ Begonia

If your mom is a devoted flower gardener, she might want to propagate the begonias by taking cuttings. We offer information on that process in our guide.

These rose-shaped begonias are hardy just in Zones 9 to 11, but you can dig the tubers out ahead of winter in colder zones. Store them somewhere cool (not cold) and dry, and plan to plant them again next spring.

Or, just enjoy them for the season and add them to the compost when they’re finished.

Find a set of five ‘Golden Balcony’ begonia tubers available at Nature Hills Nursery.

3. Mom’s Special Dahlias

Dahlia ‘Mom’s Special’ is a decorative type that produces soft lilac and white, ruffled flowers on plants that can grow to 36 inches tall.

They serve as a dreamy focal point for borders or walkways. And they’ll beautify containers, too, as long as the plants don’t get too dry.

What makes this purchase so nice for a May celebration is that dahlia tubers are planted in the spring for a summer display of color.

Once the soil temperature warms up to 55 to 60°F, these can go in the ground. And they’ll still bloom this summer, starting in July and continuing until the first frost.

A close up square image of a bright purple 'Mom's Special' dahlia flower pictured on a soft focus background.

‘Mom’s Special’ Dahlia

They’re reliably hardy in Zones 8 to 11, or you can dig them up to overwinter indoors in colder zones.

If you’re a flower fan yourself, you might want to order extra so you and your parent can partake in a shared interest. Just sayin’…

You could create a new tradition, too, by making a note in your gardening journal to divide the dahlias each spring. This creates more to share, and also encourages plants to flower profusely.

‘Mom’s Special’ dahlia tubers are available from Burpee.

Learn more about how to grow dahlias in our guide.

4. Preserved Blue Poppy Wreath

This dry wreath preserves the wildflower vibe year-round. It’s comforting in those months when the growing things are all dry and brown, and beautiful when the heat of summer limits outdoor time, too.

It’s handcrafted in Washington state with wispy stems, bright larkspur, and textured poppy pods.

A close up square image of a decorative wreath pictured on a blue background.

Preserved Blue Poppy Wreath

At 22 inches in diameter, the wreath can hold its own on the front door or over the mantle, and will last for at least two years indoors.

Check it out now on Terrain.

5. Sunflower Garden Lighted Landscape Panel

Stay on the sunny side… even in the dark!

Five battery-operated LED lights are connected by a single wire to create this yard art. The screen of four sunflower shapes, each with a light at its center, is visible 24/7.

It comes with a timer, so it casts soft light for six hours. Ground stakes are included and add stability.

A close up square image of a metal sunflower lighted garden panel set outdoors on the lawn with plants in soft focus in the background.

Sunflower Garden Lighted Landscape Panel

This is a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves to grow sunflowers, or only wishes they could. It can also provide a practical solution for obscuring unsightly areas like the composter or a bald spot in the landscape.

The lighting requires two AA batteries, which are not included

The dimensions of the connected panels are 40 and a half inches wide by half an inch deep by 54 and a half inches tall.

You can find the five-stake panel set available at Plow and Hearth.

Go Big! (Going Home Optional)

Whether this holiday is always a big deal in your family or you’d just like to be extra lavish this year, remember that some of the best green thumb gift ideas are big and bold.

A close up horizontal image of a woman working in the garden planting out seedlings in springtime pictured in light filtered sunshine.

Can’t make it home this May? That may be an extra incentive to gift something substantial and memorable, to keep the family close in spirit.

If she’s the type to say, “Don’t make a big fuss over me!” and you believe she means it, well, you’re still in luck. There are several ideas for more modest gifts coming up here in a bit, so keep reading.

But for now, consider these grand gestures:

6. Ashland Cedar Pergola with Bar and Electric Capacity

You won’t even be able to pretend that this gift isn’t for the whole family, but mom will probably go along with the ruse that this is a present for her.

This 14-by-10-foot cedar pergola with concrete anchors has a built-in bar and PowerPort™ with three 120-volt outlets plus three USB ports. It has been tested to withstand 100-mile-an-hour winds.

It will quickly become the hub for outdoor entertaining or creating a trendy outdoor kitchen.

For the gardener, though, it’s also a place to plant grapevines or other pretty climbers. We’ve got more advice on growing flowering vines in this guide, if you need inspiration.

A close up horizontal image of a large wooden pergola over an outdoor seating area.

Cedar Pergola with Bar and Electric Capacity

The overall dimensions of this new gathering spot are 14 feet by 10 feet, and the base dimensions are 11 feet, 11 inches by seven feet, 11 inches. The interior is 10 feet 11 inches by seven feet. It has a height of seven feet, 11 inches.

In other words, there’s plenty of space for mom to cook, serve, play, and relax with a cup of her favorite beverage.

Check current prices and availability at Wayfair.

7. Cedar Cold Frame for Seedlings

Help your mother get a jump start on the growing season with a cold frame that protects seedlings from late or early frost.

The spacious, two-window design also creates a warm spot to start tomato or cucumber transplants in areas with short growing seasons, or to protect early cole crops like beets, broccoli, or kale.

With a rot-resistant lumber base, this cold frame will last a long time and looks great doing it. The water-resistant, aluminum and polycarbonate panes also resist UV rays.

A close up horizontal image of a cedar cold frame isolated on a white background.

Cedar Cold Frame

It’s spacious enough for plenty of plants. It also has window height adjusters for different sizes and to assure air circulation.

Who knows? With this season extender on the premises, she might be able to grow early greens and peas in time for a big meal for next Mother’s Day…

The assembled dimensions are eight feet long by two feet wide by seven and a quarter inches high in the front, and 14 and three quarter inches high in the back.

Find more buying information and check current prices for the Cedar Cold Frame at Gardener’s Supply.

8. Finkel Stone Concrete Outdoor Bench

Constructed from cast stone, this elegant, classic garden bench makes a delightful statement piece in the landscape.

Available in three different colors, this heavy-duty bench gives mom a place to sit and enjoy her favorite corner of the garden.

A close up horizontal image of the Finkel Cast Stone Garden Bench set on a concrete patio.

Finkel Cast Stone Garden Bench

The overall dimensions are 44.25 inches long by 16.5 inches deep by 17.5 inches high, and it weighs a whopping 268 pounds.

For more information about pricing and availability, check it out on Wayfair.

And if this has got you thinking about garden benches, we have a roundup of 11 of our favorites here.

Practical but Pleasing

If mom prefers frugal, no frills gifts, here you go. Each of these options is ever-so-functional, but also nifty.

9. Concord Vinyl Lattice Trellis

Peas, pole beans, clematis, and all the other vines need a sturdy trellis, and mom should have one of the best.

This version is made of a lattice-design embossed vinyl that’s easy to clean and closely resembles wood.

It comes with a 10-year warranty. The Concord lattice trellis is 54 inches wide and 91 inches tall when assembled and installed.

A close up vertical image of a composite cedar trellis isolated on a white background.

Concord Vinyl Lattice Trellis

For a bonus gift, think about spending a cheery afternoon setting this up together – assembly takes about two hours.

Check prices and availability now at Wayfair.

10. Desktop Plant Light

Let’s get growing! If mom aspires to grow microgreens, or lives where she doesn’t have a sunny windowsill for indoor starts and houseplants, this plant light will be greatly appreciated.

A close up of a desktop LED grow light with a pothos plant underneath it set on a wooden side board.

Desktop Plant Light

Providing an output of 1620 lumens, this light is suitable for use as a reading lamp as well.

You can find this useful desktop grow light available at Gardener’s Supply Company.

11. Haws Plant Mister

Beautiful, functional, hardworking… remind you of someone you know?

This mister is both a luxury and a necessity for anyone who grows tropical houseplants or starts seeds indoors.

A close up vertical image of a Haws Plant Mister in gold pictured on a gray background.

Haws Plant Mister in Gold

This Terrain exclusive is elegant, made of solid copper with an attractive spray mechanism with either a gold or copper finish.

Imported, it’s five and a half inches high and three and a half inches in diameter.

Find buying and pricing information at Terrain.

12. Indoor Composter with Bokashi

While others are gifting yellow roses or serving mom mimosas with breakfast in bed, your mother is going to receive a compost thingie? A present that involves rotting debris?

Certain parental figures will be delighted with this gift, honest!

If she’s dedicated to sustainable gardening and lush vegetable plants, mother might like this easy-to-use countertop composter better than, say, more candles.

It’s different from similar models because it’s intended to actually produce compost from vegetable scraps while inside the house. Most other models are mere holding bins for throwaways destined for an outdoor composter.

Indoor Composter with Bokashi

The kit includes a five-gallon bucket and gallon-size bag of All Seasons Bokashi, a microbial inoculant that jumpstarts the composting process.

It also reduces odors, so there’s no stinky mess while you’re waiting for lettuce and coffee grounds to become fertilizer.

One more perk: The bucket has a built-in spigot to make compost tea simpler to tap. This feature does make it look like a lemonade dispenser, so warn the kids!

Learn more about composting in our guide.

And hey, it wouldn’t hurt to do the mimosas, too. Whatever mom wants!

You can find current prices and availability at Amazon.

13. Pop-Up Water Barrel

Isn’t it time you started collecting rain water for those thirsty plants?

In addition to being environmentally conscious, a rain barrel can cut water bills.

This one’s a great choice for anyone who’s not quite ready for an elaborate system but wants to experiment with the benefits. You simply place it under a drainpipe.

Rain Barrel Pop-Up Water Collector

It’s constructed with a sturdy PVC frame and anti-corrosion PVC mesh to block falling debris, and a water tap at the bottom.

You can break it down and store it folded at season’s end, but it can also withstand winter weather without cracking.

The water barrel holds 60 gallons, and the assembled size is 24 inches in diameter by 32.5 inches tall.

It is available from Goflame via Amazon.

Mom Can Wear It

Others give sundresses or snazzy suits, but might your gardener prefer a different type of attire?

Some of these picks can be worn to the garden, while others are meant to commemorate the green-thumb lifestyle in non-leafy settings.

Try these on for size:

14. Gardening Is My Super Power T-Shirt

This garden-humor T-shirt is 90 percent cotton and 10 percent polyester. As for its message, can we just say, “Ain’t that the truth?”

Along with giving a much-needed laugh, the shirt is durable, with double-needle sleeve and bottom hems.

Don’t be surprised if other family members see mom wearing this and want one, too.

Gardening Is My Super Power T-Shirt

This T-shirt is available in women’s or men’s sizes extra small through 3XL, in nine colors including black, gray, dark heather, heather blue, navy, olive, and purple.

You can find this fun t-shirt available from Great Selections via Amazon.

15. Heirloom Garden Arm Saver Gloves

With a vintage garden print designed by Portland, Oregon-based illustrator Kate Blairstone, these are ultra stylish!

The palms are synthetic leather and the extra-long cuffs are lightweight cotton twill with a bit of Spandex. So, they’re flexible and also protect against blackberry canes, UV rays, and insect bites.

A close up square image of long-armed gardening gloves in a floral pattern set on a light gray surface.

Garden Arm Saver Gloves

And hey, they come from Womanswork, a woman-owned business going strong for 32 years and counting.

Terrain sells these gloves in small, medium, and large sizes.

16. Silk Garden Scarf

Not just smooth as silk, we’re talking actual silk in 14-millimeter weight! This floral print is luxurious but functional, too.

It does double duty as a work or church outfit accessory and attire for the garden, where it’s handy as a head scarf or bandana.

A close up square image of a white and patterned garden scarf.

Silk Garden Scarf

It has a hand-stitched hem and can be hand washed or dry cleaned.

This Wyoming Traders silk floral garden scarf is available from Tractor Supply.

Sweet Gestures

When your budget is tight or you’re buying for the “please don’t spend your money on me!” type, garden-themed gifts are a goldmine.

A horizontal image of a mother and child working together in the garden.

There are so many modest options that still celebrate your bond and say “I care.”

These affordable gestures also help if you’re the sort to recognize lots of moms, stepmoms, family and friends with kids, and dads and grandmas who have stepped into the role.

These choices prove it’s the thought that counts:

17. Botanical Art Notecard Set

Garden-themed but not too cutesy, these notecards have botanical illustrations of vintage plants.

It’s not every day you see a ‘Glass Gem’ corn or ‘Candystripe’ cosmo illustration on greeting cards! Poppy, dill, sunflower and ‘Sugar Magnolia’ cards round out the set.

A close up horizontal image of notecards with colorful illustrations of popular garden plants, isolated on a white background.

Botanical Art Notecard Set

They’re also eco-friendly for the tree hugger, printed on Forest Stewardship Council sustainable card stock, with food-safe compostable packaging.

If you’re lucky, you’ll receive one of these cards back. They’re appropriate for matting or framing, or posting on the fridge with a magnet.

Find a boxed set of six art note cards available at Botanical Interests.

18. Mini Microgreen Growing Kit – Salad Mix

This could be a one-time thing, or the start of a fun hobby that involves fresh, healthy food.

This single-serve microgreen kit is a low-commitment entry into the world of growing microgreens.

A close up horizontal image of a microgreens starter kit and a packet of Salad Mix seeds isolated on a white background.

Salad Mix Microgreens Kit

It includes a container, humidity lid, pre-measured soil puck, and mist sprayer.

There are also enough organic microgreen seeds to grow a small salad or a bunch of garnishes – in about a week!

This salad mix microgreen kit is available from True Leaf Market.

19. Rainbow Pastel Mix Anemone Bulbs

Anemone flowers are both simple and luxurious.

They are shaped like large poppies, and bloom on low-growing plants. Think of them as growing a carpet no one will ever have to vacuum!

A close up square image of a bouquet of Rainbow Pastel anemones in a vase pictured on a soft focus background.

Rainbow Pastel Mix Anemone Bulbs

And these are spring-planted bulbs, so you can give them and plant them all in the same celebration.

Learn more about growing and caring for anemones in our guide, in case mom gets hooked on this easy-grow flower.

‘Rainbow Pastel’ anemone bulbs are available in bags of 20, 40, or 60 from Eden Brothers.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Favorite Green Thumb

Do you have more great ideas for gifts green-thumbed moms might appreciate? Make mom proud by sharing them in the comments section below.

And if this list has inspired you, read these roundups next for more garden-theme gift-giving suggestions:

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