The Best Gardening Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a holiday which reminds loved ones of their mothers’ favorite hobbies, interests, and passions.

Mother and daughter kneel in the garden, next to potted plants and a wheel barrow.

If she is a gardener, there are a wide variety of gifts for her, from simple gardening tools to unique high-tech creations she may not even know exist.

Whether you want to keep it simple or get creative, I’ve compiled below some Mother’s Day gift ideas for moms with a green thumb.

Perhaps the best type of gardening gifts you could get mom are ones she can use.

Simple, non-expensive gifts like a watering can, a garden tool tote, or durable gardening gloves will get constant use. Hand pruners are also an essential tool; look for ones with replaceable parts and blades for long use.

If your mom loves roses, get her a thorn remover and rubber coated gloves, or get her an assortment of high-quality tools, such as Good Grips GelE brand trowels, hand cultivators, weeders, and forks.

Garden labelers are a great gift that will allow her to recognize what she planted six months from now. Most labelers are small and light to carry, while the laminated tape these use will not fade or peel no matter what weather conditions the garden faces.

A kneeler/seat is a waterproof foam pad with steel handles that allows one to kneel comfortably while planting, and turning the kneeler upside-down creates a seat. This is something many gardeners don’t have, but should.

It prevents strain on the knees, keeps heavy dirt stains off your clothes, and provides back support when going from a kneeling to standing position.

With spring upon us and summer coming shortly, perhaps she needs new gardening attire. Any form of breathable, lightweight clothing, full brimmed hats, protective sunglasses, and even UV-protective sunscreen are all items she could use.

As for footwear, get her a pair of shoes she can use strictly for gardening, which will prevent dirt from being tracked into the house. Clogs are handy as they slip on and off easily, while boots are convenient for when it rains heavily.

You’ll even find shoes made specifically for this purpose, such as “Garden Grips,” which are made of water and stain resisting leather with outsoles that provide excellent traction on wet surfaces.

If you can afford to spend some money, a composter would be a great gift. It shouldn’t be hard to find one that blends in with her yard setting, while a dark-colored composter absorbs the sun’s heat, increasing the productivity of the overall process.

A classic, wooden garden cart is convenient for carrying tools, pots, buckets, yard waste, and even firewood in winter months, while a gardening shed is a helpful way to store and organize all your gardening materials.

Maybe you’re looking to get her something decorative for in and around the house, or something that shows her you recognize her love of gardening.

Garden ornaments such as mushrooms, gnomes, fairies, toad stools, guardian angels, stepping stones, and glass orbs, are cute and affordable gifts for mom that you can find at virtually any retail, home improvement, or even dollar store. (Or maybe a kit to grow your own mushrooms at home?)

A fake owl, bird or scarecrow comes in handy for scaring away squirrels and rodents trying to ruin mom’s plants.

A hay basket or wheelbarrow is a great way to show off your favorite flowers in a cute country display on the front lawn or backyard, along with resin wicker planters, which are flat-backed window boxes that can be attached to railings or windows through keyhole openings.

To add some new touches to the garden, get mom a cute garden bench or hide an ugly hose with a wicker hose bowl.

You’ll find quite a selection of indoor gardening décor that she will surely appreciate as well, such as tin signs, wooden flower pots, or even artificial vegetable and flower plants.

If she is tech-savvy or likes to use new products when they come on the market, get her something like the Enki Watering System, a special watering can designed to increase the amount of oxygen in water, producing bigger plants and bigger fruits, according to

Modern grow lights are also nice gifts for those that garden indoors. Systems like T5 use a new style of fluorescent lights with tubes the diameter of a thumb. These can be bought at any local lighting store or outlet.

Compact fluorescent lights help to produce more concentrated light with built-in ballast, without producing too much heat.

Outdoor solar powered lights are awesome for moms who are environmentally conscious. These lights require no wiring, are easy to install, and improve safety by drawing energy from the sun during the day and using that energy to provide outdoor lighting at night.

Seed-heating mats help to speed up germination for starting seeds indoors. They can be bought at local home improvement and gardening stores, along with websites like Amazon.

Digital high-low thermometers are simple, battery-operated devices that record night temperatures in outdoor greenhouses for plants like tomatoes.

If you like to keep your gift simple, there are plenty of options for you as well.

Gardening books or magazines like “Better Homes and Gardens” are always popular, and helpful to anyone who loves gardening.

Flower bags are simple, cute, and decorative bags that are filled with flowers and can be hung from fences, decks, stair railings, porch posts, outdoor furniture, trees, gates, or doors.

These are cheaper and more convenient than displaying flowers in a vase, and most bags are waterproof. Unlike vases, they cannot be broken.

If you are traditional and insist on getting flowers, try “Living Bouquets,” pots of forced, ready-to-bloom flower bulbs that are sent to Mom once a month for three to six months.

With this gift, bouquets of flowers can last for several weeks or more.

If you are a parent who wants to help a young son or daughter give a gift to Mom, try making a bird feeder together. All this requires is peanut butter and some pine cones, while Mom will surely appreciate having something to look at while she’s outside planting.

Buy a pre-cut piece of wood and some paints from a home improvement store to have your child paint a flower pot, or a sign for the garden.

Surely Mom will enjoy this homemade gift as it will remind her of her love for gardening and her love of family.

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