How to Plant and Grow Egyptian Walking Onions

A close up horizontal image of the topsetting bulblets of Egyptian walking onions (Allium x proliferum) growing in the garden.

Egyptian walking onions are easy to grow and produce tasty underground bulbs as well as edible topsets or bulblets that allow them to “walk” around the garden. Hardy in Zones 3 to 10, these perennials will spread and establish a large, low-maintenance clump. Learn how to grow these unique alliums in this guide.

How To Harvest and Cure Onions

A close up horizontal image of a gardener's hand from the left of the frame holding a bunch of freshly harvested bulb onions.

Almost every savory recipe starts with a diced onion, adding a savory flavor base to the dish. Homegrown storage onions can stay in perfect condition for up to year with the right processing. Learn how and when to harvest and cure your onions for a self-sufficient kitchen supply in this guide. Read more now.

How to Store Homegrown Onions

A close up horizontal image of a wooden bowl filled with different types of onions set on a rustic wooden surface.

Onions are versatile vegetables that are featured in almost every type of cuisine. If you are growing your first crop, take time now to decide how you’ll store them post-harvest. Yields are often surprisingly large, and it’s best to be prepared. Read on for all you need to know to store your homegrown onions.

How and When to Harvest Scallions

A close up horizontal image of scallions growing in the garden ready for harvest.

When you grow scallions in your vegetable garden, you can harvest the stalks to use like chives, pull full-size green onions for salads and recipes, or pick edible blooms for garnishes and flavored oils. Our guide tells when and how to pick bunching onions for peak flavor and to keep the perennial plants productive.

How to Plant and Grow Scallions

A close up horizontal image of a hand from the top of the frame wearing a blue glove and harvesting scallions from the garden.

Scallions are easy to plant and care for in the garden, and they’re one of the most versatile homegrown ingredients. These upright, perennial onions don’t form bulbs, but multiply by bunching. Our guide explains how to plant and care for scallions, and how to harvest them to enjoy in your favorite dishes. Read more now.

How to Plant and Grow Spring Onions

A close up horizontal image of rows of spring onions growing in the garden pictured in bright sunshine.

Grow spring onions in your garden for an early harvest without much work. Pick immature bulbs in spring to eat fresh and add to savory dishes. We’ll guide you through sowing seeds or planting onion sets, keeping your plants healthy, and pulling these cool-weather garden veggies at the proper time for maximum flavor.

How to Overwinter Onions Planted in the Fall

A close up horizontal image of onions growing in the garden fading to soft focus in the background.

Most onions are cold hardy, but some are known to withstand very low temperatures and freezing, powering through the winter chill for a more robust spring harvest. With a well-chosen planting site, you can easily produce a crop from seeds or sets, and avoid losing your crop to many types of pests and disease.

How to Grow and Harvest Bunching Onions

Close up of green bunching onions growing in a home veggie garden.

What is a bunching onion? Also known as green onions or scallions, these non-bulbing perennial alliums will add a punch of flavor to all of your favorite dishes. We provide expert guidance for planting, growing, and harvesting this deliciously flavorful crop, plus our favorite cooking tips! Read more now.

How to Plant and Grow Bulb Onions

Easy Onion Cultivation At Home |

If you love the savory taste of onions in your cooking and want to be able to grow some at home, follow this step by step guide to proper seeding, cultivation, and maintenance to produce a harvest that’s plump, juicy, and full of flavor. Enjoy these helpful tips from the knowledgeable gardeners at Gardener’s Path. Read more now.

15 of the Best Onion Varieties to Grow at Home

Closeup of a yellow onion with green top growing in brown soil, with more in the background.

Want to grow your own onions so you can enjoy that sweet, earthy flavor for months to come? Consider these hand-picked hearty varieties. Some are delicious when picked early while others prefer to remain in the soil for a full growing season. To find out which cultivar is perfect for you, read more on Gardener’s Path.