7 Reasons Why Morning Glories Fail to Bloom

A close up horizontal image of pink and blue morning glories growing up a wooden fence.

Morning glories are annual vines that grace gardens with blue, pink, purple, or white flowers continuously from summer through fall. Sometimes flower production is poor or nonexistent. Learn about seven of the most common reasons why flower production may be poor or nonexistent in this guide. Read more now.

21 of the Best Sweet Potato Varieties for Your Garden

A close up horizontal image of a purple skinned sweet potato with orange flesh sliced on a small wooden chopping board with four whole ones in the background.

Sweet potatoes provide pretty foliage, pleasing flowers, and best of all, delicious and nutritious tuberous roots. You’ve probably only seen a few varieties at the grocery store, but we have 21 tantalizing cultivars for you to pick from and plant in your own garden. Discover the best sweet potato varieties now.

How and When to Prune Morning Glory Vines

A horizontal image of a large morning glory vine growing on a tall fence with marigolds growing at the bottom.

Morning glory vines can grow over 10 feet tall with colorful displays of flowers through the summer. Left unmanaged, they can quickly grow out of control. Plants should be pruned throughout the season to keep the aggressively growing vines in check and encourage blooming. Read on to learn how to trim morning glories.

How to Grow Morning Glory Vines in Containers

A close up horizontal image of a purple morning glory flower with water droplets on the petals pictured on a soft focus background.

Morning glories are rapidly growing vines with attractive foliage and showy flowers that open each morning through the summer. Learn to grow them in containers and enjoy these colorful blooms without worry about the vines taking over your garden. Read on for more about growing and caring for potted morning glory vines.

How to Collect and Store Morning Glory Seeds

A close up horizontal image of bright blue morning glory flowers growing in the garden pictured on a soft focus background.

Climbing annual morning glory vines are synonymous with summer, covering fences and trellises with their classic heart-shaped leaves and trumpet-like blue, pink, purple, and white blossoms. Read on to learn how to collect and store seeds from this vigorous self-sowing flower and enjoy cheerful blooms year after year.

15 of the Best Common Morning Glory Varieties for Home Gardeners

A close up of bicolored pink and white morning glory flowers growing up a wooden fence.

Easy to grow and vigorous, with striking blooms, the morning glory is a go-to option when you need a lot of space covered fast. Plenty of colorful options are available to coordinate with your existing plantings. Check out 15 of the best morning glory varieties and find your favorites now.

How to Plant and Grow Morning Glory Flowers

Blue and purple petals of a morning glory in the center of the photograph with vines, leaves, and the edge of another flower in the frame. A wooden slat fence is in the background behind a bamboo trellis.

Of all the flowering vines in all the gardens of the world, morning glory is among the most easily recognized and well-loved flowers out there. Easy to grow without much care or attention required, you can ensure the best blooms possible by reading our guide to growing morning glories now on Gardener’s Path.

How to Grow Sweet Potatoes at Home

Light green leaves of a sweet potato vine, growing on a brown cedar fence.

Sweet potatoes are the healthy root vegetable that everyone loves. They suit any meal, and roasting turns transforms them into a caramelized, nutritious treat. Would you believe they’re one of the easiest annual edibles to grow? Just imagine what they taste like freshly harvested. Read more now on Gardener’s Path.

How to Grow and Care for Spanish Flag (Firecracker Vine)

Mina lobata is a fast-growing vine that adds brilliant color to the landscape | GardenersPath.com

Spanish flag, aka mina lobata, is a fast-growing vine that quickly covers a sun-baked fence with brilliant cascades of color from carmine to cream. Learn more about how to grow and care for this underutilized stunner. Read more now.