No Time To Make A Christmas Wreath? Try a Swag Instead!

Making a Christmas wreath is loads of fun, and adds a beautiful touch of natural charm to your holiday decor.

But they’re also time consuming to create. And you need to practice your technique first before you’ll get a symmetrical shape suitable for display.

So, if you don’t have the spare time for extensive craft sessions, try a swag instead. Loosely structured with a free form, a swag can be completed in well under 30 minutes!

A homemade wreath-like Christmas swag decoration hanging on a front door.

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Here’s what you’ll need for the swag in our photos:

Baubles, Boughs, and Tools

Start gathering those pine cones, evergreen boughs, and holly branches. It's time to make a simple holiday swag to decorate for Christmas. Read our simple tutorial now, or Pin It for later: #holidaydecorations #Christmas #pine #holly #DIY #tutorial

  • A selection of pinecones.
  • Baubles, bells, and other ornaments.
  • Two 5-foot sections of 2-inch-wide ribbon, organza or stiffened with wire at the edges.
  • A wreath hanger, or one more 5-foot section of ribbon.

Cut a Selection of Evergreen Boughs to Make Your Own Holiday Swag |

  • Light to medium-sized paddle wire, around 20 gauge.
  • Light florist’s wire, about 30 gauge.
  • Pliers with a wire cutter.
  • Pruning shears.

Step 1 – Get Organized

Gather Your Tools and Supplies to Make a Homemade Christmas Swag |

With your pruning shears, cut a selection of evergreen boughs and accent pieces, then gather your tools, supplies, and ornaments.

Step 2 – Choose Your Arrangement

Trim off any dead or brown bits from the boughs, and shape lightly if needed.

Lay Out Boughs in an Attractive Arrangement for this DIY Christmas Swag |
Lay out boughs in an attractive arrangement.

Use any shape you like – but teardrop, oblong, and rectangular are more visually appealing for a standard door than short, boxy arrangements.

Lay out the boughs on your work surface and arrange the pieces until you find an attractive pattern.

Use Flat Boughs to Create the Bottom Layer of Your Christmas Swag |
Use flat boughs to create the bottom layer.

Starting with the bottom layer, use a long bough with a flat form, such as cedar, cypress, hemlock, or Grand fir.

Add Depth to Your Christmas Swag with a Second Layer of Greenery |
Add depth with a second layer of greenery.

Add another layer of slightly shorter boughs with a fuller form, like Fraser or Noble fir.

Top with a Layer of Ornamental Boughs |
Top with a layer of ornamental boughs.

Add a third top layer of decorative branches such as rosemary, bay laurel, holly, or salal (Gaultheria shallon).

Step 3 – Fasten the Boughs

Evenly align the top cut edges of the boughs, and cut a length of paddle wire, about 24 inches.

Darice 22-Gauge Green Paddle Wire, available on Amazon

Start at the back of your bough bundle and wrap the wire tightly three or four times around all the stems, finishing at the back.

DIY Holiday Swag: Align Cut Boughs and Secure with Wire |
Align cut boughs and secure with wire.

Form a loop about two inches long, then twist the two ends together. Cut away any excess wire, then bend the cut edge down and in towards the stems.

Step 4 – Add the Accents

How to Create Holiday Swags from the Garden |

A smaller gauge of green wire is perfect for adding attractive accent pieces.

Pengxiaomei 24-Gauge Dark Green Floral Wire, 200 Pieces, available on Amazon

Using the smaller florist’s wire, arrange and attach the pinecones, sprigs of berries, and any decorative pieces you want to use.

Step 5 – Tie a Big Bow

Tie a Big Bow on Your Homemade Christmas Swag |

Using the two 5-foot lengths of stiff ribbon, wrap the tops of the boughs a couple of times, hiding the wire but leaving the loop exposed.

Tie a big generous bow and arrange the loops, then weave the ribbon tails in and out of the greenery so that it peeks out here and there.

Step 6 – Hang and Display

Slip the third length of ribbon through the loop.

Christmas Swag Tutorial |

Hang from a wreath hanger, or place the ribbon over the top edge of your door and secure on the inside with a hanger. Or, tape to the top of the door with strong tape, such as duct tape.

Take A Bough

That’s it – you’re done!

Remember to start with a flat bough for the bottom layer so your swag rests flat against your door. And make sure to use a stiff ribbon so the bow will hold its shape.

A complete DIY Christmas swag hanging on a door.

Add shorter branches, then your decorative pieces, and finish off with an elegant bow and your holiday door will look gorgeous for the entire holiday season. If you like, a string of lights also makes a nice touch at night.

If you have a lot of surplus material when you’re finished, make another swag or two for your yard, or arrange evergreen bits in vases or containers around the home – the fragrance is heavenly! These also make nice gifts for friends and neighbors.

Add our simple tutorial to your holiday decorating plans- we'll teach you how to make an evergreen holiday swag to hang on the front door: #curbappeal #Christmas #holidaydecorating #evergreen #pine #tiedwithribbon

Drop us a line if you have any questions or comments. And if you don’t know a hemlock from a cedar, check out our article on evergreen identification to clear up your conifer confusion!

And for more fun holiday projects, be sure to check out our Christmas centerpiece design and tutorial.

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