What’s the Best Water for Succulents?

A horizontal shot of a woman gardener watering a jade plant potted in a nursery pot sitting on a wooden table with a white enamel pitcher of water.

Part of keeping your succulent plants happy and healthy isn’t just the amount of water that you provide, but what type. Municipal water can cause mineral build-up that can ultimately harm or kill your plant. Learn what water to use to raise your succulents to keep them looking and feeling their best. Read more now.

When to Plant Succulents in the Northwest

A close up horizontal image of Dudleya edulis, aka fingertips, a succulent plant native to the Pacific Northwest, growing in pots outdoors.

Growing succulents in the soggy Pacific Northwest takes skill. One essential piece of knowledge is understanding what time of year to put these plants into the ground or your outdoor containers. Learn the best time to plant succulents in the northwest, along with a few other growing tips in this guide. Read more now.

Tips for Growing Succulents in a Greenhouse

A close up horizontal image of a variety of different succulent plants growing in small pots set on a wooden surface indoors.

With suitable temperature, light, and spacing, many succulent varieties grow well in a home greenhouse. Growing in a greenhouse offers more room for an expanding succulent collection or a dedicated spot for winterizing outdoor specimens. Find tips for growing succulents in a greenhouse in this guide. Read more now.

How to Identify and Control 11 Cactus Pests

A horizontal image of a cactus plant growing in an outdoor garden in Barcelona.

Cacti are resilient desert survivors, but even they’re at risk of infestation and pest damage. Our guide walks you through a handful of significant threats, how to prevent them, and how to handle them if they’re already present. Arm yourself with this know-how, and your cacti will be much better off. Read more now.

How to Care for Succulents in Winter

A close up horizontal image of succulents covered in a layer of snow.

Marvelously tough and typically unfussy, succulents get a little more needy once hot summer weather subsides and winter returns. From repotting to watering to pest control and more, learn how to steward your succulents through the chillier, darker season of winter. Read more about succulent winter care in our guide.

How to Prevent and Manage Rotting in Succulents

A close up horizontal image of a gardener watering indoor succulents growing in small ceramic pots.

Succulents are drought-resistant plants unique for their ability to store water in plump leaves and roots for survival in arid climates. Sometimes, excess moisture causes the leaves to discolor, soften, and rot. Read on to learn why this may happen, what to do about it, and steps to take to avoid rotting in the future.

How to Create a Succulent Fairy Garden

A close up horizontal image of a whimsical succulent fairy garden in a wooden container.

Succulents are water-wise plants with plump leaves, fanciful shapes, and varied hues. Instead of having a collection of pots, you can use a large, shallow vessel to group your plants together in a whimsical fairy garden. Read on for idea-packed tips to create clever designs that are fun to look at and easy to care for.

How to Grow and Care for Succulents

A succulent arrangement in a round, shallow, white ceramic planter with a bamboo base, on an aqua and white diamond-patterned tray with gray and green garden gloves, a shovel with a gray and green handle, and scattered pebbles, with a brown wooden outdoor chair with a white cloth seat cushion in the background.

Want to become a succulent gardening pro? We share our top tips for planting, watering, fertilizer needs, dealing with winter weather or warm spells, pests and diseases, and more. Whether you’re planting outdoors in Zone 11 or growing a few potted plants in a sunny windowsill, read our guide now on Gardener’s Path.

How to Make Your Own Potting Soil for Succulents

A close up horizontal image of succulents growing in a terra cotta pot in a DIY homemade potting mix.

Attractive, colorful, and unique plants, cacti and succulents are fabulous in containers, and require little care or maintenance. But these shallow-rooted, fleshy plants do need special soil to really thrive – one that’s fast-draining with a sandy, porous texture. Find the best DIY succulent potting soil recipe here.

How to Identify and Manage Cactus Longhorn Beetles

A close up horizontal image of a cactus longhorn beetle munching on a plant.

Cactus longhorn beetles are prevalent in the desert climes of North America. If you grow cacti in your landscape, read on to discover which species of cacti these insect pests favor as their hosts, when they are most active, the damage they are capable of inflicting, and how to manage an infestation.

How to Identify and Control Mites on Succulents

A close up horizontal image of an aloe plant that is rotting due to infestation of mites.

Succulents are a very popular category of plants, featuring a variety of shapes and colors, and seeming to thrive on neglect. Mites like them too, and if you let them, they’ll suck on your collection with gusto. Learn everything you need to know about succulent mites and how to deal with them in this guide. Read more now.

What Are Cactus Glochid Spines?

A close up horizontal image of the top of a prickly pear plant showing the large spines and smaller glochids.

All cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti. Cacti have sharp, prominent spines that inhibit moisture loss and provide shade and protection for the fleshy stems. Many species also have clusters of smaller spines called glochids. Learn about these small yet troublesome ones so you’re not caught unawares.

Agave or Aloe? How to Tell These Plants Apart

A horizontal image of a pathway through a garden flanked on either side by a variety of succulents, including aloe and agave.

Get serious about succulents and learn the difference between agave and aloe. Don’t let their resemblance fool you anymore! After reading about them individually and discovering their notable differences, it’s simple to tell these stunning drought-tolerant plants apart – and they make a fantastic pair in the garden.

35 of the Best Hanging and Trailing Succulents and Cacti

A close up horizontal image of succulent plants growing in hanging baskets with a brick wall in the background.

Cacti and succulents that trail over a planter’s edge create a beautiful vision of floral bounty. But not all of these plants have the same care needs – and each of them has a different visual appeal. Keep reading to discover 35 of the best hanging and trailing cacti and succulents, and choose your favorites!

How to Grow Succulents Outdoors in the Garden

A close up horizontal image of a mixed succulent planting in a garden bed.

Low-maintenance, water-wise succulents are popular houseplants, but did you know that you can also cultivate them outdoors in the garden? Read on to discover species suited to your USDA Hardiness Zone and create eye-catching arrangements that display the varied forms, colors, and textures of these quirky desert plants.

9 Must-Have Succulent Planters

A large white planter is filled with various types of succulents.

Succulents are funky and fun to grow, especially in the trendy and functional containers we’ve gathered for you. Read on to discover 7 of our favorite pots and planters, plus key growing tips and a foolproof design scheme. Learn how to show off your water-wise plant collection now, right here on Gardener’s Path.

Propagating Succulents in 5 Easy Steps

Follow these simple steps to propagate succulents at home. | Gardenerspath.com

Are you looking for an affordable way to xeriscape with succulent plants? Create an enchanting low-maintenance array of colors, shapes, and textures by purchasing one of each of your favorites, and propagating the rest yourself. Learn how with easy instructions from your friends at Gardener’s Path.

11 Easy-Care Exotic Succulents to Grow at Home

Top down view of a collection of various multicolored succulent plants.

Succulent plants are not just for desert landscapes. Cluster them in bright containers to energize a patio, or among river rock for a serene garden bed. Set pots around the house for eye-catching color, shape, and texture. Easy and fun, they add style to any decor. Meet eleven beauties, here on Gardener’s Path.