How and When to Harvest Chicory Roots and Leaves

A top down shot of two chicory roots on top of harvested chicory leaves and blooms.

Learn everything you need to know about harvesting chicory plants in this comprehensive guide. Find out when to harvest for optimum flavor, and master the best methods for harvesting both nutrient-rich leaves and roots. Discover valuable tips for preservation and storage to enjoy this herb year-round. Read more.

Chicory Health Benefits and Uses

A close up horizontal image of dark green freshly harvested chicory leaves set on a wooden surface.

Common chicory has beautiful flowers, and it offers a multitude of culinary uses from brewed root beverages to sauteed leafy greens. It also brings a wide variety of health benefits with nutritious vitamins and antioxidants! Read on to learn how this powerful plant will make a great addition to your homegrown diet.

How to Grow Common Chicory

A close up of bright blue Cichorium intybus flowers growing in the garden, pictured on a soft-focus background.

Chicory is nutritious, with leaves that add a bright zing to salads. The roots can be also harvested and roasted to make a mean cup of coffee. It’s easy to grow and has pretty blue flowers that attract a variety of pollinators. In this guide, you’ll learn how to plant and grow chicory in your garden. Read more now.

How to Grow Radicchio in the Garden

A close up horizontal image of a pile of differently shaped radicchio surrounded by green herbs.

Radicchio is a cool-weather crop perfect for when most other things in the garden have turned up their toes. The bitter leaves are as gorgeous as they are tasty, and they get even better after a frost. If you’re ready to give this moderately challenging plant a go, our guide will teach you all you need to know.

How to Grow Belgian Endive

A close up horizontal image of three heads of Belgian endive with one cut in half set on a wooden chopping board on a dark brown surface.

Belgian endive offers a bit of fresh, crunchy brightness in the middle of the winter. It takes a bit of patience, as a two-step process is required to grow the creamy, torpedo-shaped heads. In this guide, you’ll learn how to plant and grow Belgian endive, including how to force and blanch the tasty heads. Read more now.

How to Plant and Grow Curly Endive and Escarole

A close up horizontal image of Cichorium endivia curly frisee growing in the garden ready for harvest. To the center of the frame is a small black plant label.

Endive is a crispy, delicious, and slightly bitter leafy green that can either be eaten raw or cooked into a variety of dishes. There are two types available, curly frisee and broad-leafed escarole. In this guide, learn how to plant and grow endive in your garden, plus we share some recipes and cooking tips as well.