How to Propagate Basil from Seed

A close up horizontal image of freshly harvested basil leaves set on a white surface.

Basil is an aromatic herb loved for its sweetly spicy flavor. And this fast-growing annual is easy to start from seed and cultivate in the home garden. Propagating your own plants is fun, economical, and highly rewarding as well. To enjoy a steady harvest all summer, here are the details on how to grow basil from seed.

How to Plant and Grow Genovese Basil

A close up horizontal image of 'Genovese' basil growing in bright sunshine.

A highly fragrant herb with a full, zesty flavor, the leaves of ‘Genovese’ basil are widely used fresh and in sauces, pasta, pizza, and more. These fast-growing plants are easily cultivated and highly rewarding, producing more leaves the more they’re harvested. Read more now to learn how to grow ‘Genovese’ basil.

How to Harvest and Save Basil Seed

A close up horizontal image of a large basil plant growing in a pot in bright sunshine with a metal plant sign to the right of the frame.

Building your own supply of top-performing garden seeds is fun and easy – an economical way to ensure constant access to your favorite flowers, herbs, and veggies. Curate your own heritage collection and avoid the disappointment of market whims and disappearing varieties. Here’s how to harvest and save basil seed.

Tips for Growing ‘Sweet Dani’ Lemon Basil in Your Herb Garden

Tips for Growing ‘Sweet Dani’ Lemon Basil in Your Herb Garden

‘Sweet Dani’ basil is a lemon cultivar that stands out for several reasons. It’s more disease-resistant than other basils and it grows fast, with a clean, sweet lemon flavor that can be used in savory and sweet dishes. No wonder it’s an award-winning herb! Our guide provides all the details you need to grow your own.

How to Grow Thai Basil in Your Herb Garden

A close up horizontal image of the bright green leaves and purple stems of Thai basil (Ocimum basilicum var. thyrsiflora) growing in the garden, pictured in light sunshine.

Thai basil has a unique flavor that stands out in comparison to other types. With a spicier taste and just a hint of licorice, it’s the perfect herb to use in a huge range of dishes. Plus, you can eat the flowers, stems, and seeds! If you’re ready to plant and use this herb, our guide will help you on your way.

Keeping Basil When It Gets Chilly: Fall and Winter Growing Tips

A close up horizontal image of a basil plant growing in the garden in fall, ready to be transplanted for the winter months.

There’s nothing better than homemade fresh pesto in the middle of winter. But supermarket basil gets pricey after the summer season, and it can be hard to find. The good news is that there’s a way to keep your garden basil alive throughout even the chilliest winter months. Find out how in our guide. Read more now.

13 Favorite Basil Varieties for the Garden

A close up of two different varieties of Ocimum basilicum, the top of the frame shows a green-leaved type, and at the bottom a cultivar with dark purple foliage.

Tasty and fragrant, basil is a delicious ingredient when eaten fresh or added to recipes. Its lush growth and pretty flowers have great ornamental appeal. Did you know that there are a number of different basil cultivars available? Learn about 13 of our favorite basil varieties to add to your herb garden. Read more now.

How to Propagate Basil

A close up of a basil plant in a pot with droplets of water all over the leaves on a soft focus background.

Do you love adding fresh basil to everything from pasta to pho to cocktails? If you’ve never tried growing this flavorful, versatile herb yourself, now is the time to start. Discover three easy ways to propagate basil and add this fragrant plant to your own indoor or outdoor garden. Get the tips and tricks now.

How to Grow Basil in Your Herb Garden

A woman holds a sprig of basil growing in a raised planter along an iron fence with one hand, and clips the stems with scissors with the other.

If you love aromatic herbs and you’re excited to add a flavorful contender to your kitchen garden at home, look no further than fresh basil. We share our top tips for growing it in the garden, so you’ll be well on your way to making delicious homemade pesto, spaghetti sauce, and more. Learn more now!