Tips for Growing Lemongrass Indoors

A close up horizontal image of freshly harvested lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) stalks set on a wooden surface.

Lemongrass is a tropical, perennial grass with fragrant stalks and leaves that add citrus flavor to a variety of dishes. If you want to enjoy this tasty herb year-round, you can cultivate the plants indoors. In this guide, we cover propagation and growing advice so you can easily cultivate your own lemongrass indoors.

Tips for Growing Lemon Balm Indoors

A horizontal close up of Melissa officinalis growing in an outdoor garden.

Aromatic and citrusy, lemon balm can be used to flavor a variety of beverages and foods from cocktails and tea to pesto. Plants are easy to grow in the garden and go dormant in cold weather, but you can still enjoy this tasty herb year-round by growing plants inside. Learn how to grow lemon balm indoors in this guide.

Are Yucca Plants Edible?

A close up horizontal view of a common yucca flowering with pendulous cream flowers in early summer.

Can you grow yucca plants for food? In this article, we’ll discuss topics such as yucca vs. yuca, edible parts, harvesting times, preparations, common yucca species, nutrition, and the ultimate question: should you cultivate yucca for edible use? Gain valuable insights to make informed choices on your culinary journey.

How and When to Harvest Chicory Roots and Leaves

A top down shot of two chicory roots on top of harvested chicory leaves and blooms.

Learn everything you need to know about harvesting chicory plants in this comprehensive guide. Find out when to harvest for optimum flavor, and master the best methods for harvesting both nutrient-rich leaves and roots. Discover valuable tips for preservation and storage to enjoy this herb year-round. Read more.

Growing a Three Sisters Garden: Beans, Corn, and Squash

A horizontal close up of a yellow squash, a bunch of yellow pole beans, a small white squash and an ear of Indian corn grouped together on a rustic wooden table.

Discover the rich history of the three sisters garden, a sustainable planting method rooted in Native American traditions. Learn how to cultivate corn, beans, and squash together to harness their companion planting benefits for a bountiful harvest. Explore the synergy of this agricultural technique.

How to Make Your Own Cactus Potting Soil

A close up horizontal image of a selection of different cacti growing in a small planter indoors.

Attractive, colorful, and unique plants, cacti are fabulous in pots and containers, and require little care or maintenance. But these desert-dwellers do need special soil to really thrive – a potting mix with a sandy, porous texture that’s well-draining. Learn how to make your own cactus potting soil in this guide.

How to Lift and Store Canna Lilies for Winter

A close up horizontal image of a bright red canna lily flower growing in the garden pictured in light sunshine on a soft focus background.

Canna lilies have stunning, long-lasting flowers that add bright color and a tropical touch to the garden. As frost-tender plants, in Zone 7 and below, they benefit from having their rhizomes lifted for winter storage before replanting in spring. Learn how to lift and store cannas in this guide. Read more now.

How to Deadhead Coreopsis (Tickseed) Flowers

A close up horizontal image of red coreopsis flowers in full bloom in the summer garden pictured in bright sunshine.

Curious about the necessity of deadheading coreopsis? Our article will answer your questions. Explore the benefits of deadheading, learn about the optimal timing and frequency, and learn how to properly deadhead. Discover the full blooming potential of your coreopsis plants and enjoy a garden of radiant colors.

How to Grow and Care for Willow Trees

A horizontal image of a large weeping willow (Salix babylonica) growing in a park with a pathway down the side of it.

Embark on a captivating journey into the art of willow tree growing. Explore expert techniques, valuable tips, and insights on propagation, managing pests, and disease prevention. Unlock the secrets to successful cultivation and dive into this comprehensive article for knowledge on growing your willow tree. Read more now.

How to Grow and Care for Boneset

A close up horizontal image of white boneset (Eupatorium) flowers growing in the garden pictured on a soft focus background.

Explore effective and essential plant care tips for growing and caring for boneset plants in your garden. Discover the insights of nurturing healthy boneset plants, from proper planting techniques to watering, fertilizing, and maintenance practices. Whether beginner or experienced, grow your bonesets with confidence.

9 Common Causes of Celosia Plant Death

A close up horizontal image of colorful celosia growing in a mixed garden border.

Uncover the various factors leading to celosia plant death. Explore common issues such as Botrytis blight, leaf spot, root rot, and powdery mildew. Learn how soluble salts, cold damage, and overwatering can impact your plants. Discover effective strategies to prevent common pests. And get tips to avoid problems.

How to Grow and Care for Lantana Flowers

A close up horizontal image of colorful lantana flowers growing in the garden.

Lantana features showy tubular flowers that grow in clusters, providing a pop of color to borders, beds, and containers. These vigorous plants can be grown as perennials in Zones 9 and above, and as annuals elsewhere. Learn how to cultivate these beautiful blooms and infuse your landscape with vibrant colors. Read more.

How to Use Anise as Herbal Medicine

A closeup horizontal image of a sunlight-dappled bed of anise seeds, with a wooden spoon full of the seeds to the right.

Explore the many benefits of anise as an herbal medicine. Learn about its traditional and modern uses and prepare your own remedies. Whether you’re looking to ease digestive issues, relieve coughs and colds, promote relaxation, and more, anise offers a versatile and natural way to support your well-being.