Cropped in image of many aloe vera plants growing in garden.

Aloe Plants

Aloe is a genus of about 550 species of flowering succulent plants in the family Asphodelaceae. The plants are native to Africa, and are found from Cape Verde and the Canary Islands, north through Africa, Arabia and India, to Southeast Asia, New Guinea, and northern Australia.

Various aloe species have been widely used as a medicinal herb since ancient times. It is said to be one of the first natural plants from which medicine was made in Pakistan and Egypt.

The most familiar member of this genus is Aloe vera, or “true aloe” although there are many other members that are cultivated as houseplants or outdoor bedding plants in warmer climates. Are you ready to grow your own? Find growing and care guides for various aloe species down below. Happy gardening!

How to Grow and Care for Lace Aloe

A close up horizontal image of a lace aloe (Aristaloe aristata) growing in the garden.

An unusual indoor/outdoor succulent that’s the lone species in its genus, lace aloe forms white-flecked rosettes with lacy, soft bristles. Grow it as an evergreen in Zones 7-10, especially where water is scarce. Or, pot it up for dish gardens indoors. Its flowers attract bees, hummingbirds, and pollinators.

How to Transplant or Repot Aloe Vera in 3 Simple Steps

A close up horizontal image of aloe plants growing in a black plastic planter.

Are you noticing your aloe becoming too big for its current pot or space? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Discover the three simple steps to transplant or repot your aloe. Not only is it enjoyable, but you’ll also be providing aloe with a new home that will support its longevity.

How to Divide Aloe Plants in 5 Simple Steps

A close up horizontal image of aloe plants growing in the garden ready for division.

To ensure the longevity of your aloe plants, it’s essential to divide them as soon as they begin to encroach upon each other and the space they are growing in. Read our guide to find straightforward steps on how to complete this process successfully, and you’ll also have extra plants to share with friends and family!

How to Harvest Aloe Vera Leaves

A close up horizontal image of an aloe vera plant with mature leaves ready to harvest growing in the garden.

Interested in learning how to harvest healing aloe vera leaves? You’ve come to the right place. Our guide provides helpful tips to ensure you get the most out of your aloe plant. Whether you’re looking to use the gel for skincare or to make aloe vera infused smoothies, we’ll provide you with simple instructions.

How to Grow and Care for Aloe Vera

A close up horizontal image of the succulent, spiky leaves of the aloe vera plant pictured on a soft focus background.

Have you ever wanted to grow your own aloe vera? This versatile succulent is easy to grow on a sunny windowsill in your home. With your own aloe vera plant you’ll always have first aid on hand for minor burns and bug bites. Learn everything you need to know to grow and care for aloe vera indoors in this guide.

13 of the Best Aloe Varieties for Landscaping and Containers

A close up horizontal image of aloe plants growing in the garden pictured in bright sunshine.

Aloe vera adds natural beauty to the home, offering medicinal properties as an added benefit for healing cuts and scrapes. But did you know there are many different species and cultivars of aloe? Discover 13 of the best aloe varieties to add to your houseplant collection or succulent garden in this guide. Read more now.

What Are the Different Types of Aloe?

A horizontal image of a large aloe plant growing outdoors in a succulent garden.

Small aloe plants make gorgeous, low-maintenance houseplants, while larger species are popular in water-wise gardens. Did you know that there are hundreds of species, some ideal for cultivating indoors and others suitable for landscapes? Learn about the different types of aloe, and discover which will best suit your needs.

Do Aloe Plants Bloom?

A horizontal image of succulent aloe plants in full bloom against a backdrop of palm trees.

Whether you’ve noticed new developments on an aloe plant or you’re interested in knowing more before you buy one, you may be asking – do aloe plants bloom? Learn all about the flowering process of these plants, how to nurture aloe to encourage blooming, and how to care for plants during and after flowering. Read more.

How to Grow and Care for Variegated Tiger Aloe

A close up horizontal image of a tiger aloe (Gonialoe variegata) houseplant pictured on a soft focus background.

Tiger aloe is a compact succulent that offers enormous appeal. Learn how to bring it home as a houseplant where it’ll thrive on neglect while still offering beautiful color and an interesting pattern. Or, make it part of a xeriscape where it can spread and fill in a bed or planter. We’ve got the details that you need.

Agave or Aloe? How to Tell These Plants Apart

A horizontal image of a pathway through a garden flanked on either side by a variety of succulents, including aloe and agave.

Get serious about succulents and learn the difference between agave and aloe. Don’t let their resemblance fool you anymore! After reading about them individually and discovering their notable differences, it’s simple to tell these stunning drought-tolerant plants apart – and they make a fantastic pair in the garden.

How to Root Aloe Vera Cuttings and Separate Pups

A close up horizontal image of aloe vera plants growing in pots outdoors.

For inexpensive succulent houseplants that grow quickly and are easy to care for, learn to root aloe vera cuttings from single leaves or divide pups from parent plants. The gel from the leaves soothes burns, and the starts you propagate make great gifts for indoor gardeners. Learn how to propagate aloe in this guide.

Tips for Growing Aloe Vera Outdoors

A close up horizontal image of large aloe plants growing in the garden in bright sunshine pictured on a soft focus background.

Aloe vera is an easy-to-grow succulent plant that thrives outdoors in USDA Hardiness Zones 9-11. It makes an ideal addition to a xeriscape, foundation planting, or window box. If you’re ready to add spiky interest to your garden, learn how to plant and grow aloe out in the garden in this guide. Read more now.

How to Grow Christmas Carol Aloe: Anti-Sting and Makes You Sing!

A close up horizontal image of a 'Christmas Carol' aloe with green spiky leaves accented in shades of red, growing in a terra cotta pot.

Christmas Carol aloe has green leaves with red accents and is shaped like a star. This easygoing succulent is also suitable for growing outdoors in USDA Hardiness Zones 9-11. Use the leaves to soothe minor burns, or let it shine as part of your festive holiday decor. Learn how to care for Christmas Carol aloe now.