Epiphytes 101: The Best Options to Grow as Houseplants

A close up horizontal image of air plants growing on the trunk of a tree pictured on a soft focus background.

Epiphytes are plants that grow on other plants rather than in soil. Every major family of plants includes at least one species that grows this way, and this incredibly diverse group includes everything from orchids to monsteras. Learn about which houseplants can be grown in the air and how to do it in this guide.

Name that Air Plant: 17 of the Best Tillandsia Varieties for Soilless Gardening

Add some funky fresh flora to your indoor decor with Tillandsia, or air plants. They need indirect sunlight and no soil. Arrange and rearrange them as often as desired using creative supports such as crystals, driftwood, metal stands, and terrarium globes. Read on and discover 17 of our favorite Tillandsia species now.

Grow Indoor Air Plants for Living Wall Art

Tillandsia Wall Sculpture | GardenersPath.com

Need to energize a ho-hum space? Do it with tillandsia. These unique air plants require no soil, and add color, interest, and texture to any décor. Create exotic tropical arrangements and vary them to suit your mood. Learn about this intriguing flowering species from your friends at Gardener’s Path.