How to Grow and Care for Bird’s Nest Ferns

A close up horizontal image of a bird's nest fern (Asplenium) growing in a pot indoors.

Bird’s nest ferns have eye-catching bright green, long fronds with rippling margins surrounding a central “nest.” In addition, unlike many ferns, they’re straightforward to care for, requiring hardly any maintenance. Learn more about growing the Asplenium species known as bird’s nest ferns in this guide. Read more now.

How to Revive Tillandsia Air Plants

A horizontal shot from above of Xerographica and many other Tillandsia plants soaking in a sky blue bowl of water.

Tillandsia air plants are fun, low-maintenance houseplants that coordinate with various design schemes, perched upon driftwood, seashells, and stones displayed on desks, shelves, tables, and walls. Unfortunately, it is easy to water them incorrectly. Learn how to revive under- or overwatered air plants in this guide.

11 of the Best Moss Poles for Monstera and Other Epiphytes

A close up horizontal image of a gardener attaching a vining houseplant a moss pole for support.

Moss poles make your plants happier with better access to light and improved air circulation. The upright form of these supports also makes a dramatic statement in your home. With many sizes and options to choose from, which is right for your plant? Our guide explores some of the best picks for your indoor garden.

How to Grow Monstera on a Moss Pole

A close up horizontal image of a variegated monstera (Swiss cheese) plant growing up a moss pole indoors.

Moss poles aren’t just a new, fancy accessory for growing monstera houseplants. They’re a necessity if you want the healthiest growth and an attractive appearance. Our guide has all the details on how to use moss poles effectively to make sure your Swiss cheese plants are as healthy and happy as possible. Read more.

How to Grow and Care for Moth Orchids

A close up horizontal image of a large display of pink and white Phalaenopsis orchids growing in a pot indoors.

Phalaenopsis orchids are fantastic. They’re incredibly elegant, yet despite their delicate appearance, they aren’t all that fussy or tender – tougher in fact than most other orchids, and many other plants in general! But they have unique care requirements compared to other common houseplants. Learn more in our guide.

Epiphytes 101: The Best Options to Grow as Houseplants

A close up horizontal image of epiphytes growing on a tree pictured on a soft focus background.

Epiphytes are plants that grow on other plants rather than in soil. Every major family of plants includes at least one species that grows this way, and this incredibly diverse group includes everything from orchids to monsteras. Learn about which houseplants can be grown in the air and how to do it in this guide.

Name that Air Plant: 17 of the Best Tillandsia Varieties for Soilless Gardening

A close up horizontal image of two air plants growing in metal holders pictured on a soft focus background.

Add some funky fresh flora to your indoor decor with Tillandsia, or air plants. They need indirect sunlight and no soil. Arrange and rearrange them as often as desired using creative supports such as crystals, driftwood, metal stands, and terrarium globes. Read on and discover 17 of our favorite Tillandsia species now.

Grow Indoor Air Plants for Living Wall Art

Tillandsia Wall Sculpture |

Need to energize a ho-hum space? Do it with tillandsia. These unique air plants require no soil, and add color, interest, and texture to any décor. Create exotic tropical arrangements and vary them to suit your mood. Learn about this intriguing flowering species from your friends at Gardener’s Path.