Close up of Yucca Gloriosa plants with flower stalks and white blossoms.


If you’re looking to add a unique and beautiful touch of greenery to your low or no water garden area, yucca plants are an excellent choice. Not only do these plants look stunning when placed strategically in xeriscape style yards, they also require minimal maintenance and upkeep once established. Use our guides down below to learn how to grow and care for these special succulents so that you can enjoy them in all their glory! Keep reading to learn more about yucca varieties, planting instructions, light requirements and pruning tips. New to yucca? Start here.

Tips for Landscaping with Yucca Plants

A horizontal image of rows of flowering yucca plants lining a pathway in a botanical garden.

Evergreens that grow in large rosettes, yuccas thrive in hot, arid conditions and add fantastic structure, plus striking flowers, to xeriscapes, water-wise gardens, and more. Unique specimens, they’re a natural in containers, gravel gardens, and mixed beds or massed into hedges. Read on for landscaping tips for yuccas.

How to Grow Yucca Plants in Containers

A horizontal image of a yucca with blue-green leaves growing outside in front of a blurry background containing other plants.

Do you want to grow yucca in a pot? There are a number of advantages to growing yuccas in pots, such as greater accessibility, more placement options, and a wider variety of style choices. If you want to grow your yucca plants in containers with ease, this guide provides all the essential know-how. Read more now.

Are Yucca Plants Edible?

A close up horizontal view of a common yucca flowering with pendulous cream flowers in early summer.

Can you grow yucca plants for food? In this article, we’ll discuss topics such as yucca vs. yuca, edible parts, harvesting times, preparations, common yucca species, nutrition, and the ultimate question: should you cultivate yucca for edible use? Gain valuable insights to make informed choices on your culinary journey.

How to Divide and Transplant Yucca Offshoot Pups

A close up horizontal image of yucca plants growing in the garden in full bloom.

Yuccas are beautiful flowering succulents for the home and garden. Low maintenance perennials with excellent drought tolerance, they’re forgiving of neglect. A star in any waterwise garden, they’re easy to reproduce as well. To thin out clumps or start new plants, here’s how to separate and repot yucca offshoots.

28 of the Best Yucca Varieties

A close up horizontal image of the flowers and foliage of a yucca plant pictured in bright sunshine on a blue sky background.

Happy inhabitants of the driest of soils, the resilient yucca tolerates drought, frost, and searing heat. With spiky foliage in shades of green, gray, and blue, yucca sports spikes of creamy flowers come summer. Learn about the most beautiful, floriferous, and toughest types of this native succulent for your garden.

When and How to Prune a Yucca Plant

A close up horizontal image of a hand from the right of the frame holding a pair of pruning shears trimming a yucca plant in the garden.

Waterwise yuccas grow as low-profile shrubs or tall trees outdoors and as houseplants indoors. They are unique for their sword-like leaves and stalks that bear clusters of cream to pink flowers. With selective pruning, you can keep your plants healthy and attractive. Read on to learn when and how to prune yucca plants.

Reasons Why Your Yucca Isn’t Blooming

A close up horizontal image of two yucca plants in full bloom with long stems of creamy white flowers.

Yuccas are handsome succulents with long, spiky leaves and fantastic, tall stalks of creamy white, bell-like flowers… That is, when they show up. Flowering is often absent or unpredictable with these hardy perennials, but a little care and attention can reliably bring on the blooms. Discover our easy fixes now.

How to Prevent and Treat Yucca Frost Damage

A close up horizontal image of large yucca plants growing in the garden pictured in light sunshine.

When yuccas are grown in a cold climate, it may be tough for these plants to make it through the winter unscathed. In our guide to caring for winter-injured yucca plants, you’ll learn how to help a frost-damaged yucca the right way, and how to prevent cold injury and frost damage in the future. Read more now.

How to Grow and Care for Yucca

A horizontal image of yucca plants growing on the side of a rocky hill.

Learn how to grow and care for yucca in your garden or landscape! This drought-tolerant plant thrives in hot climates, making it ideal for water-wise gardens. A stunning succulent that is perfect for xeriscaping and container gardening, yucca is low-maintenance while adding a dramatic statement to any space. Read more.