9 Benefits of Raised Bed Gardening

A close up horizontal image of a large wooden raised garden bed with herbs and vegetables growing in neat rows.

Raised bed gardening is an efficient way of growing an abundant vegetable harvest, reducing the need for back-breaking labor and the use of synthetic fertilizers. Learn more about this simple but elegant growing practice and discover 9 top benefits of raised bed gardening in this guide. Read more now.

How to Get Started With No-Till Gardening

A horizontal photo of a home garden with several wooden raised beds with crops growing. In the aisle between the beds is a wheelbarrow filled with straw to be used for mulch.

Tilling garden soil for planting is time consuming, labor intensive, and harmful to the beneficial bacteria, fungi, and insects in your local microbiome. An easier way to prepare rich, humusy soil, and reduce weeding and watering chores, is with a no-dig garden system. Learn how to get started with no-till gardening now.

A Review of the Vego Garden Modular Metal Raised Beds

A close up horizontal image of a mixed planting in a Vego Garden modular metal raised bed, pictured in bright sunshine.

If you need to be able to customize your raised bed but don’t want to DIY the whole thing, Vego Modular Raised Beds might be a smart option for you. Their adaptable designs are made with environmentally friendly painted metal and come in many shapes and sizes, with optional accessories like trellises and solar lights.

Your Ultimate Guide to Square Foot Gardening

A close up horizontal image of a gardener transplanting seedlings into a raised bed square foot garden.

Square foot gardening is a beginner-friendly way of cultivating healthy, super local, homegrown produce, but this space-saving method has more to it than just growing in raised beds. Keep reading to discover the roots of square foot gardening and learn what steps to take to get started with it in your own backyard.

Get Growing with the Infinite Cedar Raised Garden Bed

Infinite Cedar Raised Garden Bed 3X6 ft in a residential backyard setting.

Infinite Cedar Raised Garden Beds available in 3×3 and 3×6-foot sizes represent excellent value for the money. Easy to assemble, they can be stacked to create high raised beds. The cost of the kits is usually less than buying the lumber and hardware from your local lumberyard, and a 5-year warranty gives peace of mind.

Make These Easy DIY Raised Beds: The Perfect Solution for Veggie Gardening

A wooden garden planter box filled with brown soil, with a few green seedlings growing in the planter.

For vertical gardens, leafy greens, and especially root crops, or if you simply want improved soil and drainage, a raised bed is the best option. But buying these from the store can really make you question the frugality of gardening. Check out this simple plan to build a small, economical version. Read more now.