Promoting Pollination by Design: How to Attract Pollinators

A close up of a path through a garden flanked on both sides by a dazzling array of flowering plants. In the background is a bench seat and a house in soft focus.

Do you want to garden with a purpose, one that goes beyond ornamental enjoyment? When you choose your next plant, make it a nectar-rich flowering variety that’s endemic to the US. Read on to discover a host of choices, and start attracting pollinators like bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects to your yard.

How to Grow and Care for Hummingbird Plants

A close up horizontal image of the bright red flowers of Dicliptera squarrosa aka hummingbird plant growing in the autumn garden pictured on a soft focus background.

In addition to drawing the attention of stunning hummingbirds and other pollinators with its gorgeous flowers, a hummingbird plant rocks beautiful foliage while packing a tolerance for heat, humidity, and drought. In this guide, you’ll learn how to propagate, grow, and maintain a handsome clump of Dicliptera squarrosa.

How to Grow and Care for Bidens (Tickseed Sunflowers)

A close up horizontal image of bright yellow and orange bicolored Bidens flowers growing in a container.

Bidens are the perfect addition to a pollinator-friendly flower garden. Once established, they are drought-tolerant, making them an excellent choice for climate-conscious landscapes. Plant them in a container, bed, or hanging basket for cascading flowers in bright colors. Learn how to plant and grow Bidens in this guide.

The Full Spectrum of Buddleia: 17 of the Best Butterfly Bush Cultivars

A close up horizontal image of a bright pink Buddleia flower with a butterfly feeding from it pictured on a soft focus background.

Butterfly bush is a brightly colored, low maintenance shrub that lives up to its name by attracting a variety of pollinators to the garden. But did you know there are numerous cultivars available in a variety of colors and sizes to suit your backyard? Learn about 17 of the best Buddleia cultivars and choose your favorites.

How to Grow and Care for Butterfly Bush

A close up horizontal image of a butterfly feeding on the nectar of a purple Buddleia flower pictured on a soft focus background.

Butterfly bush (Buddleia) is a colorful, low-maintenance perennial that attracts butterflies and other pollinators. Ideal for cottage gardens, beds, and borders, the cheerful, vibrant blooms grace the garden all summer long. Learn how to plant, grow, and care for butterfly bush in this guide. Read more now.

How to Care for Milkweed Plants in Winter

A close up horizontal image of a Asclepias plant that has finished flowering and gone to seed, covered in frost in the winter garden, pictured on a soft focus background.

Milkweed is wonderful for attracting monarch butterflies and other pollinators to the garden, and with minimal winter care, this attractive perennial herb will reemerge from its impressive root system year after year. Ready to learn how to winterize your milkweed plants for a bounty of blooms next season? Read more.

11 Native Blue Wildflowers for the Garden

Rail Fence and Texas Bluebonnets.

Is the garden looking tired? Wake it up with splashes of blue. Discover 11 native blue-flowering plants that will give your landscape an instant makeover. Plant among yellow bloomers for contrast that’s nothing short of breathtaking. Find your new favorites in this informative article from Gardener’s Path.

13 of the Best Flowers for Attracting Pollinators to the Garden

Close up of a bee gathering nectar from a pink flower.

Here’s to flower power! Far from just being beautiful, flowers play an absolutely crucial ecological role in attracting important beneficial critters to our gardens, especially our all-important pollinators. Read on to find out which are the best flowers for attracting pollinators with the help of our in-depth guide.

Why You Need Milkweed: A Guide to Growing Asclepias

White and purple milkweed flowers, with an orange and black Monarch butterfly, and large green leaves.

Milkweed is a native perennial that’s easy to grow, and it attracts a seemingly unlimited list of wildlife to the garden. As the only host to monarch butterflies, growing it is a foolproof way to aid your local ecosystem, and to gain the admiration of your neighbors. Learn how to grow Asclepias now on Gardener’s Path!