Asian persimmon tree with ripe fruit hanging from branches.

Persimmon Trees

Are you looking for a delicious and nutritious fruit to add to your garden? Consider growing a persimmon tree! Persimmons are an easy-to-grow fruit that can provide you with years of enjoyment. In our guides down below, we will share with you how to grow and care for persimmon trees. We will also provide you with some tips on how to pick the right varieties, pest and disease prevention, and harvesting. Happy gardening!

How to Grow and Care for American Persimmon Trees

American persimmons are the perfect fruit tree for the beginning gardener. They don’t need extensive pruning or pest control to produce a healthy harvest, and if you’ve ever tasted this unique fruit straight from the tree, you know they’re deliciously sweet with a hint of spice. Read the full growing guide now.

15 of the Best Asian Persimmon Varieties

A close up horizontal image of ripe, orange persimmons growing on the branch pictured on a soft focus background.

Asian persimmons are a hallmark of fall, featuring honey-sweet flesh. Non-astringent types are delicious while they’re still firm, and others need to be overripe to be palatable. With so many different kinds in cultivation, we’ve done the work of sorting through the options for you. Read about our favorites now.

When and How to Harvest Persimmons

A close up horizontal image of two hands holding a freshly harvested Diospyros kaki, with a pile of them in the background in a wicker basket.

If you’re growing persimmons at home, you might be a little confused about how and when to pick the tasty fruits. Do you harvest when they’re reddish orange, or when they’re soft to the touch? Can you pick a firm one? We’ll tell all in this guide, and share a few tips to enjoy them fresh or preserve them. Read more.

9 Common Reasons Why Persimmons Fail to Fruit

A close up horizontal image of a hand from the left of the frame picking a ripe persimmon off the tree.

Persimmons are too delicious to miss out on. If your fruit tree isn’t producing fruit, it’s super frustrating and it could be due to one of nine common causes. Some problems have simple fixes, like being conscious of how you prune, while other problems like bad tree genetics can be a bit more difficult to address.

How to Grow Asian Persimmon Trees

A close up horizontal image of orange Diospyros kaki fruits ripening on the tree in the pictured on a blue sky, soft focus background.

Asian persimmons are different from any other type of fruit out there, with a complex flavor all their own, and the trees are relatively problem-free in the garden. If you’re ready to plant your own or you’re looking for tips to keep your existing tree healthy, read our guide now for expert growing advice.